Gemini Full Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse…  December 10th 2011

Key Guidance

Time to mediate on emotions and feelings. Then feelings and emotions can then be transformed into higher expressions such as laughter or crying.

Air,  Stillness, Communication, Joy, Unity, Mindful, Charm, Clarity.

Colour Guidance: Blue/Turquoise.

As I sat and felt the energies of this coming Full Moon. I was shown an image of ‘The circle of friends.’ A time to be still and unite with your heart-to-heart links. Gemini is a sign of the twin, togetherness, sharing and communication these are the higher vibrational traits of Gemini that we can tap into to energise our life’s at this time.

This energy will empower us to bring harmony to speech and voice and blend our expression of being.

Life has been pushing us to live in harmony with our ‘heart to heart potentiality’ so take time to calm and give reverence to the universal gift of this lunar eclipse, ‘feel’ the communication and allow the message to deliver what is required for the transformational push as 2011 closes and reveals the rite of passage through to 2012!!

The time is now to nurture your communication and be more mindful of speaking your absolute truth, or take note of your lack of truth. As the energies in your communication will really be helping create your reality.

In the depth of this Gemini ‘air’ energy, focus on your breath, the key areas are your chest, lungs and respiratory tract and nervous system.

Indulge in the element of air with winter walks, and infusions of oils and essences burning through your space to clear and uplift your vibration and keep germs at bay. Or simply light a candle to honour the element of air and infuse some Gemini oils such as lavender, sage or sandalwood to cleanse and balance your aura/celestial space.

In order to support your dietary requirements at this time stock up on adzuki beans to mop up any excess mucous and aid alkaline balance.

Relax with peppermint or sage tea to help tone your liver and cleanse. Focus on balancing thyroid health too.

At this powerful time of The Lunar Eclipse. It is my wish for you all to indulge in this Moonbath and nurture these energies and relax into a visionary retreat.


To bring in the element of AIR (Gemini) please light a candle and repeat the MoonChild Mantra below.


Infused with the MoonChild Essence of Hand- in Hand.

Himalayan organic rock salts, Essential oil of Sage: Sacred Sage purifies and cleanses our spirit. Sage also offers protection and grounding.

Essential oil of Myrrh: This fragrance helps with acceptance and letting go. It heals wounds that run deep from carrying the pain of others. The oil of the wounded healer that comes into Mastery through letting go and moving forward.

Essential oil of Jasmine & Jasmine petals: Jasmine provides us with a personal haven; here we can find a greater conscious resonation with our higher self. Uplifting and encourages inspiration and Joy.

The Emerald Heart Light Essence: ‘I bless you with the Light of The Emerald Heart’

Moonchild Essence: Hand in Hand.

MoonChild Essence Mantra

I would like to finish by sharing with you The MoonChild Essence mantra that was given to Denise McAvoy on 12th September 2011 Full Moon.

Hand in Hand with the Moon, we stand,

Silvery Moon, shining bright,

Make me whole,

With your light.


Hand in Hand we stand,


Hand in Hand we will mend.

Happy Full Moon and Bright Blessings for 2012.

Love, Louise Allen.