Full Moon News – Be in Tune with our Sister the Moon

Full Moon – Thursday 10th November 2011 in Taurus

The Frosty Moon

Winter is winking at us over our shoulders, as we start to feel her chill in the early morning and late afternoon, fore warning us that the colder, darker days are coming when we can slow down our often too-fast pace of life and enjoy the slumbers of the long evenings and nights.

Many of us have been blessed with recent barmy days, clear skies and warm rays of the sun offering us the reflected glory of the late autumn colours. Quite phenomenal to be basking in mid-day sunshine of 16 degrees in the UK in November – certainly a first for me, wow what a bonus.  As the sun has set, the still clear skies have allowed us to witness our infinite Universe through the clarity of visibility of both our sibling planets and constellations, touching us into a timelessness – a remembering that we have seen these star friends before, over many lifetimes.  Helping us to feel their connection and influence; knowing that we are all of one source.

The moon has displayed to us her eternal cycle of waxing and waning, giving us an opportunity this month to clearly see these changes which are often obscured from our view by clouds. As I write this on Sunday evening the moon is shining through the window illuminating me, brilliant and clear and radiant.  In fact, she is calling to me right now to acknowledge her and sing to her.

This full moon sees her ascending towards her highest point in her arc of the sky, beginning to dip again around the 13th November, as she wanes in her descent towards the new moon.

Indeed this past month has offered many opportunities to connect with, be part of and witness to the Natural Laws that govern our Universe and influence our every day lives, whether we can feel them or not, and whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

Antartica, and parts of the Southern Hemisphere will experience the last of the partial solar eclipses for this year, as the moon crosses between Earth and Sun.

So, now the harvest is collected and stored.  Farmers will already be sewing their seeds for some of next year’s crops, and we too can overwinter some varieties of vegetables, and plant bulbs that will push their heads through the winter soils to bring a flash of colour and beauty to our resting gardens, reminding us of the new growth to come.


Taurus is an Earth sign – a practical, pragmatic sign.  It offers us a time of action still but from a more gentle perspective than the fiery Aries of last month.  Our action now is more of a pottering variety, a finishing off of jobs started rather than initiating new ones.  It is a sensual sign, so affords us the luxury of a little self indulgence whether it be that long soak in a scented bath that you have promised yourself; that favourite glass of wine or bar of exquisite chocolate; a massage or a romantic night with a loved one.  The only limitation is, in fact, your own imagination!! So don’t hold back as with passionate Scorpio in opposition it could prove to be a memorable experience.

For more on the astrological aspects here is a great link I found:


Taurus in the Physical Body

The influence affects our jaws and anything to do with our mouth, down our neck to include the throat, vocal chords and thyroid gland.  It is easy to see why this time of year is associated with sore throats and colds, which although often uncomfortable in a ‘nuisance’ type of way, do allow the body to cleanse from these all important areas.  Gargling can help to keep the mouth and throat clear and clean, and an extra tonic like echinacea is still good to bring in if you have not already done so, to just boost the whole system.

Consider the throat area carefully, the throat chakra and all it stands for.  On this path of transformation are you really speaking your truth?  Are you giving yourself permission to express yourself through the emotions you are feeling, and that you know in your heart you need to honour?  We are only ever responsible for ourselves and the changes we can make to our own lives, and sometimes this means we have to face our deepest and darkest fears and bring to the surface all that we have been in denial of and respressed. Indeed we should be mindful of how we speak our truth so as not to consciously offend or hurt others.  But speak our truth we must if we are to evolve on our path towards unity, as well as helping the collective consciousness shift. creating a new way forward for humanity to live in peace with each other and Earth.  True self expression through our voice enables us to heal this vastly neglected and suppressed part of who we are – so speak out, or sing, or chant,  or shout from the rooftops if you need to – but let your voice speak from your heart knowing the earthiness of Taurus will keep you rooted and grounded, giving you the strength, power and courage that may be needed.

Other things to look out for this coming month 

TONIGHT – November 7th – Samhain – historically last chance for tribes to gather before the onset of winter.  It is often associated with Halloween and celebrated in conjunction with it, but by the Pagan calendar it is actually tonight – the quarter day between equinox and solstice.

Jupiter – very clear and bright in our night skies in the East, and if you are very lucky or have a good telescope you may even see the Pleiadies cluster on the other side of the moon – although the brightness of the waxing and full moon will probably obscure it.

Winter, as a season, is only 3 months’ long – exactly the same length as the other seasons.  For some reason though, it is often the season which seems to last the longest and which for many can be the hardest one to be in harmony with, let alone to completely enjoy.  Plan and prepare ahead if you are one of these types, making sure you have plenty to occupy your time on those long evenings, with gatherings, events and outings to look forward to.  S.A.D. is a recognised disorder which untreated can cause tiredness and depression but now it can be easily alleviated or reduced with the help of one of the many different types of lightboxes on the market.  So don’t be SAD – plan ahead, take action now.  Buy what you need and plan your time accordingly to maximise its usage – the lightbox will actually only work if you take it out of the box and sit with it for however long you need each day !!

I’ve not quite had the urge for porridge for breakfast yet, which is usually my personal winter alert, but I can ‘feel’ that it is not far off now, and in fact on thinking about it the cinnamon has been calling, so time to stock the cupboards with plenty of oats, cinnamon sticks, honey and vanilla – yummy!

Enjoy the transition of Autumn to Winter, the change of pace of life and the receptivity of the night.

Love, peace and blessings


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