emeraldheartlight.comChildren’s Author, Shaman and Intuitive Healer Jacqueline Nicoll shares with the BLOG, her experiences with the Emerald Heart Light, as both a client and an Emerald Heart Host.


Jacqeline NicollSpring arrived in the northern hemisphere a few weeks ago, but the weather here in the UK did not relinquish its wintry grip over the Equinox period. What better way to warm our hearts than to have bathed in the Emerald Heart Light during this time, celebrating and welcoming renewal whilst connected to so many other beautiful souls through the transmission. The Light touched me deeply as I let go of the last of winter’s darkness and gently allowed my truth to rise to the surface making way for the new.
I have worked with Dave and the Emerald Heart for over five years. I came into this life with many fears entwined with my gifts and talents and Dave, who is my teacher and friend, has helped me find my way step by step out of limitation. Working diligently with the Emerald Heart over this time has connected me deeply to the God consciousness within, and revealed gifts that have changed and enriched my life. As a sensitive and empath I have the ability by grace to know the Light deeply and I welcome every moment I can bathe within its love. One drop of Essence and the vibration dances in every cell of my body. It is heartening to know that each person who bathes in the Light through transmission, program, gathering or essence is opening to the power of love and greatly assisting humankind’s spiritual evolution.
I have enjoyed hosting gatherings for the past year and now hold them monthly during or around the full moon period so that they also offer an opportunity to acknowledge our celestial connection. To work in a sacred group setting with the Emerald Heart Light is a very powerful, loving and supportive experience. The more you bathe in the Light and share with others, the more your heart opens and your consciousness expands.
I always welcome new seekers to our gatherings. If you live near Canterbury, please join us, or if you are unable to attend then consider making a distance connection to the group allowing yourself quiet time to be in the Light for a few hours. There are many other gatherings held around the world arranged by fellow experienced hosts who also welcome you to share in the Light of the Emerald Heart. As the Buddha taught, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection.”
Thank you Dave for the Light, the teachings and your presence.
With my deepest love
For details of Jacqueline’s gatherings, please contact her via mail@jacquelinenicoll.com or see www.jacquelinenicoll.com