Retreat participant, Diana, from London, gives her impressions of the Mount Omberg Event and shares with us, her post Retreat feelings.


A big thank you to Rosa, Lynn, Yvonne, Tim and especially to Dave and of course to all who attended the retreat. It was an amazing experience how we all bonded through our hearts. It was also a special time of personal transformation for myself including releasing, nurturing, healing, initiation and celebration. Very special and unique moments were for me to become one with nature and to be everything and nothing at the same time. To deepen the connection to the Universe and the Earth Mother has been a profound experience.

Even after the retreat the shifts and realisations are happening on a daily basis. I already live a peaceful life but now I feel it on a much deeper level and I guess that is just the beginning.

There is now a part of my Being which feels new and I can’t name it yet. I recognise it as a new path, a new beginning, a new direction of my life.

Many thanks to you ALL!

With Love and Light,