Good Morning Students,

Well, what can I say… yes, I know, “probably plenty,” will be the reply.  Just when I thought my birthday was over and complete, a man came knocking at my door early this morning, bearing gifts!

They weren’t Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh, but nevertheless, wonderful gifts worthy of a great king.

I was very fortunate this morning, as God had obviously considered that I needed a bit of time and so my diary was empty first thing, which gave me the time to plunge, excitedly, into the packaging, like a child into the lucky dip… and I was very lucky indeed!

The list began with that very necessary expediant to all deep spiritual work; chocolate!  Dark with a touch of cayenne to get one moving.  Then 40 bags of English Breakfast Tea, enough to keep me going for more than a month, long enough to have forgotten who I am and what I was celebrating.  In fact, 24 hours is probably long enough to forget those things.  Then we have Omega 3 Rye Bread complimented by Organic Damson Jam to complete the Break-Fast.

Later in the day, I can enjoy a spoonful of Maya Honey to boost my immune system, followed by a delicate Organic Fruit Puree of apple and cranberry, then a cup of tea with Organic Fruity Oat Biscuits and Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies, which according to the label are; Irresistably Crunchy and Incredibly Tasty.  I shall report back on the truth of that statement later.

When I finally settle down at the end of the working day, which is usually around 10.00pm, I can then enjoy looking at the brace of exquisite orchids whilst downing a glass of Raspberry Fizz and dipping into yet more chocolate in the form of Kimberly’s Luxury Hand Made Chocolates.

But the icing on the cake, as it were, are your sentiments expressed in the card which touched me very deeply. Here they are:

Dear Dave,  With love and gratitude in our hearts for you, our teacher, we wish you a fabulous 60th birthday.  With love, from all your students.

I have but two more comments to share on this momentous occassion, well it is momentous to me, as it is my time which is running out more quickly than most of yours.

Firstly, I note that you probably all know where I live now, so I better think about moving; and secondly, I note that you are all still one day behind where the Universe is.  Clearly my work is not yet complete!

With my deepest thanks, love and blessings to you all and even if you do think that I give you a hard time sometimes, you know it is only because I desire your transformation and to see you fly to the heights that I can perceive within you.  I am blessed by your light as you are all Gods and Goddesses.  We are blessed with each other for the Journey towards home.  And, if only we knew it and could perceive it in the moment, rather than in hindsight, we are always blessed in everything that comes to pass, for there is a guiding light that shines forth from the deepest recesses of our hearts and the deepest places in the Universe.

When the Light calls, all we have to do is find the courage to follow it and at times it seems like there is not enough courage, but somehow there always will be.  Therefore, all you have to do is trust, keep getting up in the morning, putting on your boots and reminding yourself that you are that spiritual warrior who chose this journey in this lifetime, walking into the darkness of your own fear and transforming the core of your being into light.

You are not alone, for I will walk with you.