Emerald Heart Practitioner Tim Dyson comments on the David Ashworth ‘Being in the Light’ Sessions held recently in Wimbledon, hosted by fellow Emerald Heart Practitioner Kish Modasia.

These two events herald the start of what could be called The Emerald Heart European Tour, with David Ashworth ‘Being in the Light’ Sessions scheduled to take place in UK, Sweden and Germany with other destinations opening up. Check the Events page for the latest meetings in your area.



Being in the Light Sessions in Wimbledon, London

The two ‘Being in the Light’ sessions on 2nd and 3rd March went very smoothly with Dave’s lightness of being very infectious, making them fun events as well as being serious work for those present.

It was interesting and rewarding to see Dave take on the Guru role so effortlessly but with none of the mysticism and disempowerment that often accompanies this dynamic. Several people commented to me how great they found Dave as he is in many ways such an everyday kind of character but carrying such an awesome spiritual power. There of course lies the difference between Dave as Guru and the eastern approach, for Dave’s message was simple enough; “I’m just an ordinary guy so if I can get there so can you, and I have been guided to create a path or means by which you can get there, the Light of the Emerald Heart.”

Understanding that the Emerald Heart is a Light that reveals Truth in order to create growth and evolution in the individual through step by step work reveals clearly why Dave was chosen as the appropriate vehicle to carry and spread this Light. For what makes him different from most others is not that he is a manifestation of some Indian Deity on earth with all the disempowering nonsense that accompanies this type of belief. He is in so many ways an everyday guy that simply wasn’t prevented by his own fears to face the truths he was shown and found the courage to act on them.

I could feel the fear and even anger coming up in people as they were guided to see their issues and fears but I was also aware of the transmission of courage given to everyone present to enable them to face the necessary steps for growth. It all seemed so commonsense, no mysteries, just practical spirituality. These are the fears and issues you need to see and overcome in order to grow and here is an Emerald Heart essence programmed especially for you to help with this and if you need further help or you want to take things further get in touch with an Emerald Heart Practitioner and come to further events.

I felt the majority who were invited to attend understood this and appreciated this approach, and many have expressed their desire to attend further events of this nature. For me it felt that this is the right way for this time period, that the days of sitting for years in a cave in the Himalayas meditating are over, that we need in this time access to a practical spirituality supported and guided by a Light that reveals each step of the way for us and we have found this in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

The Being in the Light parts of the Gatherings were beautiful and my impression was that most of those there experienced at least some degree of separation between mind and heart which of course is necessary if we don’t want mind to remain an absolutist king that rules over our hearts like a tyrant keeping them small and insignificant.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that the Emerald Heart is a path of courage and I hope that those present, who are maybe reading this now, don’t lose their courage and become distracted from their path of evolution. As Emerald Heart Practitioners we have the tools to help you so please reach out if you need to.

Thank you to all those who had the courage and good sense to attend, I’m very happy to have met you and I hope to met you again soon. Thanks to Kish for being such a great host and for being my fellow Emerald Heart Practitioner. Thanks to Dave for being the Channel of the Light of the Emerald Heart and simply for being Dave and thanks to God for creating all that is.