Dear All,Claudia_Asprey

I would like to share a little bit of my Light journey with you all and I thought you might be interested in how the Light finds its ways in being spread outwards into the world.

After the beautiful Emerald Heart Retreat last September in Glastonbury, I decided to hold Gatherings myself, which I started in November 2012, here in England.

In January of this year, myself and another seven students entered the Stepping Stone I training in Munich to become Emerald Heart Essence Practitioners. Soon after that I planned a journey home to Germany for the February half term. I suddenly had the idea of introducing the Emerald Heart “at home”. My father has been doing supervision and Quigong courses for nearly 20 years now, and I was therefore able to take advantage of his many contacts to do an Emerald Heart Gathering in Braunschweig, North Germany. He kindly spread the word in form of a flyer for his courses.

On 20th February I held my first German Gathering in my parent’s house with 10 interested people. Three had cancelled last minute, but I wasn’t surprised, as I had anticipated that beforehand. The number fit perfectly actually.

I was very calm the whole day, and it felt very natural to talk about Dave and his mission, The Emerald Heart School, the Light, the Keys of Transformation, my personal experiences, my Teacher and Mentor, Tim, etc.  After sharing and working in small groups, eight of my attendees left that evening with an essence, programmed by me, to dissolve the energy within their personal issues

The whole time through, I felt very much in control, like owning the process properly for the first time without any effort. Feedback was very open and positive, and as the group left for the evening, they did so with happy smiling faces.

The Gathering had been planned from 8-10pm, but the last woman left at 11.30pm. Nobody seemed rushed to leave, which I took as an extra compliment!  I was also able to announce a follow-up Gathering for 28th March – as I will be back in Germany for a family birthday do – and invited everybody back for their next session in the Light.

The idea to share my Dad’s contacts came from a friend and teacher a couple years ago actually. Only now did it seem the right opportunity, and I’m glad I followed my inner Guidance and held this Light Gathering.

It was a special occasion for me, and I look forward to doing my next session in about 3 weeks time.

Love and Blessings,