The Earth Mother begins today’s celebration with this wonderful sunrise outside Dave’s window this morning.
A Poem by David Ashworth, given for this day.
A car door slammed,
There was nobody there,
Just the Earth Mother’s Spirit,
And the Frosty Air.
A car door slammed,
I rose from my bed,
And the sun shone in,
Filled my heart with red.
The Love of the Earth,
Starting our day,
Ensuring we see her,
Starting the day.
I went outside,
Pyjamas and coat,
Walked the labyrinth,
And began to float,
Spiralling round,
To the centre of Love,
The sun blew a kiss,
From the sky up above,
The air tingled bright,
From the cold frosty night,
But all is at peace,
All is sweet light.

Blessings and Peace,


9.50am 29th January 2012.