Blessings on this Solar Eclipse and Equinox Spring Day.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse: Photo by Adey Bennet, Grasscroft, Oldham, this morning.

The synchronicities continue this morning as Tim and Dave prepare for the Being in the Light Gathering this evening in North London.

As Dave was preparing the energies before leaving Shropshire on Thursday morning, Guidance gave him the details for the Key of Liquid Light essence that would be given to the students of the Being in the Light session, which was Extreme Happiness.

As we returned from the Park this morning from celebrating the Solar Eclipse, Super Moon, New Moon and Equinox with a small  crowd of happy people, children and dogs, we discussed how this day for the Being in the Light session had moved a couple of times. As this was set in motion several Months ago, again we had no idea that this Gathering would fall on such an auspicious day.

When opening the computer this morning, it was noticed that it was also International Day of Happiness, and so the Synchronicity of the essence the Guides gave us, Extreme Happiness, helps us see how hard the Universe is working to bring us all into these most favourable alignments with the heavens.

If you ever needed convicing that The Emerald Heart Guides are supporting your life, then the synchronicities of today could not be a more perfectly chosen example.

On this amazing day, we wish you all the blessings of Extreme Happiness in your lives. Dave has placed the essence of Extreme Happiness within the Light Transmission for you today, so that we can all be aligned together with the wonders that are unfolding.

With Love and Blessings.