61 Days to 2012

Here we are, 61 days to 2012 and we have many new things which the Universe is unfolding for us as we prepare for the New Year. As many of you know, as the Universe unfolds it constantly changes the way we work because The Light of The Emerald Heart is that same Light that is unfolding and washing through our consciousness.

Could You Host an Emerald Heart Gathering?

The Light in an Emerald Heart Gathering is amazing and the thing is, you  don’t have to learn very much in order to bring this amazing light into your own Gathering.

New Workshops for 2012

Coming soon will be a brand new Two Day Mini Retreat teaching you how to be a Host of an Emerald Heart Gathering.  The key to any Spiritual Gathering is the power of the Light that attends you, so that your people experience the Light and feel the transformational power of it. Many people feel ready to hold their own little spritual get-togethers, but fear that they won’t be successful at it.  With The Emerald Heart, the Light is guaranteed to arrive as David seeds it specifically to your Gathering. It is an amazing process.

The Room where the Gathering is being held becomes a little like a pressure cooker. David feeds the power through the Earth Mother, so that she holds you in a place of safety, but also of power. This energy rises up beneath your feet. Then the Light also descends from above and the two forces, Energy and Light, apply the pressure and everyone in the room feels it.  It can be gentle and robust at the same time and always transformational as it opens you all up to have a great time and truly feel the power of transformation taking place as the light illuminates your heart and mind.

So, with the Light absolutely guaranteed to be with you, there is nothing to worry about. The Light will illuminate the Host of the Gathering to feel the guidance speaking through them. This is a simple but powerful step into the Light, which  offers you a pathway of unfolding grace and love with a support structure of training to help you. You CAN do it. All you need to do is try.

If you are intrested in training, then please let us know by emailing:  dave@davidashworth.com

With Love and Blessings.