Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much to all those of you who sent me gifts and good wishes for my 60th birthday.  Mila and I had a great day out at the Manchester Art Gallery where there is an exhibition of the works of Ford Maddox Brown, of whom I have a card on my wall of Jesus knocking on the door of the soul of humanity.  Brown was one of the pre-raphaelites along with Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rosetti, who’s works were incredible in the way they displayed quality, colour and detail.

Speeding Universe:  You may recall that in the Newsletter some time ago, certainly over a year ago, I was saying that the Universe was unfolding at such speed that I thought I would take up motor racing when I was 60 in order to keep up to speed.

Well, just two days before this 60 year milestone in the devolution of my physical self, I drove a rally with my son, Nick as navigator. Not quite a motor race, but still quite quick in places.

Here we are, steaming up hill at a fair old lick in the 1962 Triumph TR4. What a feeling! God was in the adrenaline.

Well, tomorrow, it will be back to work and helping as many as possible into the Light of a New Era, whilst reminding you all to have some fun and remember that you also came here to experience being human, whilst in the process of seeking the path to Unity.

Never forget to allow God to express himself through you in that moment of excitement that you feel when something within touches your joy button.

With Love and Blessings.