Emerald Heart Practitioner Susan Allen shares with the BLOG what happened when David Ashworth came to visit for a couple of days in October this year.


Dear All,

A few weeks ago, in the middle of October, Dave drove over to my place in Lincolnshire where he performed some Geomancy work on the house and garden. The following day we visited an ancient Oak Tree and during the afternoon held a ‘Being In the Light’  Workshop.


Late afternoon around 4.30 p.m. Dave & I went into the garden where I showed him the perimeter of the land belonging to my husband and myself. Having taken note of that, Dave said the Guides wished us to walk the landscape of the village. So we set off down  the lane and up another and eventually found ourselves on the main road of the village.   We needed to reach the highest point and then took a path that led us into a field. After walking the field for a while, we re-traced our steps back to the road.

Dave told me that there was a river of Energy flowing from the North West beyond our house, which lays in a dip in the landscape. This creates an energy pool which constantly cleanses the house as the energy flow feeds the pool then travels onwards on its journey. From our house it passes through a 12th century church and continues on its way.

As we walked we picked up conkers which were lying on the village green just outside the  churchyard. Even this simple action seemed to take on a sacredness and I felt energised by what was unfolding. On the opposite side of the road from the church green is a Childrens Preparatory School and just inside its stone wall entrance, a small wooded area of large Yew trees. Dave was being drawn to enter this area, so we slipped in behind the wall and entered another world. It felt we were transported to a silent, ancient and sacred space far away from the busy road nearby. In fact we didn’t even hear the passing cars. Dave found the tree that called to him and was drawn to lean against its trunk and asked me to find a tree that was calling for my attention. I found and hugged my ancient yew and the feeling of the warm embrace was a most special moment, very emotional.  David said the trees role as village protectors was very important.

As the light was fading fast we made our way out of the copse, back on to the road and down the lane to the house. An hour and a half had elapsed since we had set off and it was an unforgettable experience which I shall always  treasure.

The Bowthorpe Oak

The following morning Dave and I drove a couple of miles to visit an ancient oak tree reputed to be between 700 and 1000 years old, possibly planted during the time of William the  Conqueror. Chains now bind its trunk to prevent it from splitting under the weight of its heavy boughs. The Bowthorpe Oak stands in the middle of farmland on a rise all on its own.  All that is left of an ancient forest.

We made ourselves known to the owners of the farm house and continued  through their garden to the field beyond, where the magnificent Oak stood. Greeting us were some young white turkeys, a variety of chickens and noisiest gaggle of geese! The geese were very interested in us and followed all the way up the rise to the tree in an excited and animated manner.

The circumference of the Oak is a very impressive 40 ft  and was certainly showing her age.

As  David was talking to the geese, the energies in the landscape changed and they became quiet but never left our side, now and again quacking amongst themselves but no longer agitated. Dave said they were guarding the tree and with his camera at the ready,  began taking pictures of the beautiful rural scene.

I believe the Oak enjoyed our company as we walked around admiring her magnificence. The tree is totally hollow now and one area of the trunk has collapsed inwards, but still looks very healthy with masses of leaves on its boughs. One of the largest boughs was leaning outwards at right angles and we both felt it was in need of support from the ground. Dave mentioned that Oaks are known for their secretiveness and this one didn’t give much away, however the Peace was tangible and I felt she held a lot of Wisdom.

Being In the Light Session

After a light lunch, Dave & I set off 4 miles down the road to a Therapy Centre in a neighbouring village where the Workshop would be held. Although the workshop was from 2 – 5 p.m. we  arrived early as Dave needed to ‘set the Energies’ for the afternoon.      By 2 o’clock the group of ladies had arrived and we sat on chairs in a circle in the middle of the large airy  room.

Windows looked out on three sides with countryside views. A beautiful setting.

One of the ladies had only heard of Dave and the Emerald Heart Light the day before and felt compelled to attend.  I had bumped into her whilst shopping that morning. We were in the right place at the right time for us to meet up and that of course is how the Light uses us.

Dave began his workshop by telling us all a little about himself and his  journey. This was received with much interest and allowed the Energies to settle, everyone becoming focussed  and in tune with each other. Dave worked with us all individually to find the  target issue for programming an Essence for each of us to take home and taught everyone  to dowse just using our bodies.  We all had strong results from this  exercise.

During the afternoon we had a short break for tea and cake, before immersing ourselves back into the Emerald Heart Light. The two guided meditations, one at the start of the workshop and one to finish with, were powerful indeed and each of us present, went away with not only an Essence, but the feeling that we had been immersed in the Light of The Emerald Heart to aid us on our evolutionary journey.

My heart is full of Gratitude to Dave for these two exceptionally special days which will remain with me forever.

Love & Blessings