Guidance for the Period October 2013

Let me remind you of something before we start. Sometimes I might use a metaphor of Jesus, for that’s what his teachings were, but I don’t use these from a religious perspective, as Jesus was just an ordinary person, like many of us, but an individual who went through a great process of inner transformation, and from that point of change within himself, began to pass on what he had learned. He did not form a church or religion and he wasn’t a Christian. He was a teacher of truth.

Also, the Essence for this Period is the second part of what we started during the last Guidance, but if you missed that essence, which was Initiation, you can still benefit from taking this current essence.

The Guidance
Right at this moment, we are surfing an amazing wave of universal consciousness that is running at the speed of light, to put it mildly. We are also just leaving behind the last full moon and the equinox, and this last moon was so powerful that it’s effect can still be felt. What effect do these things have on our lives?

If your vibration is high and you are therefore catching this wave with your consciousness, it will be driving you at great speed to get things done. It is a wave of initiation, I might say, and it follows our last essence, which was also called Initiation.

When I sit to write the Guidance and these ‘coincidences’ come up – initiation and Initiation – I can’t help grinning to myself as the feelings that run through the heart at the realisations of what I am being shown are highly uplifting.

When you press the button or turn the key to start your car, that is Initiation. When you press the button to start the washing cycle on your washing machine, that is initiation. When you eat your breakfast in the morning, that is an act of ‘breaking your fast,’ and is initiation.

Initiation is the setting in motion of a process. For me personally, that process began on Glastonbury Tor at sunrise of 27th July 2013, and the motion created at that point has not yet subsided. For me, the essence begins working from the moment the vibration is given, and this might be several weeks before I receive the actual reading or it is ready to send out to you. From that moment of initiation on Glastonbury Tor, the Light has been running through me at an incredible pace, setting in motion a whole series of transformations and inner changes, taking me through such an amazing and powerful time, but with a sense that there is just not enough time to get all the things done that need to be done.

During this period, The Council of Elders of The Emerald Heart have all been pushed into new and growing roles, all contributing to the growth and expansion of The Emerald Heart community and of taking the Light out into the world. So much is in the process of being accomplished that it is almost impossible to keep track of it.

For us, riding the Wave of Time at an extreme pace is our everyday reality, the changes coming to us are often dramatic as the old veils of consciousness are stripped away and we are literally forced into new roles of expansion. So, what does this period of Initiation mean for everyone else?

Opening the Heart with Light
Once you pressed the button of Initiation by taking the last Essence of the Period, then you also set some motion in train. Your consciousness will have begun to open and attempt to release older patterns of resistance.

As the older patterns of resistance begin to rise to the surface from the deeper consciousness, this can often cause a little bit of an internal battle, because at one level the Higher Self will be welcoming you taking the Initiation Essence and at another level, the sub-conscious, which is also the ego-self, will try to block the movement or changes that are trying to emerge into your life, as the essence attempts to increase your vibration.

This internal battle can become quite intense and severe at times, as the sub-conscious always works from a perspective of Fear of Change, and therefore does everything it can, in order to prevent change. However, it is impossible for the sub-conscious to win this battle, as eventually, all processes lead to enlightenment and each little internal tantrum that attempts to prevent your heart opening, will sooner or later collapse beneath the gentle flooding of Light, flowing into your heart as you take your essence.

Opportunities and Expansion
During this period, you may find that you have, at one level been accomplishing things in the physical world, and in fact, lots of physical world opportunities have been opening up for you, but at the same time, you may have found that at a personal level, you have been having a bit of a rough ride, as issues you thought you had dealt with long ago, are forced up to the surface again. However, you may also have found that the highs have cancelled out the lows! Well, let’s hope that has been the case.

If you have been taking the Initiation Essence, there is absolutely no doubt that this powerful gift from the Universe will have been opening many opportunities for you in many areas of life. The trick is to see the opportunities and grab them as quickly as you can, otherwise, they will pass you by and you then find yourself asking, ‘whatever happened to that thing we were going to do?’

Being Still and The Light Transmission
When we are riding such a powerful wave as the one that is with us at the moment, it is useful to find some time to be still and just be in that stillness, then you will find balance and clarity. We have just had the opportunity to feel the depth and beauty of The Emerald Heart Light in the recent Light Transmission and I hope that you have found time to switch off for an hour or so and enter into this experience, for it is always absolutely magical and helps the deeper, inner consciousness to emerge so that you can feel some of the God-like vibrations at the core of your being. Usually, the Light brings to you this amazing sense of peace at an inner level, and within this peace, you find your own inner God. Also, many people experience being flooded with green light!

Where Are We Now on the Present Wave of Time?
At the present moment, we are in the full flush of this momentous motion that is offering massive opportunities for change on all levels. It is driving very powerfully forward with an uplifting energy, which gives us inner stimulation to get things done, but at the same time, it can burn you out, if you are not careful. Be aware to take some time for yourself and just chill out. This is very important.

The Wider View
In this period, if you allow it, your eyes can be opened to be able to see a bigger picture. There is a very simple process that can enable this to happen. You have to consciously, take a step back from life and physically lift your head up and look to the horizon. In this tiny act, you send a message to the universe that you want to see the bigger picture.

In a morning, I sometimes drive into Whitchurch, my local town in the Welsh border country. It’s only a drive of three miles and there is a place on the road, where for a few seconds you can see the Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia as you crest a rise in the road, before it drops down below the tree line again. I absolutely love this view and for only a few seconds, if the light and the weather are right, the energy of the mountains touches my heart in the most wonderful uplifting way. I often wish there was a lay-bye there, so that I could stop the car and just gaze into that vision, but alas, the vision is on a dangerous bend, so I must be content with those few seconds of glory and wonder, when the mountains are lit by the morning sun and they open my heart.

Those few seconds, when my heart is opened, allows me to perceive a wider vision in the physical world. When the landscape has the opportunity to commune with you in this way, and share its deeper beauty, then that opens the heart and connects you into a wider and greater vision of everything that is, and everything that is possible. We are riding this wave together right now, and it is encouraging you to take a wider view.

Allow your heart and consciousness to open. Lift your eyes to the horizon and walk out into the world and see what it has to offer you. This is the pattern at the moment, where the Universe is opening it’s chest of gold and saying to you, “Take a few pieces and see what you can do with them.” It is a period that offers you the opportunity to invest in yourself. Invest some time in something for yourself, or some money to treat yourself to something simple, but nurturing. When you make a wise investment, you always receive a return. As the Guidance says to me when I am teaching, “These people are making a wise investment in themselves, and it will be returned many, many times over.” Guidance always says these words in a very powerful way, like, “ We will absolutely ensure they get a return.”

Bringing things to Completion
We said to you in the last Guidance that it was the first part of a two part process. That first essence was called Initiation and this coming essence is called The Mary Line.

It might be helpful for you to remind yourself of the previous journey by re-reading the guidance for August and how things unfolded. However, I will also give you a brief picture here.

Extract from the Previous Guidance
INITIATION Essence:  The birth of life happens at the moment two opposite energies touch. The sperm and the egg in the animal kingdom or the electricity of the moment in the spiritual world. It is a moment where the power of the universe suddenly ignites and creates spirit within matter. There is a spark, a flash of light, and the game is on. No going back, life has begun. This is the nature of the essence INITIATION. It is the beginning. It is birth, or rebirth. It is the trigger for the next phase of your evolutionary journey.

The flash of light, in this case, was the moment the rays of sunrise poured through the bottle as it stood within the womb of the Mary Line, as she held the Michael Line within her. The sacred union in the creation chamber of life.

This is a powerful essence with many messages. In its rawest form, it is the power of sexual union between the male and female. It is love on the deepest of human levels. It is the blending of opposites. It is the purest love of the Earth Spirit. It offers the power to bond hearts in the light of The Mother The Goddess.

Summary of Part One
If I were to summarise the first essence, Initiation, in this two part process, I would use the word SURRENDER. In this amazing transformational period, surrender is a key component of transformation. It is through our surrendering both to ourselves and to each other, that we open and transform, and this previous essence was opening the door to transformation through receiving the Divine Feminine energies.

An Unfolding Story
I never know what is going to be given next, even when I know that something is a two part process. Guidance gives it’s message when it is appropriate and not before, and often I note that people miss part one, just because they are not focused at the time, and I find this quite painful to think that people have missed out on a moment and a vibration in time that can never be repeated. It is true that the essences will be available later, but that will be a different vibration. When it happens in the moment, it is like being there the moment the first man set foot on the moon, for example. To be in that moment of birth is something quite awesome when you see it from the perspective that the universe is watching and guiding us. It is like the universe seeing her children taking their first steps and feeling it in her heart like a loving parent. We are those children, finding our way out of darkness. This is the problem of living in the now and bringing through guidance in the now. We have no choice other than to follow and connect with the guidance in the moment and hold on tight for the ride, which usually proves to be fruitful.

The Essence of this Period is a classic Key of Transformation, and it encompasses three distinct aspects. Each one of them quite magnificent and totally unique. I find it fascinating that the Universe will give us such amazing gifts that most of the rest of humanity will never see. It can be quite bewildering, sometimes. But, I suppose this is the reflection for being Seekers of Light.

                Seek and you shall find.
                      Ask and it will be given.
                          Knock and it will be opened to you.

As the first words about this essence were given, I was surprised at the concept that has been unfolding within us, but of course, it all made sense when I heard it.

It is Time for Birth
The essence of Initiation that was received at Glastonbury Tor when the female earth current, Mary cupped and received Michael in an act of sexual union, was the moment the essence of Initiation was born. As you took the essence during the last Period, a Seed of Light was sown into your hearts. This Seed of Light was like the egg in the woman’s womb.

In your hearts was planted a Seed of Light, which became The Egg of possibility.

Tor diagram

The Michael and Mary Line in Divine Union.
(Diagram from The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst.)

Fertilisation: The moment you take this next essence, The Mary Line, you will fertilise the Seed of Light in your heart and life will begin. You will then play a part in the next phase of human evolution, as the Seed of Light grows within you. If you think this sounds dramatic, you are right. It is! It is full of the drama and beauty of a universe being born and you should see it from where my vision observed the Guidance that is being shown to me.

The Age of The Goddess
We have entered a great period of human history and we are witnessing the rising of the Goddess energies. They are rising in all of humanity, male and female, alike. The Initiation essence of last period was a celebration of the union of masculine and feminine energies as displayed in the landscape, or the spirit of the Earth Mother. In our acknowledgement of these divine forces of serpent energy, we were given the spark of Initiation, which set a birthing process in motion.

At our recent retreat in Sweden, everyone was very aware that The Emerald Heart itself was going through a rebirth, and a rebirth sometimes is a kind of coming of age or a transformation. For a child, puberty is a rebirth into the next phase of life, for example. So, rebirth is most definitely a theme for this period, as I can see it on so many levels. Perhaps you are aware of rebirth in your own lives, in your work, in your families?

Throughout life, things can get out of balance and then you have to stop and bring them back into balance. That is how it has been on planet earth for a long, long time. The woman has been pushed down, subjugated, not listened to, not heard, as the domination of the ego-driven male world has ripped the planet to pieces as its playground of destruction in the process of creating limiting and limited wealth. What kind of wealth is it that tears down a mountain to make a few copper wires that eventually will be melted down again, and again and made into new things, whilst their is an empty place where the spirit of the mountain once lived? As we witness the rebirth of the Divine Feminine, then we will see balance restored to our world, where situations such as this above will be approached in a different, more loving and nurturing way. For example, the spirit of the mountain will be approached and worked with, and it will give its permission for certain works to be undertaken, and humans will give thanks and acknowledge the cooperation of the Spirit of the Mountain, and that of the Earth Mother, too.

The Mother
The earth is our Mother. Jesus taught, ‘Honour thy father and thy mother.’ He didn’t’ mean your Mum and Dad. What he meant was to honour the two sources of creation, the light of illumination, the Father, and the power of creation, the Mother. You see how a simple teaching can so easily be misunderstood, and in that misunderstanding the focus of a whole species of people can be misguided or remain unawakened, but when you understand the teaching, you honour and reawaken that connection with the Mother, the Divine Feminine and she then reawakens in you. In that reawakened state, then love flows.

So, What Essence are we Giving Birth to, in this Period of Rebirth?


The Mary Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey, built to perfect Vesica Sacred Geometry proportions.

1.  The First Aspect of The Mary Line Essence
The Mary Line essence was created the day after Initiation, after one complete cycle of sun and moon. It was created in The Mary Chapel, in the full flow of the Mary Earth Current in Glastonbury Abbey.

This essence is very special, as it was not ‘given’ in the usual way, through my consciousness, but it was created through the heart of a woman. In fact, she initiated it. She was driven to ask for it, and so I set up the process, stepped back and watched as things unfolded in front of the alter of The Mary Chapel, deep below ground level, in the womb of Mother Earth.

The Gestation of a Child
As I observed the movement of love and light flowing in the sacred chapel of Mary, the woman stood, silently and in deep reverence, in the peace of the moment, opening her heart to the universe. The stream which is the Mary current flowed through the water that gathered the vibration for our essence. It continued to flow through the woman’s heart and connected her into the light of the landscape. In that moment, Initiation occurred and she became ‘pregnant’ with The Mary Line essence. She became a carrier of the birth of the next phase of human evolution. She became a carrier of another Seed of Light. The purity of the moment was indescribable, but this kind of initiation can only occur within such purity. It was the purity of her heart that allowed this essence to be received for us.

Woman with Essence

Receiving The Mary Line vibration, not realising at the time how important and special it would be.

As she initiated the process, the process initiated her, and that is always as it is. As you open the universe so the universe opens you. It is The Law of Reflection.

We all became pregnant with the Seed of Light from the Initiation essence, and as we now take The Mary Line Essence, that Seed of Light will be fertilised, and from this fertilisation a child will be born. She will be feminine, guided by the Light of The Mary Line essence, that was gestated in the pure heart of a woman.

This woman now brings forth the child for us to nurture and love. The living essence of the child is within the essence of The Mary Line. As you take the essence of The Mary Line, the child of feminine consciousness grows within your heart, as one Seed of Light fertilises the other.

The Mary Line essence could only be born of a woman, and only be born of a woman’s heart and soul. It could only be born of the female line, and of woman’s cellular memory and history through time in this world.

We Are All Pregnant with Light
From your state of pregnancy from the Initiation essence, The Mary Line essence begins the birthing process, where the Divine SHE is born into your heart. This state of divinity is a  Light that stands opposite the masculine Christ Light, which is also in the core of the heart of each person.

Whereas, we know the source of the masculine light within us, this new feminine light is not of just one person, but is of every aspect of the Divine Feminine. She is the partner to the masculine. She completes the story in your heart, which at present only holds the one Light. From the moment you take this essence, the second Light will begin to burn brightly within you.

This new child is the birth of this new age. She is the missing aspect of the age we are just leaving. She offers you a state of growing through balance and into completion within your heart.

2.  The Second Aspect of The Mary Line Essence
This essence carries within its remit, a story. It is the history of the world. It is the history of everything that has gone before. It is a library as great as the Akashic Records. Yes, and it is all in this tiny bottle. Let us say that the essence is a key to this great library and as you take the essence, it turns the key in the lock of the library door, and as you come to the end of this essence, that door will be fully open.

What is within the library?
The library holds for you the truth of all humanity. It holds the truth of everything that has ever been and everything that can ever be.

On each page of the book, there are two stories:  One is a story of destruction and devastation and the other is a story of creation and expansion.

One is filled with Anger, Despair, Fear, Hate and Sorrow and the other is filled with Courage, Happiness, Hope, Joy and Love.

Upon each page you are given a choice. You choose which of the opposites you create. You are given the power of God to decide. You make the choice of life, or not life – the choice of creation or not creation.

This is a big picture, isn’t it? Dare you open the door to that library? Well, sooner or later, you will have no choice, for at some point on your evolutionary path, you will have to open that door and see the truth of who you really are, as it is recorded and reflected in the pages of the book. I have seen those pages where my own life is concerned, and it is quite some journey to navigate them, but here we are offered an opportunity to walk a different path, based on this great gift that is being offered right now in The Mary Line essence.

We are being offered a choice of being able to allow the growth of this new child of feminine love and nurturance to grow in our hearts, so that we become softer and more caring in our world.

3.  The Third Aspect of The Mary Line Essence
There is yet another aspect to this Key of Transformation, the Mary Line essence.

Standing in Davids Line: The Mary Line brings us all the divinity of the Earth Mother Consciousness, as if flows through the Mary Line Earth Current. You can stand in the place it was created, by the alter in the Mary Chapel in Glastonbury Abbey, on the site of the old church built by Joseph of Arimathea in the name of his nephew Yeshua ben Joseph, otherwise known as Jesus.


Inscription found in the Mary Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey.

It takes you to the birth of this great cycle of time.

The essence brings forth the line of Mary, mother of the boy Jesus, born of the line of David, bringer of light and truth. It is the virgin vibration, that was visited by the Angel Gabriel and the Seed of Light planted in the womb of Mary, that would produce the man who would offer you salvation, through his teachings.  This essence carries all these qualities. It is a superlative, it opens its doors for you to step through into the Line of Mary and opens the Line of Mary into your heart.

Well, it might all sound a bit religious, but it isn’t. It is just the truth of the most divine of all the divine feminine energies that have ever walked this world. It is given to us now, and it is offered to you as a key to the rebirth of the divine feminine within you, and as a key to connect you with the divine feminine of our Earth Mother, too.

Moving into Completion
Let’s have some fun with numbers for a moment. 27th July we were given the Initiation Essence and 27th September the Guidance for The Mary Line essence began to come. In numerology, 2 and 7 equals 9, which is the number of completion.

If we take the two dates of the 27th, which both equal 9, we get 9 + 9 = 18. 1 + 8 = 9. In numerology 18 reduces to nine, so no matter which way you look at this, it all comes to a point of completion.

On 28th September I finished receiving the Guidance – Completed it! That is 63 days since I was on Glastonbury Tor. 6 + 3 = 9! Just for good measure, September is also the 9th month.

Our Start Date is 8th October for this essence. The 8th day of the 10th month = 18 reducing to 9.

If you look at 2013, it adds to 33, the age when Jesus left the earth, and 2013 is also the first year of acceleration of the second coming of the Christ Consciousness. I thought I’d just throw that one in as we were playing with numbers. J

The message is simply that The Mary Line essence will bring you, both men and women, to a place of completion within. It will give birth to the Light of the Feminine aspect within your heart. It offers to complete a missing part of you. It opens the love of woman into your heart.

Specifically, if you are woman, then it opens you to your deeper self, the part that has been extinguished or hidden for centuries. It allows you to begin to experience the Goddess at the core of your being.

The deep identity of woman has been hidden for too long. I am certain that many women wonder who they are and why they are here, at times, because this deep light has been so dimmed at their core. Now is the age of its awakening and in this essence is a key to help bring this birthing process to completion. This will help women to find their identity by birthing this Light within them.

If you are man, then it opens your eyes to be able to feel the heart of woman. You know that saying, ‘my wife doesn’t understand me,’ well, it is not that women doesn’t  understand men, but that men were unable to understand women because of the differences of focus within the heart. In this new age, men’s hears will develop so that they understand women more, and in that lies a much greater opportunity for harmony and cooperation.

Most importantly, in this birthing process, this essence opens male and female hearts to the whole line and history of the feminine and allows you to feel what you have been missing these past thousands of years. It is impossible to know what you have missed, if you have never tasted it, but once you taste something for the first time and it is wonderful, well, don’t you always want a bit more? Well, that is what the Divine Feminine energies are like. Once you begin to taste them, then you will want to allow them into your life, and the truth is that you are only half a person without them.

You can’t know what you are missing until you have the courage to open yourself to receive, and humankind has a lot of work to do, in order to receive and embrace the truth of the divine feminine. This essence is a starting point. It’s potential is massive! Will you allow it to birth within you? Do you have the courage?

Carrying the Light of Purity
This essence carries with it, such a depth of love, that you have never felt or witnessed before, but this is opening to us now, in the birth of a new age.

Allow this essence to nurture you. Find the peace to step into a place where you can feel it love you, and remember that it could only be given, at one moment in time… When a woman with such inner purity, stood in the sacred Mary Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey and asked for an essence of the Mary Line.  I am certain, she had no idea, what would be given through her heart for humanity.

Be careful what you ask for. 🙂

With my deepest Love and Blessings.