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Those who read Dave’s Blog post last Wednesday may have been surprised that this up and coming retreat in Lanzarote in January will be his last heading up the Retreat.


Who is Dave?

For someone with such amazing gifts, Dave is a very feet on ground kind of person. Anyone who meets him will tell you the same thing, that he is a humble, likeable, wise, empathic, down to earth man. Underneath this immediate persona is an energetic powerhouse of Universal cognition. A soul driven by seemingly inexhaustible energy to help evolve the consciousness of humanity.

Feeling safe to open the heart

The foundation and groundwork that Dave has laid down during his career has been phenomenal.  His work speaks to those who are ready to carry this mantle further.  As someone said, you can only heal others when you have healed yourself enough to do so. I see one side of Dave’s work is to heal the Teachers and guiding ones so they can stand in their own power and begin to uplift others.

The other side of Dave’s work is a little more all-encompassing. To ground the Light of the next epoch into Earth. One of the realizations that Dave has lived with for a while is that his work is ahead of his time and it will be future generations who will benefit. 

The Old

Over millennia, a harsh patriarchal system has parasitically embedded itself within our mindset, harming the planet and closing the hearts of humans. Love had become a cliché, a once existing ideal that was only for fairy tales.  This is now changing as Earth ascends through 4th and 5th dimensions and as Earth ascends, so too will her sentient beings, including you and me.

The New

David’s work is assisting this ascension process. The massive job of grounding the Wheel of Light and Emerald Heart Light into Earth makes it possible for other unique enlightened frequencies to be born in the future.

It’s all about the heart. Did you know that the heart is the first organ to develop in a baby in the womb and the heart has its own brain?

This is where Dave’s work really kicks in. Dissolving deeply held subconscious fear, enabling us to open ourselves to our higher reality and as we do so, assist in the awakening of others. To put in social networking speak, ‘The Light goes viral’. It’s very hard to quantify the overall effect of the great (heart) awakening, but it’s happening all around us. Things are changing subtly, sometimes massively and I’m proud to be part of Dave’s team in assisting this process.

First Meeting

My first meeting with Dave was quite unusual. We talked initially, because of a stubborn spirit in a haunted apartment of an ex-girlfriend of mine, New Year’s Eve 2002. I had read ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel the Light’ a book Dave published in 2000, concerning energetic protection for Healers and recognized the signs in this woman’s apartment, as mentioned in the book. Dave and I hit off straight away and I am proud to say have been friends and colleagues since then. 

Amazing Work rate

To give an understanding of everything that Dave has done in the past 15 years would and has filled many books, so here as I see it is, a summarized version of this achievement.

  • Dave, a successful Guided vibrational healer, having a busy practice with a long waiting list, listened and trusted his inner guidance and closed his practice to await a great venture.
  • May 2002 received a vision of The Wheel of Light and was told by Guidance that he will develop it. A transmission of energy from another realm carrying its own consciousness that has the ability to unlock human consciousness and potential. Much work in the testing and development stages.
  •  November 2002, Essence Programs. Dave was driven to source six ranges of essences totaling over 100 individual essences from sacred sites around the world. The Essence program given by Guidance was a way of harnessing and focusing the Wheel of Light energies and packaging them as an evolutionary tool.
  • 2005. The birth of the Emerald Heart Light. Again given first as a vision so powerful that Dave couldn’t sleep for a fortnight. A Light that unlocks and opens the heart (your deeper conscious awareness.) Again, much development and testing.
  • 2006 The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment was founded to bring practitioner students into the Light to begin working with this in their practices with their own clients. Many core teachings were developed at this stage, to pass on to others ready to hear the message. Training courses evolved and an efficient structure put in place to enable students to progress through the school. This enabled students to begin working immediately as Hosts of Gatherings, then Essence Practitioners and after completing training, as a Program Practitioner. Then development continues onto Teacher and Elder and beyond, continually unfolding.
  • Development of the Elder Group as a means of deeply grounding the Light and perpetuating the Teachings for the continuation and development of the Emerald Heart. Grooming the Elders as the Light Carriers and Teachers of the Emerald Heart Light. 
  • Writer of 6 books
  • Co-host of the Emerald Heart Radio show with Alan Cox, broadcast on Paramania Radio.
  • Pioneer, Host and Organizer of amazing Emerald Heart events, such as the Being in the Light Sessions, the quarterly Light Transmission Sessions, where the Light of the Emerald Heart is broadcast on the solstice and equinoxes and the Emerald Heart Retreats that take place every year.
  • Working behind the scenes ensuring the Emerald Heart has a strong foothold in the World by continually improving on line presence, advertising and market penetration.
  • … and much, much more!

In sharing the Emerald Heart Light exciting new developments are opening up through the Elders, who will be sharing how new ways of working with the Emerald Heart Light will transform its delivery. These developments are hot on the back of the new – Divine Plan – Healing system, which will also be available for group healings during this Winter Retreat in Lanzarote.

In Dave’s words it’s time for the Elders to spread their wings and fly with the Light.

This is the last opportunity to experience a retreat with Dave. We really hope to see you in Lanzarote!

If you are interested in booking a place for the retreat, please contact Harriet Kroon at



Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.