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Advanced Chakra Purification & Alignment Program

Align your entire system with The Divine Mother and come home within Yourself

I will guide you, in this one-off, 9-month remote Light Program,
through an easy to follow, home-coming journey. Unprecedented and  transformational.

You will have the opportunity to open hidden portals in your chakras where you were not even aware of, and fully reconnect with the essential link that is now missing in our society:

The Womb of Creation,
The Mother of All That Is,
The Divine Mother.

We will start on the 22nd of November.

YOU don’t need to be advanced or have advanced chakra knowledge

It is the Program that is Advanced. This is a unique opportunity to engage in a Divine Process which is newly given for humanity through The Mary Magdalene Light.

It will align all your chakras with the Ultimate Divine Feminine Source.

Being the original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light,
I can state that you will not find this opportunity anywhere in the world.

The three main benefits in your daily life:

  • You will feel more alive

  • You will be more balanced

  • You grow towards inner peace

Visit the webpage for all ins and outs

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