Autumn Equinox                                                                                                                            Blessings to you all on this fine Autumn Equinox morning in the north of England. The sun has come out to play in celebration of passing over the equator once more. He never seems to tire of his journey back and forth and I’m already looking forward to his return. We cannot live without the sun. Nothing can live without the sun and so it would be wise and thoughtful to give a little thanks for everything that he does for us.

I bless the sun. I bless myself with the sun.

Glastonbury Retreat
What better timing than to be heading for our Autumn Retreat at the start of a new season. A full house of thirty pilgrims will gather on Sunday afternoon for a great time whatever the weather. The Guides and Guidance has kept me busy this week in preparation, and as always, no doubt they will have plenty to say once we begin. No doubt many of you will have felt the energies building up within you this week, I certainly have, with lots of inner cleansing going on, chakras being put through the washing machine and a fire in the belly which goes beyond description.

This will be an amazing journey for all of you. We will touch things that you would not have thought possible and your hearts will burst with joy and life as the light illuminates you from the very core.

This journey with The Light of The Emerald Heart will be a pilgrimage into the history of who we have been in previous lives, as well as being in the present of who we are becoming as we prepare our own futures.

I am looking forward to seeing you all, old and new faces alike, for a fabulous four days in the energies of the sacred Isle of Avalon in the ancient Summer lands.

With my deepest love and blessings.