Continuity Retreat at Glastonbury 2012

The weather forecast was dire for the week. Major storms coming in from the west, but what can you do? You gird up your loins, don the wet weather gear and march into battle with your sabre of Light held high. Result, most of Britain had floods, but there was a little hole in the sky where blue came through for the whole of our retreat. Fabulous.

People flew in from Africa, America, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland and The Netherlands. A truly international Gathering of spiritual seekers.

From the first evening the power of the Light poured into our circle and we had a wonderful opening, from reverential moments of extremely deep connection to the joy of sharing, the Guidance orchestrated everything. We were blessed by the equinox energies and tuned into these in some measure as we prepared to say goodbye to the sun’s energy for a time.

As usual, I didn’t have much idea what was going to unfold as Guidance waits until I’m on my feet in front of the waiting crowd before it delivers the teaching, although I am sometimes given a few clues. I don’t think we were disappointed. There was a wonderful mix of everything you could imagine. Tears flowed as hearts opened to allow the Light in and tears also flowed with laugher. We worked with sacred geometry in the classroom and outside and I am sure that everyone really felt the power as the Earth Mother opened, serving us with her mighty energies.

Denise brought us a fabulous teaching that had everyone really having to think about who they were and how they connected with this world, becoming self aware and opening into recognising new aspects of themselves.

The Divine Feminine was emerging strongly in the group and finding the balance within the Divine Masculine. In a celebration of opening and inner surrender, the men honoured the Divine Feminine within the women from their stance of Warriors of Light and Compassion. A great symbol of change within, reflecting our changing world as Universal Consciousness opens all that is hidden as we enter this new age of Aquarius. A very moving and powerful experience for us all.

On the Tuesday we spent the whole day in Glastonbury, connecting into the ancient story of the Isle of Avalon. I went ahead to set the scene and as we all gathered on Wearyall Hill the Light again poured in. I began the story the Guidance had prepared for us and again the tears flowed as the power opened us to the glory of our deeper hearts. It was magical.

Then the Universe sent us a visitor, who joined us for a ceremony and in return shared with us some new and illuminating information. As we parted company, we both agreed that this had been Divine Intervention. A sharing of pilgrims on the path.

And so the magic continued for the whole day through the sacred sites of Glastonbury, of which I don’t want to give too much away, as this was such a powerful and magical retreat, we would like to offer it again in the future, for those who did not have an opportunity to share in the experience this time.

We ended our day at the top of the Tor, performing a sacred ritual that had been given to me in Guidance a few years earlier. We shared the flowing waters of the masculine and feminine streams. We became the conduits between Heaven and Earth using the portal of St. Michael’s Tower, as a storm brushed past, just north of our position, allowing us to remain dry, as the Somerset levels took their drink from the bruised and blackening sky.

On the third day, there was another round of teaching in the morning, followed by some Chi Gong from Tim, who gave us a practical exercise to take away and us. The afternoon saw another short expedition to connect with the power of nature and the spirit of trees, which again opened us deeply into the nature spirit consciousness. I am sure that everyone was touched by the power and for me, a symbol was given that completed the week and showed me that all the teachings had been leading to this one final vision. It was a stunningly magical moment, where you realise that every step we take in life is guided from some great consciousness that illuminates the journey of each of us. Truly amazing. I felt complete and that good work had been done on behalf of everyone present.

Continuity Retreat

This retreat had two main themes, Continuity and Merging. Continuity was about the continuity of the journey, from lifetime to lifetime and our first day was about connecting to our spiritual journeys in past lives, through the second day, which brought us into the present and the third day, which was about preparing to create our future.

Each day, we also worked with the merging of masculine and feminine and by the end of the event, we had all experienced quite profound moments or, indeed, deep transformations, some going through phenomenal changes in the moment and others unfolding as the days went by.

All in all, it is the energy of the individuals, which comes together in a willingness to transform into the highest expression of who we are becoming, which allows the Light to enter into our space in such a beautiful way.

From the teachers, myself, Denise and Tim, a big thank you to those of you who heard the call of the Light and had the courage to enter into the sacred space. You all brought your Light which added to the effect. It is your willingness to go beyond the fear of change that allows such a powerful event to happen. The Universe opened and poured its gifts into us all because we were all thirsty for the Light and we were ready for these few days together.

I have always been amazed at how wonderful each retreat has been, but each year seems to eclipse the retreat before it and I sometimes wonder how the Guidance and ourselves can possibly produce something so wonderful and amazing time after time. The answer, of course, lies in that we are in perfect alignment with the Universal Time Frame of the moment and the teachings are given for that moment in time. All those who were ready for that moment, were in that space, and so the magic unfolds as the Light pours in to us.

I am sure this event will nurture us forever, such was the beauty and depth of it. Our hearts will not forget it, even if we grow old and weary. But how can we stop now, when the Light is so keen to quench our thirst? As we all march forward from this point on our individual paths, the Universe will be preparing something new for us to bathe in at a future time.

With Love and Blessings from your Teachers,

Dave, Denise and Tim.

If Anyone is interested in venturing forth on this Glastonbury Continuity Retreat in the future, please let me or Denise know and when there is enough interest, we will run it again.




Some Feedback from the Retreat

Hello Friends old and new.

A Postcard from the Emerald Isle.

What an amazing retreat. Sublime and impeccably timed. I am still bathing in the memories of it, frequently returning to different moments to keep me pointed Home.

Can I please Thank you all for being. Individually and collectively. Thank you Dave and Denise for sharing, allowing, holding and for being so much more that my head can’t figure yet my heart beats to. The tangible gift of Dave’s Limited edition Poetry sustains the heartfelt wind underneath my sails.

The poetry itself and the presentation to Denise and then to our humbled selves cannot be underestimated. The raw and uncooked poetry sears its way into my soul… Cutting through the scratched records of the mind; Coming home to the heart; Words warriors each one; each one tenderly sprung from the bow of the heart; Unable to miss the target; For heart to heart is a direct line where honest truth is the currency of love. Immensely beautiful. Thank you Poet and Muse.

You have both proved the maxim true: lead by example, learn by example… AND… On another hearty note… This retreat was serious fun!

We miss you all in one way, yet remain connected in another.

Paul Kennedy, (Ireland).

Emerald Heart Host.


Wow!!! already another retreat to look forward to!

I am definitely interested in the next one! This was my second one, and they just seem to be getting better!

Thank you both for such an amazing time.

With love & blessings

Eva (London)

Hi Denise, Dave and everyone,

Where to begin with my thanks….. words don’t seem enough……. Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart for the glorious few days we all spent together on our amazing retreat. Everybody together made this retreat for me so special. As you know it was my first retreat so I hadn’t a clue as to what to expect and on the first day I was a little lost within myself. From the Monday evening onwards I felt I blossomed more and more. Our day out in Glastonbury overwhelmed me so much. It is a day in my life that I will never forget. When we all gathered on the Tor for our circle, I was so overwhelmed with emotions that something big happened inside me, for this, I not only thank myself but I thank you all too, such special memories and feelings. Every time I think of this, I feel happiness. The whole week was so very special on many levels.

I also get emotional when I think of our final session as Dave made it so personal and beautiful. Dave, I cried some of my way through reading your beautiful book The Princess & The Bear, An Undying Love. Many, many thanks for sharing such beautiful words with us all, so honest and raw, very powerful! A beautiful read.

Today was my first day back to work and it felt great, I reconnected with myself and the love I have for my job while away on the retreat. Paul and I got home late on Monday evening (a huge welcome from our two pooches) after a special weekend in Wales, very relaxing surrounded by mother nature. Yesterday I created my very own “Goddess stillness space” here in our home. A place to relax and connect and learn more on my journey about myself. Dave, you hit the nail on the head when you said I needed stillness in my life, thank you.

Roll on the next retreat, yipeeeeeee.

Oh and another thing I got out of the retreat….. I have developed a taste for brandy, thanks Dave 🙂

Love and hugs to each of you all,

Triona (Ireland)


Dear All,

Seriously… All of You… What have you done to me during this retreat, my first retreat???!!!


What have you done to:

– My relationship? I was quite naive to think that constantly and symbolically blending the Masculine and the Feminine in all manners for a few days would have kept my relationship unchallenged HAHA! Fortunately, it’s all for the best :-)!

– My self-confidence? Experiencing how many things I love about myself with Denise and that I AM GODDESS and GOD with Dave and All of You could not have done less than giving me a great Boost in Self-Love and helping me articulate some hidden strengths.

– My Heart? Dave, your meditations, but especially the one on the first day, opened my Heart so clearly. It made the round of Blessings with the Emerald Heart Light Essence on the first night such a powerful moment. It was the best way ever to connect with you all Your new faces and hearts!

– My body? Tim, since the retreat, my body is naturally calling and searching for your Qi Gong movements… You could have told us beforehand that your Qi Gong style can make people develop addiction for that ;-P!!!.

More seriously, I want to THANK All of You for your openness, your beautiful Hearts and Souls, your wonderful Energies, your presence as well as your unconditional support during these days. It was such a pleasant atmosphere and space. I feel lucky to have bathed in Your Light and in The Light.

And Denise and Dave, THANK YOU so much for the powerful yet fine and deep teachings, the spotless organisation and your caring and grounding presence and guidance. Thank you for having brought that SPARK again so intensely during these days, the one which makes one never want to go backwards, no matter how challenging the path is.

Denise, you can already add my name to the 2013 list :-).

Good Luck to All of You.

Warm Love & Blessings.

Uta  (Tthe Netherlands)


Hi Dave, Hi Denise,

For me it was the most important retreat I’ve ever been to. Already before I knew I have to go there. Normally the time when the retreat was I was already occupied, but I tried everything to get out of my duties to be able to go to the retreat. And it was more than expected. For me it was so deep, not be able to speak in human words about it and not rational.

The masculine and the feminine, which has already been a big fight in myself my whole life long. During this retreat this two sides seemed to heal and relax a bit more in me. It was amazing to see how the sacred symbol we worked with, seemed to run like a golden thread through the whole week, everywhere you find this symbol and you’ve got this feeling this symbol is your friend on your way to help you with the masculine and the feminine energies and power.

And I loved the group I was in, beside the work we did and the processes we all got through we had so much fun together and laughed so much. As one of the members said, a perfect mix between reverence and irreverence. I felt so happy and blessed and deeply connected with the group. Thank you Dave and Denise for this outstanding experience.

I wish you both a good time.
Love and blessings
Sephora (Germany)


Hi Dave and Denise,

Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat. It was exciting to start with a few puzzles and as the days went along the bigger picture got more and more revealed. I left the retreat whole, complete and content on a very deep level as always!

Since the retreat shifts are happening daily for me at the moment. One of the fascinating experiences I have had was that I became the Emerald Heart and the Emerald Heart became me – we were One! What an amazing feeling to bathe in this Divine Light at the core of my Being!

With Love and Light and Namaste!

Diana  (London)


A huge thank you back, Denise and Dave, you were phenomenal!

I came back to my son’s 7th birthday weekend, which was very busy indeed. But I am still managing to feel the bubble of light and love inside, my thoughts wondering back to our pilgrimage and the shared days. I feel blessed having been part of such a wonderful group, feeling safe and accepted, and I would like to thank you all for making the retreat an unforgettable experience…
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Love and blessings,

Claudia  (London)


Hi Dave and Denise,

I just wanted to Thank you once more for arranging the Retreat.

I Bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart,

Rosa. (Sweden)

A Poem from Will Bagshaw

Memory of Glastonbury 2012
The man-stunted thorn on Wearyall Hill.
Pricks my eye with vision of blood.                                                                                                      As a keening wind disturbs my hood.

Two wells, curious drains, abbey node,
And omphalos. Ascending now, a storm,

To windward hangs. The young man Tor atop
Gives knowledge: likely it’ll pass us,
Twisting north.

Holding hands in thankful circle, we dryly,                                                                                       Hope our candle walk will stand the bluster.

Caravan roof receives resonant rain,
Drowning sleep and flooding the brain
Till chi-gong beckons at what feels like dawn.

Dave speaks from beneath his hat,                                                                                                      And yew fronds nod;
Over the tomb ground I sense a
voiceless god.