Shamanic Journey to Scotland

A situation presented itself involving some deep and difficult issues within the ownership and management of a country estate land in Scotland. The journey was to initiate events that would open a path towards resolution of these problems.

 Following guidance that was given earlier in the year, myself and three other Emerald Heart Practitioners took the 10 hour drive to the west coast of Scotland to conduct the necessary Earth Healing and Shamanic Ceremony. This was the second part of work that was begun in Cumbria some months previously. Once we arrived, I looked at an Ordnance Survey map of the area and was immediately drawn to a particular spot where the work would be done. It transpired that this place was just over a ridge overlooking the Isle of Jura. We also discovered that there was a deserted settlement nestled into the hillside there, too.

On the way we met a local farmer who was very friendly towards us and whilst talking to him, we noticed that he had a bull in the barn laying down in a pen. I asked what was the matter and apparently the bull had been found lying in the field and they had brought him in a couple of weeks before, but he wasn’t too keen in standing up again. The bull’s heart was calling in my own heart for some assistance, so I asked the farmer would he like me to have a look at him. I said that I had a ‘kind of way’ with animals, before he could ask me any questions, but that I couldn’t guarantee anything. He was very open to this and so I approached the bull. The light was strongly penetrating his heart and I could feel things moving in him. A calmness came over him and I was able to touch him, but without making eye contact at this point. After a few minutes I felt him becoming agitated as the light increased and that was the sign that he had absorbed enough. It felt like he had been filled with light, but that it would then unfold within him over a couple of weeks.

 Arriving at the site, we all took some time to wander about and enter into the sacredness of the place in order to be accepted by the Nature Spirit Consciousness and allow the Earth Mother to open up and guide the proceedings when she was ready to connect with us. When the time was ripe for the work, we split into two groups as the work was to be guided by myself and performed by Cressi Marshall, whilst Tim Dyson and Louise Scofield left the area

 The Earth Mother opened my heart and began to guide my feet to the place that the work would be done. A short procession was embarked upon as our footsteps were guided to a point that was a natural mound quite central to the settlement. The grass was very different in this place and the Earth contained within it a huge spiral of energy, rising like a cone from deep within the Earth. It felt like this had been placed there just to accommodate ourselves and this particular ceremony with our Earth Mother.

 Before leaving for Scotland, I had asked my inner guidance what we might need for the work and was told to bring only essences and ask Cressi to bring her sacred oak wand. That morning, I had been guided to bring the Volcano Essence, which is often a sign that things will be ‘going off’ pretty quickly. As we arrived at the centre of the spiral votex, we sat and lay on the ground making a good heart connection with the Earth. She opened to us and I placed some drops of Volcano onto the wand that Cressi was holding, whilst also placing some drops directly onto the surface of the Earth to begin the process. I guided Cressi to place the tip of the wand onto the Earth and within a few seconds the power began to flow and the Earth Mother took our offering deep into her body.

 The other guidance I was given for this work was to ask for help and guidance from the ancestors. Not only the ancestors of this place or our own ancestors, but the ancestors of all of humanity from the beginning of time, thus making a connection throughout the consciousness of all beings and in that process connecting with good and sympathetic guidance from some of the great minds and hearts of the past.

 I spoke the words that were given and once the interaction was in full flow, I stepped away, allowing my student to be within the sacred space entirely by herself, whilst watching the unfolding process. As things came to a conclusion around 5 minutes later, I stepped back in and we gave thanks. The wind spirit, which was already very active that day, howled around us and a sense of completion was felt. We stepped gracefully away from the mound and disconnected with reverence and respect.

 As the following day unfolded, myself, Tim and Louise explored other areas of the estate and more issues with the land became very apparent. Also, on the journey up to Scotland, we had stopped for a  break and whilst perusing a shop, I was immediately drawn to a book. Strangely enough, a copy of the same book was on the table at the house where we had stayed and I was again drawn to peruse the book, which also provided some other clues to the energies of the estate and the land. Guidance was given to allow the work that had just been initiated to unfold and then review things in the spring.

 We had experienced two full days of dark foreboding skies, obscuring mists, howling winds and driving rain, but at least it was dry in the mornings to enable the work to proceed in a comfortable way. The woodlands, which are known as northern rain forest in this part of the world, comprised some very ancient oaks dripping with lichen giving a wonderful fairy forest image and the autumn colours were spectacular, glistening in the wet conditions. I was hopeful of capturing some good colour shots of the rare tree formations on this second day and had spotted a few likely scenes to explore, but alas, the camera took to the air on the Sunday morning coming down with a resounding thud on the concrete, which shattered the inside of the lens. The Volcano Essence certainly began to work almost immediately in more ways than one, turning things upside down, inside out and bringing to the surface all manner of vile energies that needed to be released. The Journey continues!

 Dave Ashworth