The start date for Prince of Light Essence is 8th June. Be sure to order your Essence in time to be able to key in and take full advantage of this transformational period.  


The Prince of Light is coming…

Don’t ask me where some of this guidance comes from. It is impossible to tell, but at the same time I know that it comes from a place deep within me, but at the same time, somewhere far across time and space. It is as if it comes from more than one place at the same time, even though it is from the same source. That is the nature of 5th dimensional reality. You are in it, out of it and observing it at the same time, whilst being a part of it.

The changes that are now with us are sometimes difficult to perceive because the inner transformations can be so deep, especially for those who have been on the path for a long time. We all know that the Universe is performing the most amazing dance, but at times, our own limited consciousness in human form is too fragile to comprehend the immensity of what is unfolding.

During recent months there have been great accelerations in terms of Universal consciousness moving quickly. The process opens our hearts and souls at a deep level and when this happens, our issues and fears begin to rise to the surface and pour out of us. It is like the Universe stoking a fire within us and as it burns away the dross, our deeper truth is revealed. Once the truth has been uncovered, it has no other place to go but rise up within us, often tormenting us on the way. Our natural human response is to try to bury it again, or sideline it in some way, ignore it and hope it will go away, acknowledging that we don’t need to see it any longer. In reality, it is coming up because it has nowhere else to go and what we have to do is look at the issue and figure out how to deal with it, so that it becomes neutralised and dissolves into the nothingness of space.

The Nothingness of Space
There is no such thing as the nothingness of space, for every atom of creation has consciousness and that consciousness might be in some living form, such as in ourselves or it might be in some form that appears to be passive, such as looking into the night sky where not much seems to change from lifetime to lifetime. However, this is not the case. The Universe is moving and changing in a dramatic way. It is unfolding a memorable dance, but it tends to do it to a different timeline to our short lives. Yet, if you are extremely lucky, as I have been, you may one day witness the interaction of a living being on earth, leaving this plane and re-merging with the Universe in that atomic form. Millions of tiny sparks of spirit, like stardust but for a better description, rushing to merge back into the totality that circles above us. So, what we see here is that things are not as passive as we might think out there in the great beyond. Energy is very much leaving the great cosmos from time to time and manifesting in our reality as some form of living being, whether animal, mineral or plant.

The Recent Essences
The essences that have recently been given from The Universe have all been in the Emerald Heart vibrational repertoire. Although the Emerald Heart Light has been with us since January 2005, just over seven years, I waited and waited for an Emerald Heart Essence to appear. There were a number of false starts based on my enthusiasm to experience what it would be like. Since we have turned the corner of 2012, we have received Light of My Heart, Heart to Heart and Heart Search, all infused within The Emerald Heart Light. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that these have all been heart-centred essences, working with and opening the heart in various ways. The most recent offering of Heart Search has been the most phenomenal essence, pulling up issues for many of you, not only from many lifetimes ago, but in some instances with a number of students and practitioners alike, issues have come up from prior to the birth of time, or the birth of this Universe. This is very exciting and reflects to us the power that is currently working in our hearts as the Universe pulls to awaken us.

You may ask, how can an essence pull up or expose issues or images from before the Universe was here. I will take you on a typical journey that has been experienced by a number of people during this recent evolutionary period.

Sometimes it is possible to experience a sense of ‘aloneness,’ which goes beyond words. It goes so deep that there are no words to describe the feeling. However, when I touch into it, I have to find some words to try to explain to the individual what is happening to them, why they are experiencing it and what it means. Let me try to share with you the experience of placing your consciousness in the void, before anything was ever created.

In the Beginning there was Nothing!
There are many ‘in the beginnings,’ but at the very beginning there was nothing. Then something happened and maybe it was ‘the word’ or a sound; a flash of light, a thought or something that nobody has ever thought of yet. It is impossible to tell, but in that moment that something happened, consciousness came into being. Consciousness came into existence; and most of us refer to this as God, the original and supreme being.

As the consciousness of God was forming, awareness began to develop. God became aware of itself/himself. I will use the term himself for reasons that will become clear later. He puzzled at his own existence. He mused at the completeness of himself. He looked outward and inward and discovered that there was no outward. There was nothing out there, just a void. There was only what was bubbling and fermenting on the inward planes of his existence. It is like he became aware of his limitedness and his lack of expansion. It appeared that he was finite.

Once God became used to himself, familiar with himself and to some degree bored with himself, he began to ponder the nothingness outside of his own being,. He became very consciously aware that there was nothing and nobody other than himself. Where did he come from? How did he get here? God was not sure. There were no answers. There was nothing and then there was God. And he was aware that he was everything and at the same time nothing and with no purpose. What was the purpose of existing for no reason? Well, I am sure we can think of a few, but at this time, God was perturbed.

As time unfolded, God began to experience emotion and in particular, the emotion of sadness or even melancholy. Like all children, without a friend, life can become a little tedious and more to the point, lonely. Therefore God discovered that this new feeling of sadness was due to the fact that he was on his own, devoid of any other form of consciousness to communicate with, but more importantly, to bounce off.

Even though there was no such thing as time, existence seemed to prolong in a sense that God was always here, even though there was no day or night to mark the passing of time. His sense of alone-ness grew and it grew to such desperate proportions that God was forced by his own predicament to do something about it.

Deep thought was entered into and God fully realised that he was the only presence in the nothingness. There was nothing else. In order then to experience himself more fully, he had to create something that would provide a true reflection of himself and thereby, God could begin a communication process, or dialogue with himself through another or other beings. This would also give him a sense of self.

The Deep Sense of Aloneness
As Universal Consciousness penetrates our own consciousness ever deeper in this infolding period of Light emerging, some people are experiencing this deep sense of aloneness that God felt before the act of creation began. It can be a harrowing feeling; a sense of deep despair within. If you could imagine suddenly inheriting the whole world and everything in it, but with nobody to share it with, this might give you some idea of this abject sense of aloneness. However, you would at least be in an environment that you knew and recognised. Try imagining suddenly waking up one morning to discover that you had been plucked from this earth and deposited on some abandoned planet in a place where there was nothing recognisable, either on the earth or in the sky. This might give you a better idea of what God experienced at the time of coming into being. A spark of light in the nothing of darkness.

Alone-ness and loneliness are two different things. Alone-ness is the absolute knowing that there is nobody else anywhere who you can share with. Human beings inherited this aspect of original God-consciousness in as much as they cannot be alone and prosper. One needs another to make things whole and also to make things happen. Things happen based on the reflection of a thought or image, an idea or a desire.

So was God masculine or feminine? Well the answer is clear, you only have to look into the Universe to see the beauty and you only have to look at nature on our earth to see the beauty and the beauty is with the female. God created the Universe as his bride; as his other half. It is the female who performs the reproduction, which is the creation process in all its forms. She creates stars out of dust and children out of seeds and eggs, oak trees out of acorns and May flies out of larvae. Therefore, God was masculine but with the potential to create feminine and therefore, the original seed that came into being was both. The Yin and the Yang. The Energy of the feminine and the Light of the masculine.

In the process of his alone-ness, God reached a point where the intense pain of the absence of anything and everything around him became overwhelming. In that moment of desperation, something triggered within him, a kind of explosion of energy, and suddenly around him the energy began to manifest into matter and a Universe was born. As the beauty of the Universe began to unfold and grow, like a beautiful young girl, her colours and light began to expand and the process of creation was fully underway. This great Divine Feminine Being weaved with her magic, a tapestry of unrivalled artistic proportions, painting itself into the nothingness that surrounded God. She wrapped herself around her Lord, forming herself into an egg to protect the yoke and allow him to develop as he bathed in her beauty.

He poured his Light into her and she fed from it to create Energy and as he poured and she fed, they grew together in the most amazing dance of creation that has ever been witnessed. Between them, they loved the Universe into life and their love poured forth into every single atom in every single being that was present to witness this glory.

That is the Universe that we inhabit today; the Universe that we are a part of; the universe that is a part of us, for we are that stardust blowing on the breeze of eternity.

The Universe is a most beautiful egg in the nothingness that surrounds it, but it is so vast that we feel that we belong within it and it has no limitations for us. Like God, we are enclosed and held in the sacred love and beauty of the Universal Tapestry that is woman.

Through this process of creation, God could see his own reflections in his bride. He was not alone any longer. He was consumed with joy at what had manifested through him as his desperate alone-ness created such an energy that he could not retain any longer. That raw emotion burst forth into matter. There was now duality with his Light her Energy and the two of them would interact throughout eternity in a constant dance of creation.

The Prince of Light is Coming
Those who have felt and experienced this great sense of alone-ness, have experienced the coming closer of the God-consciousness. Those who have recently experienced a great sense of inner darkness rising, have experienced the coming closer of the God-consciousness into their lives. Those who have experienced deep fears and issues overwhelming their senses have experienced the God-consciousness awakening deeper within themselves.

As Light enters your being, so it awakens and brings up the inner darkness. That greater God-consciousness within every atom of the Universe is working hard to help you to awaken and in that process you will go through much inner transformation. You will also remain you, yourself on the outside and maintain your personality to a large degree on the inside, but your consciousness will expand from the core of your heart. You are you and God is God and as God emerges within you, he does so in a very gentle way, but often this gentle unfolding of the Light within you fuels your own unresolved issues and fears and these may generate emotional difficulties for you to unravel as the waves of Light and Energy weave their way through the density of your subtle energy system and also your physical being.

The Greater God-consciousness tries to make everything as simple for us as is possible, but without doubt, nothing is born without a little struggle. It was through God struggling with his alone-ness that enough energy was created to form that original explosion that birthed the Universe. Consider the energy in the small seed that must burst forth to grow into a great oak tree. Think of the energy a tiny chick needs to manifest in order to burst out of its egg; and the amount of energy needed to grow a child in the womb of a womb-an. All these acts are acts of creation, a natural process that comes from the heart of God in his desire to love us all into life as he loved his bride into life. Together they continue the great Universal dance to amuse themselves as they watch every aspect of Light and Energy develop and grow to a point of realisation that all is in Divine order and we need not worry too much about anything.

And so the dance of creation births for us this new essence – The Prince of Light. 

Prince of Light                                                                                     

Location:         Given from the Source

Date:               18th May 2012

Details:            An Essence from the Heart of the Universe delivered through the

heart of David.

Group:             Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:         The Emergence of Light within


The God-consciousness is perhaps not unknowable, but you cannot describe the intensity of the Light. The only way to know this Light is through the heart and even then it is an experience that you cannot explain to anyone who has not experienced it themselves. There are no words to describe it. The mere breath of a feather touch renders you incapable of speaking, such is the effect as your heart bursts open and the tears pour fourth.


The Birthing of Light Within

The words that were given with this essence were: The Prince of Light is Coming. What does that mean to us? How will this Light come? When will it come?

It is already here and many of us have already experienced it. In the teachings of Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas, he says,

I will give you what no eye has seen,

              And what no ear has heard,

              and what no hand has touched,       

              and what has not arisen in the heart of man.

What he refers to are the secrets within the heart that only those who have transcended the mundane world and developed inner vision can perceive.

The first is our original darkness or the unresolved issues and learning experiences that we           still have to master. They will be shown to us.

The second is the hidden truth, the things we hide from others through our guilt.

Then there are our fears, the energies tht limit us.

And finally, it is the source of Light  – The Seed of Light within; the Christ Light.

As the Light emerges from the seed at the core of your being, it begins to grow in intensity and to some degree, mass, also. The intensity and mass of the Inner Light expands and in the process of this expansion it pushes the unresolved issues and fears upwards. As they rise, you begin to feel and experience them as they try to pass through your consciousness on their way to be expelled.

The Prince of Light is Coming

This is a reference to the way the Universe is pulling at the Seed of Light at the core of your being and assisting it to awaken and emerge within you. It is the Greater God-consciousness of all that is, which illuminates the Universe pulling the Lesser, Seed of God-consciousness, at the core of your heart, into its magnificence. Another way of putting this would be to say that God the Father of all is calling to the Light of his Son who dwells within the hearts of all human beings, pulling him into life within you.

Therefore, what of this Essence, Prince of Light? Is it here to assist the emergence of the Light within or is it to help ease the process for us. Well, it is a little of both. The Light is emerging anyway because the Universe is awakening it, there is nothing that can prevent this process from happening. But this essence will assist in a number of ways.

Firstly, it is a powerful ally in assisting to dissolve the fears that are rising. The darkness of the fear energy is the only thing that prevents you attaining full realisation. The fears are the barrier between you and the God within you. As the Universe increases its pull at this time, bringing up more issues and fears, the essence of Prince of Light will help them to both dissolve as they rise and in that process, ease their passing and elimination from your life, making your deeper, inner transformation smoother, quicker and more complete.

Secondly, the essence contains The Prince of Light. Who or what is The Prince of Light?  I am going to leave that to your imagination and the truth of your own feelings. Allow your feelings to feel the truth of what comes in this bottle of magic and Light. Show it reverence and respect and it will reflect its truth to you.

Finally, the whole of humanity is journeying together to one goal. Some of us are making an effort in the seeking of the answers to the truth of where we are going and others are yet to awaken and be called to this journey. But none will be left behind because we all hold the spark of the Divine within each atom that we are made up of. At the moment that God birthed his bride, the Universe, his Light was infused into everything that is and God never loses sight of a single atom of himself. In turn and in Divine order, each atom will return home and re-merge into Unity with the one supreme deity that began this whole Great Cycle of Time.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


Summer Solstice 2012  –  June 20th at 23:09pm

The Prince of Light will be taking us through the middle of the year. Yes, we will already be half way through 2012 when you are in the middle of sharing this essence with your heart.

What will the second half of 2012 offer us. Well, Guidance has been very interesting recently. Rather than looking ahead and telling us how to prepare, it has been concentrating on explaining what we have been experiencing in the now. No doubt this will change again when it is appropriate. As I try to look into the Universe as I am writing, Guidance is blocking me and saying, ‘Just trust the process. If there is something to tell, then we will tell it and we will show you. So, for now, just trust and take one day at a time.’

Guidance did explain why this is so, though. At the moment, we are all processing very deep issues, fears, past-life scenarios and also moving ancient unwanted energies through our systems. Therefore, Guidance is asking us to focus on what is happening right now, in the moment and deal with that very issue, fear, emotion or feeling and think nothing of the past or the future. It is through this clinical focus on what is happening right now that will bring you through very deep transformations and help you to move a lot of older, unwanted issues from your heart.

So, as we sail through this central portal to the year, I wish you all a fantastic journey as you work with the love within these essences for accelerated spiritual growth.

With Love and Blessings.


Further Guidance for June and July

Sometimes it becomes important to bring you a second instalment of the Guidance when something happens within the Universe.

The Start Date that the Universe gave me for this Period was 8th June. At that time, we were coming out of a deep process that had been plumbing the depths of our consciousness in an effort to free us from ancient patterns and deep issues of this present life. I myself have been fascinated at how I’ve been moving through things that have dogged me this whole life and at last, issues are moving upwards and being released. Only last night, I had a great vision type dream where I was in the trenches with other first world war soldiers and we were celebrating because the war was over. A classic image where your Higher Self is showing you that you have finished battling on a certain level.

A few days after the Start Date, the Universal patterns changed with such rapidity that it was like going from night to day in a few seconds. I therefore considered that it was important to pass on the new images from the Universe so that you can take advantage of them.

You will recall that in our preparation for this Period, Guidance had said, The Prince of Light is Coming. Sometimes the Guidance can seem to be a little cryptic but isn’t really. It is just that God thinks differently to humans and so when the Universe says one thing, we tend to interpret it in a totally different way than is meant sometimes

Well, what happened around the 11th June was the Light began to pour forth from the Universe in the most intense fashion. We are now being given the most amazing opportunities to get things moving and bring changes into our life. This is a powerful uplifting wave of creative energy that is falling like water onto a thirsty desert.

Earlier in the year, we had a Period where Guidance encourage us to make plans and sow seeds of what we wanted to manifest in our lives. This sudden rush of Light is what is going to bring those earlier planted seeds to fruition.

So now is the time to really lift your head up and look where you are going. Look for any opportunity that is coming your way and jump right into it. It may be that the opportunity is only a part of your journey, leading you to the next phase, but whatever happens, don’t miss any event that is being offered. Also, this is a good time to actually create your own opportunities. What do you want to achieve? Sow some more seeds now. Keep sowing and keep reaping as we ride these waves into the new dawn. We have the most amazing opportunity right now to really move ourselves forwards.

This phase should last until around the end of July and I can then perceive it will either slow down considerably or switch off altogether. Whatever happens, we will most definitely be entering a completely different phase at that time.

With this sudden change in the Universe, it gives you the opportunity to see how Guidance prepares us for what is coming sometimes without giving us a clue what is to come. It puts us in that place of having to totally trust the process. If we don’t, then we risk missing such a powerful preparation process as the Prince of Light essence, which was specifically given to help uplift us onto this wave.

With Love and Blessings.