Emerald Heart Practitioner Louise Allen held a Gathering on the auspicious 11.11.11 In her own words this is how the event unfolded.

The energies of the gathering for today 11.11.11 started last night as those who were attending this mornings gathering had a moonbath in some Elemental Pleasures bath salts Infused with The Emerald Heart Light, Essential oils of Ylang and Ylang and Rose, followed by the Moon chant by Mila.   This was a ritual to prepare us for today. 

I opened the gathering with anointing the guests with The Emerald Heart Anointment oil over the third eye. I noticed I remained longer with one guest in this process, as I felt guided too.

The Light then gave me a meditation to help anchor the light into our physical bodies…a purification process was occurring… as the light took us through each chakra and asked us to focus on an area that needed harmony and balance. 

This lasted for approx 10 minutes, which then took us into a safe space to open up and share in The Light.  This then brought a deep emotional release in the lady I was guided to anoint for longer, she shared with us the hurt of miscarrying a baby in August and how she still felt the soul around her. From this, another lady opened up about her same experience a few years previously and The Light allowed them to hold and mend each other so beautifully. We all were deeply connected and our hearts were one.  This led us to honour and see how important it is allow our vulnerable and receptive feminine qualities through, and truly served as a gentle reminder once again, that we are not here to struggle and to suffer alone, for we have each other; this is the return to Unity. 

We then shared The Emerald Heart Light Essence. As the energy lifted we moved into thirty minutes of gentle Hatha Yoga to help ground our divine yin and yang energies. This was fantastic in the light, as we went into our breath at 11am on 11.11.11, followed by a raw power breakfast of strawberries, blackberries, pomegranate and goji berries drizzled in luxurious Greek yogurt and honey. 

Jayne (a crystal therapist) then shared a sunflower visualisation and played her Crystal singing bowl, which had a different effect on each of us, but again a clearing and a cleansing vibration was felt by us all (from images being seen in the visualisation such as owls, hearts and spiders and physical symptoms to eye pain, runny nose and vibrations in the crown chakra) . 

We closed with Thanks to The Light with The Emerald Heart Mantra and The Crabtree Emerald Heart Essence. 

Today felt powerful in the way we learned to trust and open up. The more we merged into accessing our higher selves. The feelings of lightness and wholeness as women was powerfully evident. 

I give gracious gratitude to The Emerald Heart Light.

Happy 11.11.11 to you all.

Love and Bright Blessings

Louise Allen.

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