The Emerald Heart


It All Comes at Once…

The 21st December is the last day of the Mayan Calendar, which I have already written about in the recent guidance, but it is also our Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere. So, all in all, it’s time for an energetic change as our lord the sun begins to move north again, on his journey to share the light with us, and at the same time begin to enter the resting period in the south of our planet.

This year, the moment of solstice is Friday 21st December at 11.12 am.

The solstice is a sacred time, and if you can, spare of few moments to contemplate what it means to humans and how it can affect us. What does it offer in terms of uplifting and empowering us? Well, for certain, we have not fully entered our winter and as January and February come forth, there may be some heavy and cold weather, but then it will begin to warm in March and it won’t be long before we see the snowdrops appearing, followed by the golden yellow dawning of the daffodils.

However, that is jumping ahead a little. What is going to happen next week, is more to the point? Well I can already feel a touch of speed and a gathering of momentum. Even though we still have the coldest and longest part of the winter to come, in the north, the sense of speed is already beginning to touch us and within a couple of days of the solstice, I would think that those of you who are sensitive will begin to feel this.

My feelings are that New Year will appear to arrive quickly and that many, many people will be raring to go and get things done, rather than be slow after a heavy Christmas of over-indulgence. Often it takes people until the end of January to get going after the break, but this year, with the accumulation of the end of the Age of the Sixth Sun, or End of the Mayan Calendar, and the birth of a new long cycle, with accompanying acceleration of universal energies, plus the sun turning his face to the north, there will be a strong energy for accomplishment.

The Emerald Heart Year

This year has been great for The Emerald Heart. There has been much expansion and acceleration, with a growing number of Hosts of Gatherings, and in turn, many people stepping into the Light through these Gatherings. The plan was laid at the last Winter Solstice and in this twelve month period, great things have been achieved.

This past year was about sowing seeds, and indeed, they were sown well and deeply, and as a result, I can feel the Universe urging us forward to capitalise on that ground work and take full advantage of the birth of this new era, as the incoming energies and changing Universal Consciousness lifts our work and lives to new heights.

There is a great team of people who make so many things happen in The Emerald Heart Family, not least Ian Mills in Sweden who runs this BLOG for all of us, and in this way, brings the Light to many.

Our own wheels will be spinning quickly in the new year as the first event is a Being in the Light Session in Munich on the 11th, followed by two days of teaching Stepping Stones One for Trainee Essences Practitioners on 12th and 13th January, where eight more students will be brought into the Light, illuminated, encouraged, uplifted and empowered with the spiritual tools that have been given through the teachings of the Guides. Armed with these amazing tools, they will be opening the consciousness of seekers of truth and light and in the process, going through their own changes, as the Light calls out to those who are ready to evolve and allow their consciousness to open and expand. All the Munich events are organised by Yvonne Hrdy.

February will see normal office work and I might take a break in the middle of the month. Then March we are back in Amsterdam for a Being in the Light session organised by Harriet Kroon. Then in April we’ll be in Switzerland for the first Being in the Light event organised by Florence Zumbihl. The regular London events organised by Tim Dyson, will resume toward the end of January and hopefully, Sweden will be back on the calendar after a long break.

The Solstice Surge

This solstice is the trigger point to get things going. Don’t sit and think about things too long, just get out and get going. Give things a try, as that is the only way you will find out what works for you. And also take note that we are moving into a powerful Creation Phase with the birth of this new age, so now is the time to truly try everything that you desire to, and see what happens. What have you got to lose? Nothing!!!

I bring to you the most sacred Winter Solstice Greetings on behalf of all of us who work with the Light of The Emerald Heart.

We hold out the Light for you, for this coming New Age.

With Love and Blessings.

David Ashworth