The Emerald Heart Blog is pleased to announce the return of Denise McAvoy. In this post Denise provides us with a wealth of information regarding the Full moon on 6th April and a little about her recent journey.



Full Moon – Friday 6th April 2012 – in Libra, air sign

Last Quarter – 13th April

New Moon –  21st April in Taurus

1st Quarter – 29th April


Oh Moon, Goddess of our Skies,

Hear our Call, as we Gather in your Radiance

                                                              © Denise McAvoy

Full Moon Chant – for whenever you hear her call your name


Libra Full Moon – Full Pink Moon

Falling on Good Friday, the beginning of a long weekend holiday for many people irrespective of our faith, feels synchronicitous for this Libra Full Moon as it heralds a time of social activity, of sharing and being with people you care for.  Easter can be a time for fun and giving, especially for children, or for just being with those you love. Enjoy.

This Spring Moon is an ideal time to look at what you wish to achieve over the coming weeks and months.  A time to sew those seeds, both metaphysically and practically, and nurture them with love so that they germinate and birth into the world packed with energy, vitality and the limitless ability to grow and expand.  However Saturday 7th April is not a good day for planting or working in the garden, so take this time instead to sew those personal seeds.

April is also known as the Full Pink Moon as the pink flowers of the wild ground phlox are the first to appear in some regions of the globe, giving a feeling of this gentle aura of love, symbolised by the pink of the heart chakra, emerging from our Earth Mother to awaken and embrace us.  More appropriately perhaps it is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, so time to get the lawn mowers out of the sheds, warn the grass fairies to dance aside for a little while as you enjoy the rhythm of the job at hand.  Then invite the fairies back and dance barefoot with them on the lawn and feel its richness, its earthiness between your toes as you connect closer to our Earth and to the devic realms that govern her.

Self Reflection

Look in the mirror and see what is reflected back at you –  go on, don’t be scared –  for this is an optimum opportunity for renewal, rebirth and expansion.  Are you centred and focussed, clearly knowing where you are going on your life path?  Can you see the beauty that is you, exactly as you are? Are you listening to  your unique individual needs on all levels of your being?  Are you following your heart?

The newness and freshness of Spring, the sudden bursting forth of life-force energy, the richness of the colours, of the greens in the unfurling leaves all offer us this mirror as daughters and sons of our Earth Mother.

Allow yourself the time to really look at yourself and your life and see how it feels for you.  Which parts are working well, which not so much and how can these be addressed, be changed to come into balance and harmony with you in this time and place of your life.  Can you do this alone or do you need to reach out and ask for help?  Act now, there is no time to lose – we only get one chance at this life, as this aspect of being – so give yourself permission to make those changes, whether small or large, nothing is insurmountable and there is always someone somewhere to help you.  We are never alone, ever and why even try to walk the path alone when you can share it with others for we each learn and grow from these shared experiences.

Physical effects

Libra corresponds to the pelvic area of our physical body particularly the bladder and hips, but also includes the kidneys so attention to the urinary organs is sensible before, during and just after this Full Moon.

Plenty of good pure water will keep the system flushed through, and fresh nettle tea is an ideal purifier of the blood, which is then filtered by the kidneys and eliminated through the bladder.  Nature always gives us exactly what we need to help us and often it is so simple too.  Just pick a few nettle leaves, taking just one from each plant and asking permission of the nettle deva first of course, then pop them in a teapot with some boiling water and allow to brew for a few minutes before drinking. There is a knack to picking the nettles without getting stung but as this eludes me, I use some good gardening gloves.  The drink is very earthy, quite bitter but offers a deep connection to the plant kingdom as it flows within you, cleansing and purifying and allowing a release from a cellular level of anything you no longer need to carry forward into Spring.

The mental invitation for kidney problems is around a fear or sense of failure, so perfect timing to release any negativity around these issues. Is that what you see when you look in the mirror? Take action now and begin the change.

The Chinese 5 Element corresponding to Spring is the Wood Element, which governs our liver and gall bladder.  The liver is the planner, and likes everything to function and flow efficiently for it is a very busy organ responsible for many functions, while the gall bladder is responsible for decision and judgement and therefore aids the liver in keeping things moving and working efficiently.  Blockages in these 2 organs commonly show as symptoms of headaches, migraines, nausea and a rigidity or stiffness – not allowing for change and flexibility. The Wood element is with us for the next two months until we move into the summer energies, so give a little extra thought to these organs too.

My Own Developments

I mentioned last month that I was feeling ready to work with people again after my period of absence for a time of self-reflection, releasing and healing.  I am pleased to say that just like the Spring flowers, I do indeed now feel ready to face the world and work with those of you who feel drawn to what I am offering.

Dave will continue to run his own practice and diary so that I now have the time to move forward with my own way of working, teaching and sharing.

As a Wellness Consultant I am here to help in any and all parts of your life, which are not serving to your overall well-being.  I will be offering all the experience I have gained over the last 15 years from nutrition, naturopathy, essence therapy and Emerald Heart together with many other positive ways through guided intuition of helping you to live the life you wish to live – one where you feel WELL, in all levels of your being.  A totally holistic approach incorporating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of what makes us whole.

I am also still drawn to working directly with women, gathering in sacred circle to share, empower and remember our hidden wisdom.  The first workshop this year is with fellow Emerald Heart Practitioner Louise Allen, entitled The Triple Flame of Motherhood, to be held in Ashbourne in Derbyshire on Sunday April 29th.  Full details can be found on the blog

My own mini website is under construction and although there is still much to be developed will be ready soon for you all to see, still under the address for now. This is not just for women though but for all of you, so drop in soon and see what is on offer.

with all my love