Creating the Space for God to Work through You

The Guides got me out of bed this morning at 6.00am, so there must be something to write, I thought. So I came downstairs and sat in front of the computer. That’s how it always begins. If I actually sit down with the intent to write, then the Universe will bring something forwards. If I don’t sit down with the keyboard on my lap, then I am not given anything. Working for the Universe is like that. If you sit down with the intent to receive, then something is given. All you have to do is create the space so that God can speak through you, no matter what work you do.

There is only one way that God works in this world, and that is through people, so if you don’t give his consciousness the space to enter, then the creation process can’t happen through you. For those who say there is no God-consciousness, guess what? There isn’t. For those who set out to prove there is no God, guess what? By the Law of Reflection He will honour their intent and prove them right. It is great fun working with the Universe, but in order to have this fun, it would be helpful to understand the Universal Laws. Over the years, I’ve given out many teachings on these and so the regular readers should by now be able to play with God on a daily basis. Create the space and he will come. Find the stillness and he is their. Look into your own heart and you will find him waiting for you.

During life, how much space do you create and how often do you do it? Sometimes, God actually creates the space for you because you didn’t see that you needed to create some yourself. This type of space is often called illness or even a breakdown. God is great at creating space for you, when you don’t hear your own life, or you are somehow completely disconnected from the mission that you came here on. Oh… so you didn’t know you were on a mission? We all are!

Until I was in my late 30s, I had no idea that I was here on a mission. I just got up every day and went to work and had fun at the weekends. I had noticed over the years that everything I did, I had to work very hard at, where others seemed to do their work easily. I had many jobs after leaving school at 15 with no qualifications – apparently, I didn’t need any in the eyes of the Universe, and they were right. However, when you need professional insurance to practice your work and the insurance company asks to see your certificates so that they know that you trained in something useful, valuable or that can be recognised by people in authority, that can be tricky. They don’t accept that God showed you everything you know and that he doesn’t supply certificates. Life can be fun like that, but there is always an answer, you just have to think about it for a while, and create the space for an answer to be given.

Where to now?

Within the space of the first two lines of this piece, The Guides gave me so many subjects that I could write for a week, but I have to be a little concise as you may not have enough time/space to read what has been given for you from the Divine. Finding the time to create the space can be difficult in our busy lives, and what with the Universe suddenly deciding to spin a lot faster, you can’t fail to have noticed that time is now much shorter than it ever was. It is moving so much faster, what chance is there to create some useful space? Very soon, you will say to yourself, “Where did my life go?” That has a frightening feeling in the stomach when you connect with it.

I watched an old interview with Jimi Hendrix a couple of weeks ago and one of his close friends was speaking about him having a premonition of dying before he was thirty. He was completely comfortable with that, but he said that the only thing that saddened him was that he had so much music in him that he wouldn’t have the time to bring it forth. I feel a little like that sometimes. I feel that I have so much love to share, that it will be impossible to share it.

How much love do I have? Well, I have an endless supply, for my love comes to earth through many things that I have created, but at the same time, those creations were given from the Universe because I had the intent to create the space for them to be given. The source of my love is the power of creation. The act of creation is the act of love. As I learned to create the space, more love was given through me and of me. I can’t take credit for anything that I created, for it was given through me. I merely created the space for it to be given.

I was given the most amazing healing gifts, which I developed, until it was time to let go and move on.

I was given the ability to see into the consciousness of the earth and help to heal her. I still do this work as I love it and the earth loves me to do it.

I was given books to write. I might create the space to read them one day.

I was given ‘The Keys of Transformation,’ which are the essences that you read about and take.

I was given The Emerald Heart Light. And I have given it to others.

I was given teachings that would open the heart of anyone and everyone.

I was given a film script that showed how to change the whole of human consciousness in one second of time. But I don’t think many are ready for that.

I was given many things that many people are not ready for because the shift in consciousness needed in order to understand them is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

But most importantly, I have been given life and time and an opportunity to create these things, and so have you. What is the difference between us? I don’t think there is one. We are the same. We have been given the same gifts, which are life and time.

Strangely enough, I’m not well connected with time. I can’t keep a successful diary for example. I frequently miss things that I wanted to do or see because of this inadequacy. I can’t tell you what happened in what year as I travelled the road of life. The whole thing is just some kind of flow where things get left behind, as the prow of my ship parts the ocean of time in front of me. But I have rarely wasted a second of the time that has been given. Why not? Because there seems to be this light at the core of my being that is always driving me forwards and seeking the next step. It has been lit by some great fire in the ocean of the Universe and someone upstairs keeps putting more coal on the fire and so it keeps burning ever-brighter with creation processes.

Creating the Space

I wrote the first piece in this series of Guidance back in June 2008. I called these regular writings, The Essence of Evolution. That’s a lot of writing given from the Universe for those who are ready to read it.

If I go back another four years to September 2004, I was completing a phase. It was just about ten years since I had my healing awakening, or breakdown/breakthrough, whichever way you view it. I was working in my very successful healing practise in Manchester when one morning, as I was putting the key in the front door to open up, a voice spoke to me and said, “Time to close the door and walk away.” Sometime around then, I also received another message, which was, “Big changes will come in January.” My diary at that time was fully booked for three months. Within two weeks, everyone had cancelled and I closed the door and walked away from my job and my life as I knew it. God had created some space for me because for me to turn all those clients away, along with my income, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it for all the usual reasons that humans have, like asking how do I pay the bills or buy food. It’s a great lesson in learning how to trust.

It is now almost ten years since I closed the door on the healing world and the bills have always been paid. Today, I am a little more tuned-in to God and what he desires for me to experience in my life. The Universe has recently offered me other great opportunities to create space by walking away from my loving creation, The Emerald Heart. This act of walking away, which you will have read about recently in this BLOG, has created space for others to grow. I have passed on The Emerald Heart and entrusted this beautiful creation to The eight Elders. It is their turn now to receive this amazing gift of creation, which will change their lives immeasurably in the process of teaching them the higher values of the light they bring into our world. It will be an interesting journey for them all, as it has been for me. I learned all about the light by working with it and they will do the same. The light is the teacher and the teachings come from the highest source. All you have to do is trust them.

Sitting in the Space

Just as I sat in the space to bring this writing to you this morning at 6.00am, I am also sitting in the space of my life and awaiting with some excitement the next part of my journey with light. Two years ago, I felt God taking The Emerald Heart away from me. It was my life. I guess I was attached to it because I almost worked myself to death to bring it to life, but a little at a time I began to realise that it wasn’t mine. I was just the vehicle that was chosen to bring it, and those who are chosen as the receivers of the creation, may not be the best people to drive the vehicle once it has been created. None of us are here forever, and death is the most wonderful process devised for helping us to let go of the things we have become too attached to, so that we can re-immerge at some point in the future, fresh and ready to play with life again. But to learn how to let go in trust whilst we still have a few years left to experience something new, offers God a fantastic opportunity to shower us with more of his amazing gifts.

Learning to let go is not an easy process, I can tell you, but I’ve been pushed through it enough times to have learned to read the signs and feelings of when it is time to move on. So this time around, I have stepped joyfully into creating this new space for God to bring his next creation process through me, and I can only guess that it is going to be even greater than all the others, as each new creation has always been a step up from the previous one.

The Emerald Heart Light still flows through me, and through all of the Elders, Practitioners, Students and Clients who work with the Light, so guess what? Whatever uplifting process that I am taken into next will flow down the Path of Light to them too and they will benefit from me having the gift of being able to let go and walk away. It is a great time for all of us. We are already in the space of receiving more, because of that simple act of surrendering the work and creating the space.

Every time the Universe has guided me into a space to receive something new, I have never been able to second guess what it might be. It is always a surprise and there is no way that I could have imagined what was coming and how I would work with it. The morning of January 2005 when The Emerald Heart Light was brought forth was unforgettable in the way it hit me in the heart, instantly burning me open to receive the teachings, that I wrote continuously for six months, until I understood them. That birthing process was anything but gentle, but without doubt it was life-changing and an exciting ride.

This morning, I am sitting in the space to write these words, and at the same time, I am sitting in the larger space of waiting to see what is coming next. However, I am also inundated with work as the Universe ensures that I can pay the bills, but the trick is to maintain the balance of allowing the space to be there so that I can feel the communications from God and doing just enough to pay the bills. Therefore, I have to resist some paid work and use the time wisely to put things into place that will allow The Elders to take over the ship with more ease and understanding.

There is No Future

Indeed, there is only now and right now I’m loving writing to you again, as four weeks ago, when God kicked me out of bed to write my resignation, I thought that was the end of that chapter. It is the end in many ways, but what I have learned through many situations of letting go, is that it is the letting go process which is important – the disconnecting from the things that you are attached to and the fewer things you are attached to, the deeper you merge with the Universe. Once you have let go, then the Universe often finds a way of allowing you to continue, but at a different vibrational level. I am moving up the ladder of evolution another step, and from their I will be able to call down to The Elders as to the best way they can move to attain the same height. I will be here, but distant at the same time. The Universe desires that I become free so that it can show me the next steps.

Even though we are learning to be in the now, we are creating the vibrations of the next moment by our present awareness and love of life. Great work is being done by many to bring light into our world, and I am just one more spark that creates this great fire of change within our collective consciousness. Life and time are short in this world. We all have so much music to bring forth and the only way you will do it, is by becoming deeply connected with the God at the core of your own being. The God within you.

So, while I am sitting in my space of this sunny morning and waiting for the God within me to bring me the next exciting part of my journey, I have been gifted these words to share with you, and also a little message.

As I am sure you are aware, humanity has lost it’s connection with nature, and that is where you will find your God. The only separation is the one created by this lack of connection with Mother Earth. And so The Universe offers to you today, a key for your transformation. A brand new Sentinel Essence, which is being given right at this moment, in this space I created. It is called Reconnection.

The Reconnection Essence

Go into nature and take a few drops under your tongue. Share a few drops on the forest floor, or even in the park, or just your garden, or even with a blade of grass growing in the gutter. All things come forth from the river of creativity which is God-consciousness. Share your drops and you may be surprised at what gift is given back to you over the following few days.

In this small act, you show the Universe that you heard the words of God and took them to your heart.

In this small act, you showed the Universe your intent to make some effort at reconnection.

In this small act, you created the space to make your life and the world a better place to be.

The Essence of Reconnection will help you to reassess all that is important in your life. It will reconnect you with your heart and your mission. If you create the space to listen, you will hear the cries of your heart, when you are off the path and you will feel the joy and excitement, when you are on it.

With my deepest love and blessings.