Read about Peoples’ experiences of the Light.

Dear All,

A few weeks ago, in the middle of October, Dave drove over to my place in Lincolnshire where he performed some Geomancy work on the house and garden. The following day we visited an ancient Oak Tree and during the afternoon held a ‘Being In the Light’  Workshop.


Late afternoon around 4.30 p.m. Dave & I went into the garden where I showed him the perimeter of the land belonging to my husband and myself. Having taken note of that, Dave said the Guides wished us to walk the landscape of the village. So we set off down  the lane and up another and eventually found ourselves on the main road of the village.   We needed to reach the highest point and then took a path that led us into a field. After walking the field for a while, we re-traced our steps back to the road.

Dave told me that there was a river of Energy flowing from the North West beyond our house, which lays in a dip in the landscape. This creates an energy pool which constantly cleanses the house as the energy flow feeds the pool then travels onwards on its journey. From our house it passes through a 12th century church and continues on its way.

As we walked we picked up conkers which were lying on the village green just outside the  churchyard. Even this simple action seemed to take on a sacredness and I felt energised by what was unfolding. On the opposite side of the road from the church green is a Childrens Preparatory School and just inside its stone wall entrance, a small wooded area of large Yew trees. Dave was being drawn to enter this area, so we slipped in behind the wall and entered another world. It felt we were transported to a silent, ancient and sacred space far away from the busy road nearby. In fact we didn’t even hear the passing cars. Dave found the tree that called to him and was drawn to lean against its trunk and asked me to find a tree that was calling for my attention. I found and hugged my ancient yew and the feeling of the warm embrace was a most special moment, very emotional.  David said the trees role as village protectors was very important.

As the light was fading fast we made our way out of the copse, back on to the road and down the lane to the house. An hour and a half had elapsed since we had set off and it was an unforgettable experience which I shall always  treasure.

The Bowthorpe Oak

The following morning Dave and I drove a couple of miles to visit an ancient oak tree reputed to be between 700 and 1000 years old, possibly planted during the time of William the  Conqueror. Chains now bind its trunk to prevent it from splitting under the weight of its heavy boughs. The Bowthorpe Oak stands in the middle of farmland on a rise all on its own.  All that is left of an ancient forest.

We made ourselves known to the owners of the farm house and continued  through their garden to the field beyond, where the magnificent Oak stood. Greeting us were some young white turkeys, a variety of chickens and noisiest gaggle of geese! The geese were very interested in us and followed all the way up the rise to the tree in an excited and animated manner.

The circumference of the Oak is a very impressive 40 ft  and was certainly showing her age.

As  David was talking to the geese, the energies in the landscape changed and they became quiet but never left our side, now and again quacking amongst themselves but no longer agitated. Dave said they were guarding the tree and with his camera at the ready,  began taking pictures of the beautiful rural scene.

I believe the Oak enjoyed our company as we walked around admiring her magnificence. The tree is totally hollow now and one area of the trunk has collapsed inwards, but still looks very healthy with masses of leaves on its boughs. One of the largest boughs was leaning outwards at right angles and we both felt it was in need of support from the ground. Dave mentioned that Oaks are known for their secretiveness and this one didn’t give much away, however the Peace was tangible and I felt she held a lot of Wisdom.

Being In the Light Session

After a light lunch, Dave & I set off 4 miles down the road to a Therapy Centre in a neighbouring village where the Workshop would be held. Although the workshop was from 2 – 5 p.m. we  arrived early as Dave needed to ‘set the Energies’ for the afternoon.      By 2 o’clock the group of ladies had arrived and we sat on chairs in a circle in the middle of the large airy  room.

Windows looked out on three sides with countryside views. A beautiful setting.

One of the ladies had only heard of Dave and the Emerald Heart Light the day before and felt compelled to attend.  I had bumped into her whilst shopping that morning. We were in the right place at the right time for us to meet up and that of course is how the Light uses us.

Dave began his workshop by telling us all a little about himself and his  journey. This was received with much interest and allowed the Energies to settle, everyone becoming focussed  and in tune with each other. Dave worked with us all individually to find the  target issue for programming an Essence for each of us to take home and taught everyone  to dowse just using our bodies.  We all had strong results from this  exercise.

During the afternoon we had a short break for tea and cake, before immersing ourselves back into the Emerald Heart Light. The two guided meditations, one at the start of the workshop and one to finish with, were powerful indeed and each of us present, went away with not only an Essence, but the feeling that we had been immersed in the Light of The Emerald Heart to aid us on our evolutionary journey.

My heart is full of Gratitude to Dave for these two exceptionally special days which will remain with me forever.

Love & Blessings



The Light Has Touched Amsterdam Deeply

Thank you so much, Dave and Tim, for the very first Being in the Light workshops in The Netherlands.  You made a lot of people happy! Both events (Nov. 9th and 10th, 2012) were fully booked. Well, actually, after experiencing the Friday night event two ladies felt called to come to the second workshop as well.

The desire for the Emerald Heart Light in The Netherlands must be deep, as the first event was sold out in a week. The majority of the attendees were healers, all extremely curious and open. It was beautiful to see how their hearts were touched with all the sage wisdom Dave brought and channelled. Quite some of them almost instantly were deeply touched by the Emerald Heart Light, as soon as its purity entered the room – I witnessed a lot of up-welling tears. The unborn son of a pregnant mother seemed to be the most happy participant, which of course, meant a lot to his future mother.

A few weeks before the workshops, I could feel the Light building up. There is always this point that it starts tickling my bones, a sweet honey like sensation then comes over me – it must be the Love in this Light that is saturating my bone cells. It was interesting to experience how each workshop had its own quality. It is hard to put in to words. On the Friday night event, the Light came in a gentler way than on the Saturday afternoon, when it came in very deeply right from the beginning. The consciousness of the Light knows exactly what each person needs and can handle, and acts upon that. Again and again I get struck by this intelligence.

Dave’s assistant Tim Dyson gave each of the workshops a special touch with his grounding Qi Gong exercises – thanks Tim!

It was fulfilling to see that after both events the majority of the participants went home openhearted and a with a happy face. A few others were a bit confused about what had happened –  I am confident that it will turn out all right for them. The Light often works in such a subtle way that one needs to attend a few Gatherings or Workshops to learn to feel and understand the way it penetrates us and opens the consciousness of our deeper hearts.

I want to also thank Corien Mechielsen, who was of great help serving us tea, pepernoten and chocolate at the break.

If Dave and Tim are not suffering from too many nightmares of the scary bicycle traffic in Amsterdam, I am happy to organise another event  in spring 2013.

With gratitude, Harriët Kroon,
Host of Emerald Heart Gatherings Amsterdam,
November 12, 2012


Yvonne Hrdy, Emerald Heart Practitioner and Host of the Being in the Light sessions in Munich, shares with us her experiences during these wonderful events.

The Emerald Heart in the ‘Cosmopolitan city with heart’ Munich

I wake up at an unusual time, 4.30 in the morning, just before the break of dawn where the day lies still ahead of us, full of opportunities. The birds in front of my window have already started their concert to welcome the new day and celebrate life. My heart is rejoicing in this many-voiced symphony and I feel at one with the world around me whilst feeling how the Light and the energy pulsate through my cells.

A weekend with two Being in the Light sessions in Munich are behind us and I feel grateful for the opportunity to bring people into this sacred space that Dave, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, offered at his first trip to Germany. Dave was accompanied by Tim Dyson, fellow Emerald Heart Practitioner from London and a Chi Gong Energy Master. Even though this event was set up with only one month lead time we were fully booked. As well as  people from Munich and other parts of Germany we had the pleasure to welcome spiritual seekers coming from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain and I know they will be rewarded by the Light for the effort they made and the commitment they were showing.

As always, the groups were pretty much mixed, from experienced energy workers to people with ‘non-spiritual’ professions and beginners on their paths, the whole range from students and experienced clients to those being in first contact ever with this light. Some did not even know what they were doing there, they just knew they had to come and were open for the experience.

Sometimes people contact me and have concerns as they do not have what you might call spiritual experience or practice, so they feel shy to come. Let me assure you: you don’t have to. The Emerald Heart Path is not about learning complicated concepts and having to conduct a certain given spiritual programme every day. Sometimes a long list of techniques and knowledge might even be a hindrance as it can create a lot of false ego-identification. This is very practical spirituality with a lot of common-sense where we learn to listen to our heart and the guidance from within. The only thing you need is the courage to make the first step if you feel called to and have a desire to find your own inner truth. And sometimes a little courage to be able to look at the things we tend to avoid out of fear.

These events were designed as introductory sessions and their main purpose is to allow people to step into this Light and experience it first hand. Dave shared some of his story and his development from being a business man to becoming a highly successful healer to go beyond healing and become the carrier for this Light and that when he speaks it is actually the Guidance of this Light speaking through him. Even though I have heard it many times now my heart always opens a bit more and it is obvious why it is him who carries this Light, being so down-to-earth, humble but courageous at the same time, authentic, truthful and in service to humanity by sharing and passing on what he has discovered for himself so that others can walk the same path if they desire to. Dave’s bottom line message: “If I can do it, you can do it, too.” It is the ordinary people who bring about change in the world, every one of you has the potential to make a difference.

In a guided meditation people were then invited to feel the Light and allow it to penetrate them. This usually brings a lot of peace for the mind and you start to feel very calm inside and it starts to open your heart and most people could feel this right from the beginning and the tears started to flow as the Light touched their hearts.

The Emerald Heart Path however is also an active path which means you have to take the initiative and address the areas where you feel stuck in your life or you feel you want a change. So we did some group work on personal issues as through the power of sharing each heart opens more and activates a Universal Law, the Law of Reflection, the first step to bring about change. Based on these findings Dave then took the time to work with everybody individually and it is always rewarding to witness the clarity with which the Guidance comes through. No fussing around, pinpointed and sometimes also straight forward, which might raise temporary anger in oneself if it is something you might not have looked at or what your ego, your artificial self does not like to hear. But the anger is just a normal human process of self defence. So everybody left with an essence programmed for each individual need – the tool or vehicle to bring more Light into everybody’s system to facilitate the changes needed.

Those who have been clients before knew the process but I am always delighted to hear feedback from newcomers and more often than not they experience immediate change.

Meanwhile a few days have passed and I have been receiving some wonderful feedback.. One woman said: “Wow, my negativity suddenly was gone, nothing has changed on the outside, but now the sun shines bright again.” Another one stated: “I could feel immediately how my whole body relaxed and tension left my system.” A third typical statement I received a few days later: “First I could not relate to the fear I had been given but suddenly I could literally see it and what I was doing to myself and how this fear had governed my life.”  A little at a time, the Light brings the fear to the surface so that you can see what Dave has shared with you of your own inner truth and the Light then begins to dissolve the fear within you, setting you free from this limitation, so it empowers you to bring about the change you want in order to move forward with easiness and grace.

Both sessions were closed with the Being in the Light part itself and even though it might take a few sessions to experience the total separation of the mind from your heart and your body – which eventually enables you to become again the Master of yourself and let go of the slavery of your mind – I had the impression that almost everybody experienced it to a certain degree.

All in all it was beautiful to watch how within 3-4 hours the hearts of this beautiful group of souls who came together here in Munich opened, everybody softened and everybody’s eyes radiated with a new glow. Somebody told me at the end that this session felt like a whole weekend and this was my own feeling too. I very much look forward to the next event to deepen the process.

I would like to thank those of you who previously had the courage to step into this Light in order to work with me on individual consultations and Programs, for without you this event would not have been possible. I would also like to thank those who had the courage to step into this Light for the first time. If you feel you want to continue and go deeper to unlock those fears that are hidden within you and move forward, living up to your full potential, you know where to find me for Gatherings or Consultations. Last but not least, I would like to thank my dear friends, Alex and Sephora, companions for many years who have decided lately to deepen their path with the Emerald Heart Light through Hosting Emerald Heart Gatherings themselves. Thanks for your background support to enable a smooth organisation of these events.

Let me finish now with some last feedback from participants:

“Your authenticity touched me deeply, all felt so truthful and this enables trust”.

“You are for me what a true spiritual person is about.”

“In a very unspectacular manner this was absolutely spectacular. No show, no big stuff but absolutely truthful, deep, heart-opening and fun.”

Yvonnne Hrdy – Emerald Heart Practitioner.


My Direct Connections to the Light by Louise

“This is the second time I have made a Direct Connection. On both occasions I was not exactly sure of my issue, or fear, I just knew that I needed the light. On the first occasion in November 2011 I felt I needed the Emerald Heart, but on this occasion I felt strongly that I needed the Wheel of Light (perhaps because it visited me in a dream a few weeks ago in the form of a burning wheel of light as Dave has described it – whack round the head from the universe 😉 ).

As I said, I did not know exactly what the issues/fears were, though I had more of an idea this time around, but I knew I needed it and speaking personally I felt more empowered by making the connection on my own, plus I’ve found you learn more about yourself when the issue/fears are revealed to you as the light does it’s work, rather than being told what the problem is beforehand.

As in November as soon as I pressed the payment button I knew I was connected. It’s one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced. In November with the Emerald Heart it was like a mega sort of spotlight was instantly beamed on my head which immediately illuminated the issues and fears that were holding me back.

This time with the Wheel of Light there was a great big thump and surge in my heart chakra that nearly took my breath away like pow! Then not much and I thought, oh dear, what’s going on here, have I done it right, is there a problem with my intent, or something? Then after a few minutes I started to get this tremendous racing in my heart. Fortunately I have experienced this before so it didn’t scare me. As I tried to work out what was going on I felt strongly that the light was clearing out stuff on the surface, or shallows of my heart chakra if that makes sense? I felt it beavering away giving my heart chakra what I would now describe as a spring clean, but you can feel it’s super-intelligent, it knows exactly what it’s looking for and it’s like, “that’s that, now get rid of this, this and this . . . “, working at lightening speed and as it did so I became aware that there were a number fears that have been hanging around there for a while that I have not been aware of and which have been holding me back, but I could only perceive them because of the light, I couldn’t see them on my own. I hope I’m making sense here?? I haven’t tried to put it into words before ;). I also felt it working on my Solar Plexus and I started to feel sick and in-fact thought I would throw up, but this passed. I could also feel it giving me tremendous courage, like it was strengthening my heart chakra and I felt it was saying you can do it Louise!

Over the course of the evening my heart was still racing but I could tell that now it was going deeper because I couldn’t feel the “cleaning”. Every so often I would get an urgent feeling of anxiety and panic (I don’t want to scare anyone off here – it might not be the same for you, I’ve just got a lot of fear to deal with in this lifetime), but I have experienced this before and just went with it and literally within a few minutes the fear had gone, the light had dissolved it with no action whatsoever on my part – awesome stuff.

As another example of this when I used the Direct Connection with the Emerald Heart in November I was sat with a friend having a coffee and the most horrendous wave of sadness and emptiness came over me. I carried on the conversation (I’ve learned to put up with these feelings over the years) and she had no idea, but literally within maximum 10 minutes, perhaps 5 actually, the feelings had disappeared, but it was nothing she, or I had said, no outside event – the light had brought up the energy and literally dissolved it right before my eyes if you will.

Last night I received insight after insight, but I have felt very low and flat today – I’m assuming it’s bringing some old stuff to the surface and I trust it will pass. I’m very excited about what else the light is going to reveal”.

Louise is an Emerald Heart client who has also been on one of our retreats. Thanks for your uplifting words Louise and I am sure they will help others to see what a great experience the Direct Connections are.


Sephora’s First Gathering in Germany

Dear David,

This is what happened on my first Gathering.

I wasn’t in a good place the last days. I was very quick to anger and then very sad and then again very aggressive. So, I wasn’t surprised that nobody wanted to come to my Gathering. I thought when I’m in such a place, then I have nothing to give. But now after the gathering I think there were other reasons for that.

I wanted to send out a reminder today – the email would not go out – I tried it many times, but it would not go, but other emails I could send. At one point I gave up and thought ok, this is really a sign that I should be on my own today.

So I started with some short pranayama to become more balanced, after that I took the Emerald Heart Essence and read the Mantra, then I sat – but not for long. I had to lay down, because I felt the light so strong it was pouring and pouring all over me. I was gone far, far away. At this point I realized that I don’ t have to do anything, the light does everything. And that I can trust the light, that it’s here with me. I think that I had to feel and realize this for myself – to learn to trust. (This is the first learning point and realisation that this light does the work if you allow it to – Dave).

So I go deeper and at one point my third chakra opened. It became huge and big and out of it is growing an umbilical cord, this big cord was growing up to the universe – to God. And at the other side was God, and now I’m connected with God through this cord. At this point my mind kicks in and said shouldn’t you be connected over the heart? – I tried not to listen and thought there must be a reason, why it is like this – so I put this thought away. And then God comes into me through this cord, in this feeling I stayed quite a long time. At some point I really started to freeze I was so cold that I thought I have to do something to come back in my body. (The extreme cold is often a sign of deep energetic changes taking place within you. Connections through the Solar Plexus chakra are about developing energetic strenght to hold the light. We often call the Solar Plexus the Big Motor as this is your inner sun that lights your inner universe and it must be strong and robust in order to hold and radiate the Light).

So I started to dance, this ended up in shaking – but not for long, I started to feel dizzy and nausous. Maybe this was too massive after what I experienced. So I laid down again and I was gone away again. I had the feeling there is still some work on my solar plexus chakra and it is harmonising.

By nine o’clock it felt everything is done. It was a great experience for me, to see a little tiny bit more how the light works and that it’s there. Because before I experienced it through others I think this makes the difference for me, to see it is here, coming through me and being with me. I feel now much better and so thankful to you and the light, to everybody and every being. I hope this feeling lasts for a while. J

David I want to thank you so, so much for everything, for the Light, for bringing me here, for guiding and teaching me.

Love and blessings, Sephora, Germany.


From Rosa in Sweden

Dear David,

After a day when the Light has been working with me quite intense and I am unable to sleep, I felt I should take the opportunity to write to you about a recent experience from being in this powerful Light.

Since starting to work with essences and programs in the beginning of 2008 the Light has opened my consciousness in an amazing way. I have developed self-love and a great love for humanity. Many exciting things have happened in my life and one is the ability to interact with nature in a completely new way.

Some weeks ago one of my clients held a yoga class and a meditation for me and some other women. When asked to lay down on the floor to meditate I was unable to do as I was asked. I could feel the Light pour out through my heart and hands to each and every one of the people attending. My client noticed what happened and she was guided to talk about the Light we carry within our own hearts.

I was urged to stand up, walk to each person in the room and as they lay down, put my left hand on their heart and kiss them on their forehead saying the words – “I love you”. The light was powerful and soft at the same time and tears were brought to my eyes as my heart opened and I could see how the Light touched the hearts of the women in the room.

After the meditation one woman told how she could not hold her tears back and she said she had never before experienced how hearts of people meditating together were synchronised to the same vibration in this way and how amazing she found it. When hugging one woman she said she could feel pure Love as I held my arms around her and I feel humble and grateful for being trusted to carry this Light into the world.

I have experienced similar things at Emerald Heart Gatherings but those times I have asked for the Light to be with us. This time it happened spontaneously and through trust and faith in our hearts and in our intuition the Light worked through me and my client at the same time, making us a team without any of us planning for this to happen.

To David, my client Annelie and all of you reading this – I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Rosa, Sweden


Switzerland – 4th September

A Gathering with Florence Zumbihl

Already a day before the Gathering I felt the Light of the Emerald Heart with me. It was like the Light prepares me for my Gathering. This time the Light was much stronger than before and also some of my participants told me that they feel the same. It was amazing how the Light supported us while we were working on the Prime Limiting Factors to the evolution of our consciousness and our lives.

It was also wonderful to see what has changed in our lives since the participants came in contact with the Light the first time.

Now, a few hours later, I still feel the Light strongly with me. It is so wonderful to feel and to see that the Light is always slightly different at each Gathering.

Love, Florence.

Thank you Florence for your feedback and it is good to hear that you are experiencing the Light differently at each Gathering, but also that the power of it is increasing as your heart becomes used to opening to the Light. This is always how it is with The Emerald Heart – it grows stronger and pushes into you deeper with each event.

With Love and Blessings, Dave.


Being in the Light – LONDON Saturday 9th February  2013

Dear Emerald Heart Students,

Thank you so much for attending our Being in the Light Session in London this weekend and what a great start it was to this New Era.

The Guidance was very sharp and focussed, pouring Light into your hearts to begin this new stage of our journey towards Enlightenment together. Opening your hearts and revealing to you the truth of your present situations and  limitations.

As these weeks unfold, you will feel the subtle power of the Light opening  you and dissolving out the issues that we identified, allowing you to truly surf this new and uplifting wave that opened fully, only three days before our event.

There are moments on the path when I see the Universe so clearly, as it opens my heart, and as we drew to the end of our session, Guidance opened me  deeply and poured Light through my heart and into yours. I felt it seeding deeply within you all, and you too will feel it as this seed of Light unfolds within you over these coming weeks.

There are certain moments in the Universal Process, which are truly special. Moments in time that are fleeting, like the flash of a lightening bolt. Together, we caught one of those moments in our session. Together, we all began a New Journey, on a New Wave, surfing into this New Era of this New Age. I look forward to continue what we started yesterday, and helping you to unlock the next phase of your evolution at our forthcoming  London sessions, soon.

Please keep in touch with Tim Dyson ( or register your interest so that you don’t miss the next session in a few weeks  time.

Thanks must go to Tim Dyson for organising the event and opening with such deep and powerful process.

Many thanks also to Nicholas for Hosting the event for us at his new home in Angel, which I felt was very special, welcoming and uplifting. Thanks Nicholas.

Also, our loving best wishes go to Melissa who has hosted our recent events, but is presently in South Africa, but also expecting her baby. We hope you are well Melissa.

Finally, thank you all for your amazing feedback from the event and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

With Love and Blessings to you all.