On 10th December I held my first Emerald Heart Gathering. There were 4 ladies, Claire, Carmen and Zahrah plus me and a gent – Ged. Almost immediately the participants were asking questions and I felt early on that the Light was stimulating them to ask me certain things which they needed to know but I hadn’t covered in my notes.

It was a lovely dynamic atmosphere where the group bonded by talking about related subjects and personal experiences. There was a definite sense of the right people being there at the meeting. Carmen mentioned that she felt it was synchronicity when she had bumped into Claire some weeks earlier, as this was the same time I had arranged with David to hold the Gathering.

I read aloud a guided meditation to help people connect to the Light. There were some interesting sensations observed, Claire reported feeling her heart beat rapidly when I invited everyone to connect with a new energy activating in their heart centre. We did some exercises based around Dave’s book Ocean of Emotion to help focus our energies on where we would like the Light to work. Guidance came through about avoiding manipulation by the media, tv and in general. Later as we did the Full Moon Chant we noticed a lovely gentle feminine energy coming through, which we all enjoyed. We agreed that we would hold another Gathering in a month to sit within the Light of the Emerald Heart.

A little about me.  I am qualified in Swedish Body Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, I hold a Certificate in Counselling Concepts and a Certificate in Personal Coaching. I have trained as an Emerald Heart Practitioner with David Ashworth who has been my main spiritual teacher over the last 10 years. I have an interest in Divine Feminine healing and Goddess work. I have attended workshops on Emotrance, the Lightening Process and attended a seminar with Esther and Jerry Hicks whose work with ‘Abraham’ was the basis for the movie ‘The Secret’.

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