emeraldheartlight.comDate:  19th March 2013 – 1.00am


The Emerald Heart Light is now beaming out to all those who registered to receive it.

It is also being beamed into our Mother Earth and reflected into the Universe.

This, is a potent time and the Light will flow to all seekers of Light and Love, based on your intent to receive the truth within yourselves.

As was said for the Winter Solstice Transmission, as truth comes to the surface of humanity, a great cleansing will take place and hearts will open to a new level as the consciousness of the Universe flows deeply into you all.

Beaming the Light for Three Days.

We will Beam out the Light of The Emerald Heart for three days for the duration of the Spring Equinox

Beginning at 1.00am Local Time on the morning of 19th March and finishing at midnight Local Time on the 21st March, the Light will flow outwards to all who wish to bathe in it.

The Light Transmits from:                  1.00am 19th March – Local Time.

The Transmission concludes at:          Midnight 21st  March – Local Time

With Love and Blessings,

David Ashworth