Emerald Heart Gathering 9th Dec 2011 Wimbledon London

I heard a voice… “Hold a gathering tomorrow! Hold a gathering tomorrow.” I decided to listen to what I was hearing, even though my mind started getting in the way, saying, “Who will come at such short notice!!!”

I sent an invite out to my regular contacts on Thursday afternoon. One person responded within ten minutes to say she could come. Brilliant! Immediately a saying of Jesus came into my mind. “When two or more are Gathered in my name, I am with you.”

I also had a call at seven in the evening from a lady to say she was on her way to the Gathering. When she arrived she said. “I just know I need to be here.” When she saw the image of the Emerald Heart she was completely taken aback as she had worked with Dave some years before and did not expect to find the image here. She could not recall how she found out about me or the Gatherings. We knew and trusted that she had been guided to be in the right place at the right time.

The Gathering was a wonderful space where deep sharing took place and it showed me that few in numbers enables deeper discussion and powerful shifts. It also allows space for the truth within each of us to be revealed. The light was very strong and I could see how it was enabling each and every one of us to open up and share, which then created further and deeper sharing.

My lesson was to take action when I hear the voice of The Emerald Heart Guidance, as this was a very powerful Gathering, which reflected the power of this unique Light of the Emerald Heart. We shared, cried, challenged and touched each other’s souls in a deep way. Thank you Dave for the Light that enabled this to happen and to all those others who joined our Gathering from a distance.

With Love, Kish Modasia

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