Shortly we will be entering the Free Light Transmission for the Autumn Equinox and at this time we are also in the phase of three Super Moons.

It is my pleasure to offer you a Key of Liquid Light, one of our Divine Source Essences to help in your awakening, and assist in the transition of your energies into the changes of the year, the Autumn or Spring, whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere.

The Light Transmission is an amazing opportunity to avail yourself of The Emerald Heart light without any exchange. It is our great pleasure to offer this to all those who truly do wish to experience how a little light in your heart will help illuminate anything that you wish to move through, and even if you think you don’t have any issues at all, then merely get yourself connected and use the light to influence any creative projects that you may have.

The Super Moon
What is a supermoon? It’s a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its orbit.

The name Super moon was coined by an astrologer, Richard Nolle, over 30 years ago. It was popularized and came to be an accepted term only in the past few years. Are Super-moons hype? No, not at all, they can cause real physical effects, such as larger than usual tides. We are about to have three Super-moons in a row,

August 29th at 18.35
September 28th at 02.50
October 27th at 12.05

The next real Super-moon will be towards the end of next year, on November 14th 2016.

The Energies of the Moment
So, what does this mean for us? Well, for the past week or so, I’ve been hearing and feeling the Earth Hum extremely strongly. The Earth Hum is a natural vibration of the earth. Those who are awakening and who’s vibration is changing can often hear it, especially at night or indoors in particular, where it can resonate within the walls of a building. I actually hear an alternating two different frequencies and back in around 1995, when I first began to hear it, it drove me almost mad each night. I would have to get up and drive around our location looking for the source of it, which of course, I never found as it wasn’t coming from something like a factory.

The vibration has been very intense this past week or so, to the point where I can even hear it outside in the daytime. If you consider how the power of the moon pulls the water of the planet in the higher than normal spring tides, it is quite a phenomenon. Spring tide doesn’t mean it comes in spring, it means an extraordinary high tide that happens in correlation with the full moon. When the moon is full it pulls more strongly. So, when the moon is in its closest phase to earth in its elliptical orbit, it’s force of gravity pull at all the water on earth more strongly.

So, if you think about how the moon affects the water on earth in such a dramatic way, think also how it pulls the water in your body and other, more subtle energies, like the energy flows within the earth. This is a powerful time and you may find that your issues come to the surface more forcefully this week, as the power is building up, I have been finding stress building up in my neck and body generally, signs that I need to have some rest through this phase. Only today I was walking the labyrinth and could feel my emotional body putting me into a phase where I wanted to burst into tears. This lasted almost all day.

The Moon is the ruler of our emotions and with three Super-moons on the way, how can this not be an emotional time? It has to be. As the moon pulls your emotional energies, you will feel them. You will feel strong emotions flooding through you from time to time. You may even notice on the news that lots of issues come to a head and people lose their tempers and feel like this is the final straw in certain situations.

Three moons on the trot will pull an awful lot of energy to your surface, which will have a double edged sword effect. Firstly, you will feel the emotion and may well even become the victim of it as you feel helpless in its power, but also, this moon and the ones following will cleanse your system of this old emotional energy by forcing it to the surface where it can’t hide within you any longer.

Therefore, you could be in for an interesting few weeks, but as you come through the other side of the October Super-moon, as we enter November you will begin to feel like you have been really cleared out within.

Autumn and Spring
Up here in the Northern hemisphere, we are entering our Autumnal phase and those of you in the southern hemisphere are entering spring. It’s coming up to a year since we were in Australia teaching the Divine Plan Healing system and it was great to be able see our people down under, Jon Gauntlett in Australia and Kahren Thriscutt in New Zealand.

Our sun is now setting at 8.00pm in the north and the nights really are drawing in. I’m never really ready for autumn or winter and at one time I suffered terribly from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I feel that sense of foreboding around the lack of light in my life. It’s not just the lack of light though, it is the essence of life dying away that I feel so strongly in my heart as the trees move into their resting phase and the plants and flowers of the garden begin to pass away. I do truly find it painful and I think that was one of the reasons why I was wanting to burst into tears today. It feels like the year is dying and I don’t feel like I’ve had enough warm summer days.

Earlier in the week I wrote an article for More to Life magazine about Breakdown really being Breakthrough and as I was coming in this evening after locking the shed, I could feel the weakness in my aura, as if my energy system was going into its own autumn phase, fading away, becoming weaker and dying to some degree. If the energies of the Super-moon, the Autumn and the upcoming equinox have these effects on me, then they will certainly have them on you. I may be super sensitive to these things and feel them more intensely, understanding them to a large degree, but even if you are not as sensitive as I, they will affect you.

For those in the southern hemisphere, the solar energies are rising and they are coming into their creative phase, so they only have to really consider the effects of the moon on their emotions and the fact that it will be drawing water out of their bodies at an alarming rate, as it will be for those of us in the north, so please drink plenty of water and look at your finger tips to see how dry your hands are becoming.

The Light Transmission
Our highly successful Free Light Transmission is coming up over the equinox on 23rd September and Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Ian Mills will be uploading the registration information to the Blog soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to use the Light to help you through whatever is coming up for you.

Guidance has offered us an Essence of Liquid Light, to help us capitalise on the process. Please remember that The Guides of the Emerald Heart call them Keys of Transformation and truly that is what they are. Don’t underestimate how deep they go in finding the energies within you that are ready to be released.

Our Key of Liquid Light this time is Divine Love, created through Elder Lynne Shaw.

Divine Love

Group: Evolution of Consciousness through Opening of the Heart

Keynote: Journeying Together. Worthiness.
Dear Children,

I come to you across all times and ages. I come to you to call you back to me. Back to my heart, for you and I are one. You are my beloveds, whose courage brought you to tramp the earthly planes learning how it is to be human. Now it is the time of the great returning. The returning back to your Mother Father God to feel the blaze and the glory of who you truly are.

The gift of this essence has been given to you to feel my presence within you. For those who already feel me stirring it will increase the light and the fire within. For those more hesitant or challenged with worthiness of feeling me expand within, I will grow gently within your heart. I am here for all things across all times and ages. Rejoice in me for we will rise again to our magnificence. I merely extend my hand to you through this beautiful essence, for you to journey with me, not too me, into magnificence. For you are me and I am you.

Remember. I am here. For all time. For you.

Lynne Shaw

As I read through Lynne’s reading, I was feeling for the words that touch my heart so that I can perceive the deeper seeking nature of this essence. It was these words…

For those who already feel me stirring it will increase the light and the fire within. For those more hesitant or challenged with worthiness of feeling me expand within, I will grow gently within your heart. I am here for all things across all times and ages. Rejoice in me for we will rise again to our magnificence

They remind us of what we have lost, our emptiness and separation from the balance of the masculine and feminine God-head, but at the same time heeds us to feel the fire within calling our heart into new life and become whole once more.

Also, I like to get a feel of why the Universe chooses a particular essence, or indeed sometimes creates one for a particular event, and so when I ask these deeper questions, this is the response that came forth.

“David, today you have felt the power of the natural forces wrenching at your insides. In these coming weeks, there will be much more of this wrenching as the universe plays at opening the hearts of humanity. What better essence than one that will bring you closer to the manifestation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine flow of consciousness, that is the one and only source of all that is. As you all go through your processes of releasing, then you have the essence bathing you in the light of the Goddess and the God, extending a hand for you to surrender your pains and traumas into.”

I hope that you enjoy this essence, given from the Universe through The Emerald Heart Light and Lynne’s heart.

With Love and Blessings.