Dear Emerald Heart Students,

Thank you so much for attending our Being in the Light Session in London this weekend and what a great start it was to this New Era.

The Guidance was very sharp and focussed, pouring Light into your hearts to begin this new stage of our journey towards Enlightenment together. Opening your hearts and revealing to you the truth of your present situations and limitations.

As these weeks unfold, you will feel the subtle power of the Light opening  you and dissolving out the issues that we identified, allowing you to truly surf this new and uplifting wave that opened fully, only three days before our event.

There are moments on the path when I see the Universe so clearly, as it opens my heart, and as we drew to the end of our session, Guidance opened me deeply and poured Light through my heart and into yours. I felt it seeding deeply within you all, and you too will feel it as this seed of Light unfolds within you over these coming weeks.

There are certain moments in the Universal Process, which are truly special. Moments in time that are fleeting, like the flash of a lightening bolt. Together, we caught one of those moments in our session. Together, we all began a New Journey, on a New Wave, surfing into this New Era of this New Age. I look forward to continue what we started yesterday, and helping you to unlock the next phase of your evolution at our forthcoming London sessions, soon.

Please keep in touch with Tim Dyson ( or register your interest so that you don’t miss the next session in a few weeks  time.

Thanks must go to Tim Dyson for organising the event and opening with such deep and powerful process.

Many thanks also to Nicholas for Hosting the event for us at his new home in Angel, which I felt was very special, welcoming and uplifting. Thanks Nicholas.

Also, our loving best wishes go to Melissa who has hosted our recent events, but is presently in South Africa, but also expecting her baby. We hope you are well Melissa.

Finally, thank you all for your amazing feedback from the event and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

With Love and Blessings to you all.