Emerald Heart Gathering

Greystones Holistic Centre, Co Wicklow, Ireland. 29th January 2012. 3pm.

Dear Dave

Well what a day was Sunday!
Ireland awoke wet and stayed that way all day. You could say the Earth Angel of Water was determined to purify Mother Ireland and all who braved her outdoors.

Personally, since this was my first Gathering I was quite nervous and yet excited, when I expressed this at home I was told “Shows you really care about it.”

I had been awoken with a real sense of something happening of which I was a small, but important part. I was supported by colleagues, friends and ‘Emeralds” whose unflinching encouragement was a resource in itself.

In morning meditation I was told to get off the road, this light is coming, i.e. pull my active mind onto the hard shoulder. This wasn’t a choice really, I was told that being ordinary was the best way of serving – fully focussed, not being clever or perfect, preparing with ordinary attention and focus, being thorough and remember: Your Best is Always Good Enough!

I had no idea how many would turn up, whoever comes, comes and so be it. The focus was on Mother Earth and sending her as much love as our humble hearts could muster. I prepared the space and had my notes ready, lit a candle and waited. I was blessed by a wonderful couple who were quite taken aback to be the only ones, then an umbrella led in a powerful woman who’s work I have respected for 15 years. I was blessed by three fabulous souls. Thank you.

Explaining the Emerald Heart and Dave was damn difficult at first, due to my own previous reluctance to stand up and take my place in the Light. Then one of the ladies explained the focus of today having read the guidance earlier, bingo; couldn’t have said it better myself.

Trusting the process is actually a lotta fun.
I led the four of us in Sounding the Emerald Heart Meditation and as I began with “Mother Earth has nurtured us unconditionally for so long, now she needs our help…” Right on cue a searing ambulance siren shrieked past the window. Enough said!

We sent our grounding cords into Mother Earth purely to give to her, slowly, silently we dived down into the core, ultimately opening a channel for Father Sky to reach through ourselves into Mother Earth. Sounding the sacred sounds in each chakra from the root up, we enlarged the channel for light within and around us, vibrating all the way till the crown chakra opened like an old car sun roof. Each vibrating sound in the chakras was accompanied by our continual pouring heartfelt love down into the core of Mother Earth, heart to heart, eventually linking the light from above passing through our open hearted selves and into the earth replenishing her. It was great to feel the light of the Emerald Heart come through. It was also enjoyable, a like watching the colour come back to the cheeks of someone you love after they took a fall and you helped them up. At many stages I could see and hear translucent spirals swirling into the centre of Mother Earth. Principally Emerald Green and Gold, and when we opened the crown chakra a pure white light moved at immense speed when all channels were open. It was at one stage like a champagne fountain with each glass emptying into the other yet all remaining full and bubbling as it filled up the core of the channel, also the rushing sound it made was really joyous. The more and more love, light and gratitude that poured out of my heart the less it was empty, though I tried to empty my heart it couldn’t be done!

From Love to Fear
The meditation and heart opening was followed by an easy, yet deep discussion on the fears that prevent us from moving into our power.

We discussed the fear of success, thus of change. The root fear of feeling secure, and keeping your partner secure also. Of ancient feelings of not belonging to this planet especially as a child.

As I was talking about the fear of being exposed as a chancer and made reference to other so called- real work, I was reminded by the lady to my right “This work of opening the heart is the most important work you do.” Sometimes the obvious needs to be stressed.

During the closing circle we gave our thanks to the Emerald Heart Light and for the lesson of opening the heart consciously.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me on this first gathering, there were four of us physically in the room, but the place was wedged with so many others. I was constantly aware that others were linking with us and so many ancestors and planetary beings were tuning into the show, plus a few spirits and local souls.

Personal Epilogue
I was washing the dishes at midnight in the kitchen when Tom Waits sang “Life is a path lit by the light of those I’ve loved.” So I resolved to choose to love more, and beyond my comfort zone, beyond the limitations of the mind… To open the heart and trust, willing to be seen as who I am, in my truth, what one may call a plonker and another a genius. What of it! At last willing to be independent of the good opinion of others.

Thank you for your guidance, thanks so much for what you do, thanks so much for what you are.

Paul Kennedy.
Ps count me in…..