Guidance for the Period – September 2012

In the last period, which became very heavy around 2nd August, you may have suffered a number of issues on a physical level, but also at mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In particular, this last period has been burning deeply into the central channel that runs between the crown and base chakra. The intensity of the energy has been cutting very deeply into us and bringing to the surface all manner of ancient and troublesome issues that are either releasing because their time is up, or coming to the surface to be looked at and worked through. The intensity has been such that you may have suffered physical back problems or example. At a mental level, you may well have struggled and asked yourself all kinds of questions as to, ‘what life is all about?’ Or even had some very dark thoughts about life and how you feel about it. There is no doubt that this has been a very heavy period. If you have been pushing the issues away, then they will surely keep popping up as now is the time to let go of them.

Escaping the Past
It seems like the Universe has just had a few weeks off for summer as there was a distinct lull in the surface patterns of unfolding consciousness. However, that is all about to change again as a ripple of uplifting light is currently stirring the surface of the Universal pond.

There have been a few instances this past week where openings have appeared in the fabric of the Universe and what is often hidden by a great depth of mystery is being revealed in tantalising flashes of ancient light. It is like the scientists who listen for the echoes of a super nova that may have exploded 15 billion years ago and a ripple of electro-magnetic pulse flickers through their instruments painting a picture that nobody has ever seen.

On a number of occasions I touched into the history of humanity right back at the very beginning of our time on this planet. I touched the consciousness as men and women began to learn about living life on earth, learning about their emotions and learning about love. There were also some darker images as people learned to practise gaining power over others. Then followed images of the brightest of lights that is already illuminating the future of mankind as the Universe shows us how to move beyond the limiting aspects of our present day consciousness.

This was a journey through time, back to the beginning, then bouncing back to the present with the revelations that would bring healing to the soul of humanity itself. This has been a deep theme this year, as the Universe shows me glimpses and I note them down. It is like the picture is too big to reveal all in one go, but a little at a time, this great story is being shown to me. I am not sure when I will have enough of it to make complete sense, but the most important thing to witness is that this magical year of 2012 is revealing the story from the beginning of time. For those who can step into light at a level that will illuminate their hearts to a great and deep degree, they will be playing a part in this revelation.

The Surface Wave
At the surface, we are again about to experience an acceleration, an opportunity to move ourselves forward again, but once more this will be a different pattern. This feels very much like a great cleansing, which is fitting as we enter the harvest period and the Autumn Equinox and prepare for lighting the fires of winter to keep us warm – those of us in the northern hemisphere, that is.

This coming wave, however, seems to hold within its light an uplift, that says, “You cannot rest now, as usually you might during the darkening months.”

What this is showing us is that although we naturally slow down towards the winter period and we need a little more rest because we don’t have the power of the sun to fuel our lives and growth, the Universe is going to bring to us a kind of solar energy to keep us going. Yes, it will be easy to fall into old patterns and put your feet up and chill out to the TV, but also, the opportunity will be with us to drive our lives forward through the creation process.

There has been an overall theme this year of Creation. Each wave that has come along has offered us opportunities to plant seeds of imagination or to harvest those seeds in the process of birthing great and new things. There is a massive and powerful process afoot, which is fuelled by the power of the Earth Mother, continuing to feed all those seeds we have planted since the latter half of 2011.

Sometimes, it can seem like we are completely cut off and nothing is happening, but in reality, this is when we experience what can only be described as a gestation phase of the creation process, when the Earth Mother and the Universe are in deep harmony together, just lying in each others arms as lovers might, and bathing all our acts of creative thought and imagination with all the love of the Universe. It is a huge and powerful process, but at the same time, can feel like nothing is happening. Yes, this can be frustrating and what we have to do at times like this is trust that everything is unfolding with perfection and that we don’t need to do anything, other than give thanks.

This next couple of weeks is an excellent time to review life and really see the things that you can be thankful for. Every situation that comes to you is for your growth, no matter how difficult it may be to get through it or process it. During the mid-part of September, there is a kind of portal opening where you can look into the Universe very deeply and give something back. It is like the Universe is taking a great in-breath and as it breathes in, it will experience all the thoughts and emotions that humanity is currently processing. When it breathes out again, it will be sending a mirror image of what it absorbs back to us. Therefore, what do we wish to be bathed in as the Universe breathes all over us as we move in to October. Do we desire a reflection of negativity and struggle, or do we desire a reflection of magical opportunity?

Creating Your Universe
I was surprised once, to hear a great author of mainstream fiction comment that he thought that the Universe was just waiting for us to tell it what to be and do. I was fascinated at his perception, but also thought that he had his finger right on the pulse. You’ve all heard the saying, “You create your own reality.” It is true, but it is helpful if we can see, perceive or understand how that process works so that we can begin to learn how to create what we desire, rather than what we do not wish to experience.

Since the end of 2011, we have had more opportunities to create our future than ever before within the unfolding love and joy of the present waves of Universal light as we are constantly bathed with different facets of the diamond bright light of God. Day by day, it is getting brighter, more intense,  penetrating deeper into our hearts, but the response of the ego-self will be to try to block this change that is coming because of the Fear of Change that is the modus operandi of the sub-conscious self. The pure, real self, is celebrating the birth of transformation within, but the two are obviously in conflict with each other as they are singing to a different tune.

As spiritual warriors, it is our work to continually dissolve the negative aspects within ourselves that hold us back; the limiting facets that tell us that we are not good enough or great enough; the fears that tell us that we can’t do this or that, or attain the goals we truly desire to experience.

The Gratitude that I speak of above opens many Universal doors for us. As we learn to see and perceive the truth of how consciousness works, rather than the illusion of how we think it works. Once you attain this vision, then the Universe can bathe you in things of a more positive nature. If you consider that every difficult or painful situation is a learning process that God has set before you and give thanks for it, then that is the first step to seeing why the situation has been sent to you as a teaching process.

The universe continually sends you a reflection of the things that you need to change in order to truly grow and become ever-more perfect in the process of becoming. We are always perfect, exactly where we are at any moment on our journey, but there is always another level of perfection waiting for us to attain it. Each time we take another step into higher consciousness, the love of the universe unfolds within us to a new level.

Moving on from the Past
The autumn equinox is almost upon us and it times well with the closing of one universal phase and the opening of another. It would be entirely appropriate to have yourself a little ceremony to close off this part of the year with thanks and great gratitude. At the same time, welcoming the next season as we pass through the portal of the end of summer and enter the birth of winter – or vice versa if you are in the southern hemisphere.

At the same time, it is the end of a series of creation processes that have been offered to us this year, and now we are offered the birth of a new wave of creation. As we enter this new universal phase, you might suddenly get a feeling that you need to let things go. This is because as the universe ushers in this next phase, it is trying to lighten us up for the journey. It is hinting that we need to unburden ourselves of all manner of things; clothes we no longer wear, emotions that no longer serve us; books that we have moved on from, etc. It is time to lighten the load, for how can you fly at the speed of light with old baggage tied to your feet.

The universe is playing things a little coy at the moment. It is showing me that new things are coming, but saying, clear a bit of space first so that we can deliver these new things to you.

Let us see the end of August as the end of a current cycle and give thanks for everything that we have received this year. We are now opening a new door into a new dimension of creative opportunity.

A Creation Period is Now With Us
Around the 2nd of September the energies suddenly began to lift, so we can all celebrate that we are now moving into a period of uplifting energies again, which may well last for quite a length of time, albeit, the waves are much shorter this year than previously because everything is moving so quickly.

This surge is very positive and powerful. Even though we are entering autumn, the energy is like that of spring. You might find yourself suddenly wanting to spring clean the house, for example, or finish things off that have been unfinished around the house, or even drive new projects forward. It is a great time to open all the windows and allow the winds of change to blow through your house. The overall nature of this wave we are now entering is creation.

As the creation energies penetrate your consciousness, you will be stimulated to move things forwards on many levels. Making connections and driving things forward will bring you great rewards. Even though we are heading quickly to the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, the energy that is with us is more like a rising spring energy than that of slowing down. So, there is a little contradiction going on within us, in that our consciousness will be experiencing the uplifting energies and wanting to get moving, yet the Earth Mother will be slowing down. For our part, we are connected to both the masculine and feminine and may feel pulled in different directions at the same time.

Understanding the Shift

As this uplifting wave comes in, you may feel quite tired from time to time. If this happens, just rest for those days. This is what is happening, so that you can understand it. As we come out of the heavy wave of this recent period, our vibration has been smashed into a deep, inner despair for some of us. For others, you might just have felt heavy and not wanted to do anything except curl up and do nothing at all. That is the weight and density of such a wave that is now leaving us. As the uplifting wave comes in, it begins to burn the system a little bit because it is so penetrating. It is an extremely fine vibration, so it cuts deeply into us, but in a light way, bringing heat to the system. This heat and burning at a vibrational level literally burns your energy and so, although you feel like you need to get moving and achieve things, you also feel tired and that you need more time in bed.

If this tiredness hits you, it will soon work its way through your system. Within a couple of weeks, your vibration will have risen to become harmonious with that of the Universal Wave. At that point, you will be carried forward and you will feel that everything is beginning to flow and that you are a part of that flow.

Don’t Become Complacent
Do not become complacent as the incoming wave lifts you and you feel yourself being in the flow of new things opening up for you. We all need to be totally tuned-in at all times to move with each nuance of these changing waves. As this year has unfolded, I have been very aware at how quickly the energies can change in a dramatic way and this last couple of periods, I’ve posted some updates for you as the shifts have taken place, where normally, I would be shown what was coming for a few months in advance. Therefore, what the Universe is really saying to me is this:

“Dave, don’t look too far ahead. In fact we will block you from seeing too far ahead, because you need to be focused in the here and now constantly, feeling what is happening on a day to day basis with the Universe and acting accordingly.” This is truly riding the Wave of Time in the moment.

In a Nutshell
We have just left the influence of a heavy wave, let everything go that you were processing during the past couple of months.

You may feel a little tired every few days, this is your system adjusting to the changing vibration. Listen to your body and rest if you need to.

From the moment you read this Guidance, follow your impulses of whatever is uplifting you and calling to you. By all means, make long term plans as well, but take action now, in the moment, don’t let people put off making decisions that involve you of affect your life. Take the initiative and drive things forwards and achieve what you can whilst the Universe is in this creation phase.

The universe is bathing us with creative energy. This means it is helping us to make things happen. Therefore, if you put your vision of what you wish to achieve into the universe at this time, then things will happen for you.

With Love and Blessings.