Emerald Heart Meditation Gathering 25th November 2011

There were six present at the Gathering.

The light poured in from the beginning and we started by standing in a circle holding hands giving thanks for the Light and for each other. Then we shared the Emerald Heart Essence and blessed each other, whilst noting that the energy was building up. I read the mantra out and we then entered a meditation for thirty mintues.

The meditation was beautiful and I could feel my heart open wide across my chest and it was pounding. We then had some open discussion. There was one new person with us and so I gave some background about my own journey and working with the light. The newcomer commented that the room was very calm and the energy was strong and powerful and it seemed to be the fastest thirty minute meditation he had ever experienced. Others agreed.

The group shared that they enjoyed the fact that no instructions were given on how to meditate. They felt that as we each did what we were comfortable with, we were able to come together with speed and energy. They were surprised by this approach and loved it.

I shared the art of pendulum dowsing with them. Some were familiar with it, while others were not. The novices learnt very quickly and the old hands rediscovered their forgotten connections to the Divine. They all said it was energetic, powerful and yet simple. I reminded them of what Dave always tells us, “We have a direct connection to God. God makes it simple, humans complicate it!”

I taught them how I use the pendulum to discern what essences I need every day to keep myself in balance and that gave them all an insight into the Emerald Heart Remedy Kit, which we then discussed.

We finished with another thirty minute meditation followed by a closing circle where we gave thanks for the light and for each other.

Love and Blessings


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