EHThe wheels of time have turned again and the December Solstice is nearly with us. As with previous quarter days, the Emerald Heart Light will be freely available over this period to use. The December Solstice will fall on the 21st this month and the Emerald Heart Light will be available for 3 full days over the Solstice from 20th to 22nd December. The only exchange we ask is that you subscribe to the Blog for email notifications. We will publish a page to register in the very near future.

On previous occasions we received great feedback from those who registered and sat with the Light and had requests to explain how to benefit from the transmission. In response a few of the Elders have provided tips of how to get the most from this event.

Read on to find out how they work with the Light over these periods.

Elders Rosa Hultman, and Sephora McElroy share their thoughts on why it is beneficial to partake of the Light Transmission at this time:

“There is a certain coziness about the Winter Solstice Light-transmission that, to me, is similar to coming home. There is so much to experience of inner peace and tranquility. To me, this is the best time of the year to allow the Light of the Emerald Heart to open my heart to receiving Christmas and for perceiving the Christ spirit in my own heart.”  

”The time when the light transmissions take place, around the Solstices and the Equinox’s is always very special.   It’s a time when there is a change in the energies and with the support of the Emerald Heart Light transmission, it’s easier to flow over this period into the next vibration. It’s unbelievable the long term impact these transmissions have. Go and try them yourself, feel the light and see what difference they can bring to your life.”

Elders Yvonne Hrdy and Tim Dyson share how they prepare to receive the Emerald Heart Light and give an insight into their experiences

“I usually start the day with a morning meditation and close it with an evening meditation. So during the Light Transmission days, I love to take ample time in the evening hours to receive the Light.

Sometimes I have a specific intent or request about what should be transformed or dissolved. Sometimes I just want to receive and allow what needs to happen, simply asking to bring me deeper into TRUTH. I hand over to the Light and my Higher Self, you might say.  I usually prepare a little altar where I light a candle, have an Emerald Heart Postcard, take an Essence (this is not compulsory, but deepens the process), speak a prayer to honour Dave and thank him and the Light for this Blessing. Then I lie down and let go. 

In the beginning, when I started to work with the Light, I had great difficulties to let go completely because of the high vigilancy in my nervous system. Through taking part in many sessions my consciousness ‘learnt’ over time how to let go and experience deeper states up to a total separation from my waking consciousness to allow deep transformation to happen.”

“I normally manage to make time each day of the Distant Light Transmission to get into a place where I can allow myself to receive the Light.  I do this by having the intention to receive it. I lie down on my sofa and let everything drop downwards, my energy, my weight, all tension, I let it just drop downwards to the back of my body until I start to feel very heavy and grounded.  At this point I normally become aware of the Light coming into me and slowly building up until I can no longer keep my eyes open. I start to feel like I am floating in a very soft all encompassing bright Light. 

I drift for a while and then go somewhere very deep, as my mind cannot maintain any control over the experience any longer. When I come around again usually about 1 hour later, I feel different, extremely soft, peaceful and settled inside and my mind very still and smooth like a still lake.  I lie like this for a while just enjoying the feelings.”

In case you were concerned about receiving the Light correctly, Sephora reminds us of an important point:

“It’s not important how you experience the light, it’s working and working on you anyway, just allow it – then the light brings the wonder.”