The Elder’s Anniversary

June 4th is an important date in The Emerald Heart calendar, as this was the date in 2013 that Guidance called forth four people who then formed the foundation that we call The Circle of Elders. The Circle was created in order to strengthen the foundation which grounds The Emerald Heart Light in to our world.

A year has now passed and those who were selected by Guidance as the founding Elders have all gone through wonderful and dramatic changes, as Light has been poured into them in ever increasing measure.

At this important anniversary, The Elders have considered the merits of all those who work with The Emerald Heart to bring the Light to the world and they have invited four others into Eldership. They have all accepted this honour. These following people have all worked exceptionally hard in bringing the Light of The Emerald Heart in to the world through their unceasing effort, endeavours and teaching.

On behalf of The Elders, I welcome to the Circle,

                                            Harriët Kroon                      Netherlands 
                                            Florence Zumbihl               Switzerland  
                                            Sephora McElroy                Germany
                                            Ian Mills                                Sweden

Guidance set this day of the 4th June apart as a day when new Light would be poured in to the hearts of the new Elders. The previous day, on the 3rd June, myself and the other Elders were all knocked out individually to prepare us for holding more light in order to uplift our new colleagues.

The Guides of The Emerald Heart never cease offering us the beauty of the Light and all we have to do is step up and carry it in to the world. The reflection of that act is given to us through various processes that always involve being prepared to hold more Light.

The amount of Light on offer to us is endless and when you begin to see what we have truly being given, it is often overwhelming.

The New Elders were invited some weeks before the 4th June and immediately, they all felt the Light being poured into them. In twelve months time, they will not believe the changes they have gone through. Already, they are feeling the changes as the Universe offers them choices of whether to stay the same, doing the same, breathing the same, living the same and working the same, or whether to absolutely step into trust and let go of that which no longer serves them, so that they can be brought into the highest expressions of the perfection that is their lives at this time. The Light opens their hearts and they move forward fully illuminated from within.

                       I have cast fire upon the world and I guard it until it is ablaze.   Jesus.

In twelve months from now, I am hopeful that others will be ready to be invited into The Circle of Elders through their selfless and ceaseless actions in bringing the Light of The Emerald Heart into the world.

I pour my love and blessings into the hearts of the Light Carriers – The Elders of The Emerald Heart.