On the 4th November, Emerald Heart Practitioner Lynne Shaw held a Gathering in Queens, New York State. In Lynnes words this is how the evening developed.

“We were seven in total, meeting in my cozy apartment in Queens.  The gathering began with us smudging each other’s auras with lavender oil to smooth away the worries of the day and bring us to centeredness and balance.  Then we sat for a while with the image of the Emerald Heart sharing our thoughts and feeling that it evoked in us. I anointed everyone with the Emerald Heart Essence anointment oil.  We sat for a while drinking the light in.  I sang a blessing for everyone as a melody and words came through for all present. As we drank the water containing three drops of Emerald Heart essence I read the Emerald Heart mantra.  Letting the words ring out and permeate a place deep within.  Then we all shared an issue that was coming up for us.  Stories were shared, hearts were opened and sometimes tears flowed.  Laughter and gratitude came forth and a deep appreciation for each other though some had not met before, our lives intertwined. We found common ground as each issue brought forth touched upon someone else’s challenge and the guidance flowed through each of us for each other. I felt it was a very profound and beautiful evening.”

Lynne Shaw is a Sound Healer who channels songs and tones of The Divine Mother. She can be contacted at :   lynne.emeraldheart@gmail.com