Emerald Heart Gathering Host, Harriët Kroon, hosted the first ‘Being in the Light’ workshops in Amsterdam, as David Ashworth took the amazing Emerald Heart Light to Holland.


The Light Has Touched Amsterdam Deeply

Thank you so much, Dave and Tim, for the very first Being in the Light workshops in The Netherlands.  You made a lot of people happy! Both events (Nov. 9th and 10th, 2012) were fully booked. Well, actually, after experiencing the Friday night event two ladies felt called to come to the second workshop as well.

The desire for the Emerald Heart Light in The Netherlands must be deep, as the first event was sold out in a week. The majority of the attendees were healers, all extremely curious and open. It was beautiful to see how their hearts were touched with all the sage wisdom Dave brought and channelled. Quite some of them almost instantly were deeply touched by the Emerald Heart Light, as soon as its purity entered the room – I witnessed a lot of up-welling tears. The unborn son of a pregnant mother seemed to be the most happy participant, which of course, meant a lot to his future mother.

A few weeks before the workshops, I could feel the Light building up. There is always this point that it starts tickling my bones, a sweet honey like sensation then comes over me – it must be the Love in this Light that is saturating my bone cells. It was interesting to experience how each workshop had its own quality. It is hard to put in to words. On the Friday night event, the Light came in a gentler way than on the Saturday afternoon, when it came in very deeply right from the beginning. The consciousness of the Light knows exactly what each person needs and can handle, and acts upon that. Again and again I get struck by this intelligence.

Dave’s assistant Tim Dyson gave each of the workshops a special touch with his grounding Qi Gong exercises – thanks Tim!

It was fulfilling to see that after both events the majority of the participants went home openhearted and a with a happy face. A few others were a bit confused about what had happened –  I am confident that it will turn out all right for them. The Light often works in such a subtle way that one needs to attend a few Gatherings or Workshops to learn to feel and understand the way it penetrates us and opens the consciousness of our deeper hearts.

I want to also thank Corien Mechielsen, who was of great help serving us tea, pepernoten and chocolate at the break.

If Dave and Tim are not suffering from too many nightmares of the scary bicycle traffic in Amsterdam, I am happy to organise another event  in spring 2013.

With gratitude, Harriët Kroon
Host of Emerald Heart Gatherings
Amsterdam, November 12, 2012