Guidance for May 2014

Dear Friends of The Emerald Heart,

As you may have noticed, the Guidance for this Period is roughly 6 weeks late!!!  It is like a whole period has been missed out and we are catching up with ourselves in May! Well, the Universe doesn’t work quite like that. If you miss a day, then you can’t relive it sometime later, so this isn’t a catch-up at all, but a view into the distance to see how to prepare us for what is to come, whilst also knowing ‘how to be’ in the moment. But, why the long wait?

You may recall that back in February, I mentioned that this was a year of expansion. Well, we’ve been expanding all over the place and the pace has been so incredible that this week is the first time I have had to catch up with myself, as well as you.

The energies of the Universe have been massively uplifting in this recent period, building up, as they have been since the end of last year, the Universe giving us a decent amount of notice to get our acts together and keep our eyes open for the expansion. In February, I brought forth this guidance again about The Year of Expansion, and I really hope that you have been able to ride this recent wave and expand everything you have been doing in life, for that is what this expansion has been for, to expand your life, to grow bigger in the world and to love yourself into life at the same time.

The Present Moment
We have just been smashed by two major moon events,

1594 AApril 15th, a total eclipse of the moon, called the Full Blood Moon or Pink Moon, see photo that I took as it rose over Shropshire, a truly awesome sight, slightly out of focus due to the speed the moon was rising against the need for a long exposure with the camera on a tripod.

April 29th saw a partial eclipse of the moon in the southern hemisphere, so we welcome Australia and new Zealand as the focus of our world at this time.

Have You Felt the Recent Struggle?
An eclipse is like ‘the light going out’ for a short while. It doesn’t go out totally, of course, but it is enough to change some rhythms in the world. At this time this changing rhythm has just knocked things lightly off course, so you may have experienced a sudden period of struggle in your lives. Don’t worry about it, but do take notice of it and take the appropriate action. So, what is the appropriate action?

To repeat the main theme of this year, as mentioned in February, this is a momentous year of expansion. What that actually means is that Universal forces are opening up in an expansive way. It is like your Mother or Father’s arms opening to greet you when you were a child. Those massive arms, as wide as a house, scooping you up as you run headlong into them and your parent lifting you to the skies in one great swoop. Yes, the Universe is doing just that for a whole lot longer, but right now, we are just having a little blip of struggle in the bigger picture of expansion.

Let’s take a look backwards to understand the present pattern. Do you remember how everyone was waiting for December 2012? Waiting to see would the world end, for example, or just to see how things would change by the following day. December 2012 is so far back in history now, in terms of the energetic picture that, it is almost like it never happened. But what did happen? Well, the Universe expanded is what happened. Take a deep breath and observe what happens? Your lungs expand, your chest expands and you become full of the life-giving energy of oxygen, which suddenly feeds the whole of your being with the life-force that enables you to carry on with life.

At the beginning of 2014, the Universe took this great breath that has filled us all with the life-force of opportunity to expand, but in order to do this, you have to make an effort and enter into the process. I’ll give you an example.

During October 2013, Lynne Shaw, one of The Emerald Heart Elders received the new – Divine Plan – Healing System, which you may have read about in the BLOG. She introduced this at our Winter Retreat in Lanzarote and it caused an immediate stir, with the neighbours creating chaos and calling the police, just because twenty people had called round for a cup of tea and to hear about this New Baby, The – Divine Plan -. Well, you have to laugh at the way God shows you how powerful the new system is. At the same time, four of the Emerald Heart Teachers were immediately illuminated and said, “ I want to teach this NOW!” It was so new, that the manual was not even written, but the energy of the new baby, with its lungs full of the expansive universal light, was bursting out of its perambulator and trying to run before it could walk!

We returned from Lanzarote at the beginning of February and the first – Divine Plan – teaching event was in the calendar for March. We have now completed our initial four introductory teaching days in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and London, of Step One of The – Divine Plan – Healing System. The power and Light within it, is continuing to push outwards as new events are being proposed.

So, the energy of expansion is there for us to use and the Universe will, without doubt, present opportunities for us, but unless we seize the moment and make the effort to launch ourselves, almost without thought, into that Universal Energy, then it is like having a wonderful meal on the table and choosing not to eat it. The Universe is holding out this meal of expansion for us right now, but we have to ‘feel’ the truth of it and jump in with both feet to experience it.

Jewels to Open Your Heart for Inner Expansion
During this same period, since Lynne and I began to take the – Divine Plan – out into the world, the Universe has been busy showering us with gifts, as the Law of Reflection has sprung into action, to honour our efforts in riding this wave of expansion.

The Emerald Heart Light has been with us now since January 2005, so we are coming up to our 10 year anniversary this coming January. We have been using the beautiful image of the heart that was given through an artist at the beginning of this journey, which radiates Light into the world through the many cards that are in existence, pinned up in kitchens, offices, bedrooms and a host of other places across the world, not to mention on computer desktops. The Guides told me as soon the image was created that wherever it was displayed, it would radiate Light into the lives of those who looked at it. A powerful tool for self-transformation and one that we have observed working for the past nine years.

Until now, we have not had any other symbol or tool to represent The Emerald Heart, but just a few weeks ago, coinciding with taking The – Divine Plan – out into the world, I found the most beautiful faceted emeralds in the shape of hearts! Why do I think these are important?

When The Emerald Heart Light was first given to me in 2005, it arrived as I awoke one morning late in January. The blazing Light hit me right in the heart and my inner vision was ablaze with the most beautiful faceted Emerald Heart Jewel image, with Light bursting forth from it.

1579 A

Emerald Heart Jewels. Click for details

These newly discovered emeralds are so clearly representative of that first vision of the Light of The Emerald Heart and to see them illuminate in the sunlight is such an amazing experience, that you think to yourself that it is impossible for them to radiate such a pure and clear light. To sit with them and look deep into them opens your consciousness in such an amazing way. We are truly blessed with this find, which has come to us in this period of expansion – the emeralds allowing the light to expand more in to the world. What a wonderful expression of The Law of Reflection and a great symbol that The Emerald Heart is expanding into the world.

Our Emerald Gemstones come from Siberia and are cultured in a gemstone laboratory, which means they are true gemstones. The process ensures that the gemstones have a more superior quality than the natural stones through their absolute purity and clarity. They give us the highest light gathering power possible to hold and radiate The Emerald Heart Light. When you see them in sunlight, they are stunning with such a depth and clarity that needs to be seen to be believed.

They are set in solid 925 Sterling Silver mounts and finished with a fine plate of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent them tarnishing. At present, we have two sizes of heart necklace and also earrings, but hopefully soon we will also have lapel pins for men and other designs of jewellery to hold our most stunning hearts of emerald.

The Only Limit to Your Expansion is your Imagination
We have touched on our expansion with the – Divine Plan – Healing System and your new emeralds, but there has been much, much more. This is only the tip of the Emerald Heart iceberg that I have shared in this guidance with you. It has been just too busy with new things happening everywhere around us to actually stop and write about it.

The Present – Take a Deep Breath
You will notice that there is a theme of breath in this guidance, that is because the Breath of Life is most definitely in the ether at the moment. In the words from my book VISION, written some years ago, are the following.

BANG – God Takes a Breath.
The Universe Expands.
The Expanding Universe is the In-breath of God.
As God breathes in, the Universe Expands.
As you breath in, your lungs expand.
Take a deep breath.
Notice:  As you breath in, your breath speeds up.
Notice:  The Universe is speeding up.

Reaching the Limit of Expansion

At a certain point, your lungs reach a limit and there is a sudden slow down of the incoming, expansive breath, a ‘pause,’ and then a full outward flow. We are presently within that pause period, known as stasis, meaning inactivity or the stopping of the flow. We have entered a period of stasis between different Universal energetic states.

Therefore, you may be experiencing things suddenly slowing down, or going into chaos if you try to push them, or you may even be feeling exhausted – no breath. We have a few weeks of stillness in the Universe where the pushing expansiveness has slowed right down, and so what do we need to do at a time like this?

1. Keep Calm and Carry On

2. Carry on gently and be gentle with yourself. 

3. Rest and repair, so that in a few weeks time when things begin to expand again, you will be ready for the event and able to ride the wave again, pouring your energy into the expansion. 

4. Continue to keep an eye upon opportunities that may be coming your way, but don’t push them, but rather, ‘allow’ them to manifest as you observe them. 

5. Give thanks for everything that has come for you this year so far. No matter how negative you think it may be, it will only be a reflection of your own inner radiance.

If difficulty has come to you, then give thanks for it and ask the question, “What am I trying to learn from this?” Or perhaps just sit in that place of stasis for a while and contemplate.

A Time to Rest, Repair and Love Yourself
As the Universe gives you an opportunity to rest, repair and reflect on the first four months of this year, it is a great time of preparation for a new phase, but at the same time, a great opportunity to give gratitude for everything we have received, especially our daily breath.

The universe is presently standing between breaths and allowing things to rest a little. Take this opportunity to rest a little, too, but give thanks for this expanding breath of God that has given us this amazing four months of expansion, with more to follow shortly. Rest, repair and love yourself with your breath. Breathe the breath of life into yourself and prepare to receive your own insights in how to take the next steps in life.

Life is a great thing, full of the possibilities of expansion. Trust the feelings in your heart and act upon them.

To help your heart find the true place of gratitude within, The Guides offer you the Essence of Extreme Gratitude for this period. Here is a little mantra to help you connect with your breath.

                       I breathe in my life,
                      I breathe in my death.
                      I breath in every ounce of love in the universe,
                      In between my life and death.
                      I breathe every moment,
                      And live for my next breath.
                      I love my breath.


As I closed the computer and headed upstairs to bed, The Guides popped in again and said, “More to come.” Before I had time to question this, they said.

“There will be a new essence we will give you in around two weeks time, once this essence of the period has been started. It will be called VISION, as in the words of the book that we gave to you. It will help to open people’s vision to see the opportunities of the coming universal phase of expansion.”

So, from being a bit late with this present Guidance for the Period, it seems like the Universe is wishing to hurry us along a bit. Watch this space and let’s get moving together into this new expansive process soon.

Essence of the Period – Extreme Gratitude
The place of Extreme Gratitude comes from deep within the heart of God. It is as simple as that. How do we access such a place as deep as this? The place lies within our own hearts. When you can touch the deepest aspects of your own heart, there are moments when you will then touch the Extreme Gratitude that exists for everything that has been created in the whole of existence.

You may think that this is a pretty big package to open, and you would be right. But at the same time, it is only ever a millimeter or one second away from your waking consciousness, but in a place so deep that you might need several lifetimes to access it. However, this essence is offered to you to assist in this momentous journey of touching the Extreme Gratitude that lies within the heart of God.

Extreme Gratitude is also a feeling, an appreciation, an open acknowledgement that you have seen something so awesome that you will never forget it and always have deep reverence and respect for it. What is the ‘it’ that I refer to? It is the all!

When you can sit and listen to the song of a bird and hear God whistling the tune, then you will be in such a place of Extreme Gratitude for that moment and sadness when it passes.

When you can hear the grass growing, you will be in that place of awe and have Extreme Gratitude for the deep silence that allowed you to experience it.

When you can experience the wind playing with you, as you walk amongst the bluebells, then you will acknowledge that there is something going on here in life that takes a little looking at before you can understand and touch it. And even then, you may need to go through much transformation in order to perceive the truth of events that are happening all around you, within the great cosmic dance.

If you can step out of your humanity for a moment and just ‘be’ within nature, you will hear all your issues, stacked like the shelves of a warehouse, all banging on your door to come forth. Be in the place of Extreme Gratitude for having been able to see them.

If you can listen and then hear the truth in someone’s heart, then just ‘be’ in that place of Extreme Gratitude for the experience.

If you can find your way into your own heart, then you will automatically touch that place of Extreme Gratitude that is within the deepest place within the heart of God.

With the help of this Essence, try to connect with the Extreme Gratitude for everything in the world, even though it may be uncomfortable, for Extreme Gratitude for everything that ‘is’ will open your heart to even deeper truths.

We offer you the essence of Extreme Gratitude so that you may make your journey into understanding that you are never alone and God expresses Extreme Gratitude for every effort you make to understand and give thanks to every aspect of life.

With love and Blessings

Dave Ashworth
2nd May 2014