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Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart, Ian Mills, shares with the Blog an experience he had recently that quite literally woke him up from a long sleep … This then begs the question “Is your life experience really yours?” If you feel you are being unexplicably challenged or held back in areas of your life, there may be a hidden reason.

The Hidden side of life

Life is never quite what it seems. I am a firm believer that as individualizations of Source, life is supposed to flow for us. Admittedly, we all have separate issues to work through and learn from and these lessons can take a considerable time for some, often many lifetimes.
There is another side to life that isn’t mentioned in mainstream health information. Your doctor will not pick this up as a reason for illness and therefore we see chronic and mental health issues filling hospitals. Crime and inhumane behavior spiral in society when this particular issue is swept under the carpet and not addressed. Prisons become filled to capacity and even the prisoners themselves can’t account for their behavior.

Entity attachments

According to research, one in three people will have some form of entity attachment. These beings range from what we may call psychic debris, thought forms and projections to a more damaging conscious being that can make your life a total misery and you will most likely not know they are there.

Of course you cannot see these entities as they generally take up house in your energy system. Those with psychic vision, shamanic skills, such as the Emerald Heart Practitioners who are trained to work in the 5th dimension, are able to perceive these intruders with their heightened awareness.

The premise is the same though. We are food for these beings and the darker ones, the demonic entities can steer the host into actions that promote feeling unbalanced emotions, which they then feed from.

My Experience

Working with the Emerald Heart Light certainly assists in making it uncomfortable for these beings to dwell within us. Increased Light is not welcome or attractive to them and can force these beings out to be dealt with. The Light being the catalyst for the being to make themselves known.

As a Light carrier, an Elder of the Emerald Heart, I am working in the Light 24/7 which does wonders for continually highlighting the next layer of issues to work through.
The Light revealed some ancient darkness in me that I had carried since Atlantian times. This was all linked to a lesson which through Guidance, I finally understood in this lifetime. In understanding that, this situation revealed itself. I have always had issues of social anxiety at differing levels of intensity and this situation was stimulating that fear in me. It was a feeling of like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

The darkness was easily removed and I now feel a totally different person, finally waking up after all these lifetimes.

Reach out for help

So to cut a long story short, working with the Emerald Heart Light is a great way to reveal the truth in you, on all levels. If you have that nagging feeling something is wrong or you are stuck, don’t be ashamed to reach out for help.

I would recommend reading David Ashworth’s book, ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel the Light’ as an indicator of who and how these beings work.

With love

Ian Mills, Stockholm Sweden
Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart-