IMG_2083Emerald Heart School Elder Ian Mills, shares with the Blog his understanding of the role of the Sun in our solar system and how when we maximise our own connection to this fiery giant, great physical and spiritual benefits can be obtained, for ourselves and the Planet.



The Sun

Our Sun is very much more than just a fiery globe, hanging in the sky, warming our solar system and allowing us to indulge ourselves. We often hear that our so called primitive ancestors worshipped the Sun and immediately dismiss this as if they were quaint superstitions of less developed folk, but when we scratch the surface of this subject, we open a proverbial can of worms.

It doesn’t take long to realise that all major religions have heavily borrowed or stolen in its entirety a sun worshipping system and repackaged it for their own  purposes. The Son of the Sun must be the most re-enacted myth in her-story.

What is the Sun?

Those with spiritual sight will tell you that beyond the disk of golden light, the Sun is a gigantic Spiritual Light generator of the purest highest level. It is also a gateway to and from the Creator.

I have often wondered why God is depicted as a man and part of the reason is obviously the re-write of sacred texts from the harsh patriachal take-over of Divine worship, but also it may be that the Sun penetrating the Earth and fertilizing everything that its light touches is a very masculine quality. In return the Earth mother dances her dance of receptivity and creates a safe and nurturing environment for her children to live.

The Meaning of Life

Its safe to say that in this respect the purpose of all life on earth is to become a bridge between the Mother (earth) and the Father (sun), symbolized by the pairing together to produce offspring.

We could say that we are divine antenae and as such our key purpose is to bring Spiritual Light to the Earth Goddess so she may transmute this into a sun earth light energy fusion. The Sun needs to feel the connection with ’his’ planet too so this is without doubt a 2 way flow. That way the Father Sun feels Mother Earth and visa versa. This sacred dance of connectivity is absolutely vital for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the Earth.   


Our ancestors knew of this divine connection and practiced an understanding of this wisdom, but over time the knowledge became corrupted and every possible attempt to re-write history and separate us from the Sun Earth connection has been made.

A key way of stopping us waking up to this understanding is steering culture and medical knowledge.












The Sun as DNA rewriter

Much has been spoken of in the mainstream press of how bad sunlight is for us and that we all need sun block and sunglasses as protection from these potently dangerous rays. This information, may actually stop us from getting our necessary fix of health promoting sunlight.

I am not advocating laying in the sun for hours getting burnt. Obviously care needs to be brought to how much exposure your skin is used to. Healthy exposure without slapping on gallons of chemicals that will all end up being absorbed through the skin and into your internal organs, is the way forward.

The more regular sun exposure we have the more the Sun will communicate with us at a DNA level. Each Solar flare can be seen as a Solar download for all beings within his domain. The ascension process that Earth is rapidly passing through is supported by the Sun. Through the Sunlight we receive new genetic instructions that is actually transforming the very basis of who we are.

Being in the sunlight enhances the awakening process. The Health giving properties of the Sun, grounded by the Earth Mother is a potent recipe for health, vitality and spiritual awakening.

Outdoor activities are very important at this time, but as they say, ’Everything in moderation.’

Have a great SUN day every day.

With love,

Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment,

Stockholm, Sweden