A Brief Review of my recent Gathering –  Thursday 20th October 2011

   by Jag Reeves, Emerald Heart Practitioner 

When the last of those present had left, concluding the evening, I felt a very warm glow, within and without. It had been a very heart warming evening for all. There were 7 of us in total, and it could have been more but for 2 women unable to make it on the day. It was a full house and a cosy intimate meeting in my living room.  

I knew everyone present fairly well, as they were mostly clients, but for one woman who I hadn’t met before. After initial and brief introductions, we started with a little breathing and a little movement, to throw off the day’s accumulation from the shoulders, and then went into a quiet meditative space to bring ourselves fully into the moment. There was with us a deep, palpable stillness and silence that subsumed yet transcended any fidgetiness within the minds present. Within the silence, I read the Mission and the Mantra of the Emerald Heart, so that we could all fully absorb it. Once we emerged back into the space, we each in turn imbibed water containing 3 drops of the Emerald Heart essence, as a blessing upon ourselves and a key to open our hearts to the Emerald Heart Light.  

The energy of this occasion was gentle, inclusive and cooperative. The bottle of Emerald Heart essence sat at the centre of our circle for the rest of the evening, gently radiating its Light. 

We started with talking a little about the evening’s general theme of Fear and Truth – what is their nature, how this is reflected in our lives and the choice we have between the two. I then invited those present to share something of what they had brought with them to offer up for change – an aspect of their life and consciousness that was causing them suffering or simply something they wanted to change. There was a little tentativeness to begin but the new woman opened the way. 

A wonderful part of the evening, and a demonstration of how the Emerald Heart Light touched and animated each person present, was the way in which each spoke incisive truths for the others, at pertinent times, rather than always looking to me as the host to be the central hub for illumination. Though as the host, the Emerald Heart Light moved me strongly, guiding me always. Before the start of the evening I had no idea what I or we would be doing but felt relaxed and trusted that all would be well. And indeed, a close companion shared that this proved to be my best Gathering yet. 

Each in their own time spoke and shared with vulnerability, authenticity, and a willingness to be seen. Each had brought with them the fear and limitations of their egos but this was eclipsed and outshone by the sense of warmth and connection present between us as individuals joined with divine love. One of our number struggled a little at times with the significant steps he was taking towards change by being there (and by embarking on a full program). This was a wonderful opportunity for us to remind him of the love available to him, and to offer that love to him, particularly as a reminder to him to love and celebrate himself. 

I finished the evening by making sure each participant left with something concrete, something within their life or consciousness that they wished to focus the Emerald Heart Light upon, for transformation – whether it was letting go of a burdensome pattern or starting a new life affirming practice. I encouraged those present to take an Emerald Heart essence to use to bring about this change. One fellow present later mentioned to me how the Emerald Heart essence brought him to a deep state of harmony. We finished with a deep, grounding, and still silence. There was a feeling of joy and delight, possibility and potential within all present as we journeyed back out into the world carrying the Light of the Emerald Heart within us.

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