Emerald Heart Gathering in New York

I held my Gathering at ‘Be Well Yoga’ in Mineola, New York last Thursday. It was a wonderfully intimate and sacred space with four of us bathing in the Light.

Our feet were anointed with the beautiful Emerald Heart anointment oil and Guidance flowed. Blessings were sung as we were uplifted and transformed by the Light of the Emerald Heart.

At times we rested in a silent meditative state as the light penetrated each of us. The issue of being a human be-ing rather than a human-doing resonated for us all. Guidance to take responsibility for oneself to step into greater authenticity and avoid manipulation and control of others came through clearly. This was coupled with a reminder to feel for the joy within as a measure of how we experience our lives.

By the end of the Gathering, we were all visibly radiant and felt lighter and brighter. One participant e-mailed me the following day to let me know about the joy she was feeling and another told me that she had felt vibrations in her feet throughout the night. How wonderful that the light works with us in such individual ways and we receive just what we need.

Anyone interested in my future Gatherings, please get in touch. You will love it.

Lynne Shaw – Queens, New York.