Emerald Heart Practitioner Louise Scofield has been Instructing and inspiring others with her Sugar Art Courses for many years. After seeing the exquisiteness of her work, the Blog asked if she would share her story for our readers.


Creative Courses and workshops in the Art of Sugar Flower Making

Sugar Craft has been part of my life for more than twenty years now and for the last 12 years I have taught courses in the art of Sugar Flower Making. The courses are very much inspired by the beauty of nature and so offer the opportunity to learn how to create in sugar, many of the flowers and foliage that we love and see in the Gardens and Hedgerows of Britain, plus exotic flowers also.

At the beginning of 2007 my own guidance led me to The Emerald Heart. My life started to open up in ways that I hadn’t previously imagined were possible and during a consultation with David the Guidance was given to start a small business teaching my own creative courses and workshops, rather than continuing to teach courses for the local council. I followed the Guidance given and through the help of the Emerald Heart I have now been teaching my own creative courses and workshops for 4 years.

Theses pieces of art can be used on Wedding cakes or given as a special handmade gift. I love to uplift and inspire others, to help them touch into their own creativity. During the courses I encourage the students to go out into nature and really take time to look at all the beautiful colours and shapes that God has given us. As we sit with the trees and the flowers. we start to begin to see and feel the wonder of nature in the small details of each flower and leaf. The practice of creating flowers in sugar becomes almost like a meditation in itself, as you must work from the heart and allow the mind to calm, as you enter into the peace and joy that starts to unfold as you create.

At the start of a session I am usually guided to place an Emerald Heart High Vibrational Essence on my demonstration table and ask the Light within the Essence to flow out to touch the hearts of everyone attending the session. Many students arrive on a course and share with me that they feel they have been guided to attend for more than just creative reasons. Most of these same people go on to attend my Emerald Heart Gatherings and become clients and serious spiritual seekers working with Essences.

Happy Creating! Wishing you all Blessings and joy for 2012.

I give thanks to The Light and to Dave and Denise

With Love and Peace

Louise              www.louisescofield.co.uk