emeraldheartlight.comEmerald Heart Practitioner Lynne Shaw, shares with the BLOG how she ran one of her Gatherings  in New York, USA and the benefits that all parties received, stepping into the Emerald Heart Light. 

Thank you for sharing Lynne.


Lynne.jpg[1]My Latest Gathering

Last Thursday I was honored to hold an Emerald Heart Gathering in Mineola, New York.  It was a very special day as it was a full moon and lunar eclipse so these energies combined with the very powerful light of the Emerald Heart were really incredible.

It had been a very upside down kind of a day and the two lovely souls who attended came in a little late, flustered and tense. 

Guidance poured in straightaway.  They hardly had time to get their coats off and settled and we were off! 

The evening focused on the Christed Light of the Emerald Heart.  How the Emerald Heart light was awakening the Christ Light within us.   How we are Divine Beings and we just have to remember and embrace that.  I read a piece from an Emerald Heart retreat given to us by Dave from Sai Baba; which was all about us returning to God. That we are God we are not Different from God.   How it is essential for us to love ourselves.

Issues of Self Worth were coming up for both participants and the Divine Mother came through in the meditation through song and sound to soothe and open peoples’ hearts further. We then explored the teaching of the first Universal Law of Evolution “You Cannot Walk The Path Alone.” 

 After we worked on identifying an individual Fear that was holding the two participants from being all they can be at this moment in time, one of the participants bought an Emerald Heart essence to Program and the other who is a client wanted to explore this further in a scheduled Emerald Heart session the following week.

Some may feel that just having two people attend is not very significant.  However, these two souls followed their hearts and felt the call to come and work in a very deliberate and practical way.  They feel the expansion and possibility of working in a deeper way with the Emerald Heart and that is an incredible and beautiful thing to behold. They carry the Light in their hearts and it touches all those whom they meet.  What a tremendous gift this is to the world.  For days after the Gathering I felt the Emerald Heart Light pouring through me.  It is such an incredible blessing to be able to Host a Gathering, to have the Guidance come through you and witness the shifts and growth in those who attend. It is so different from the meditation groups I have attended where you show up and receive a Guided meditation that lifts your vibration and then you leave.  Here you are able and expected to actively participate and work with tools for your expansion. We are so blessed to have this Light on the Planet through David Ashworth and an opportunity to experience it through Gatherings, Teachings, Books, Essences, Programs, his website and the Blog.

If anyone is in the New York area and would like to attend a Gathering, or would be interested in my holding a Gathering for a Group you know or would like to get together, please do not hesitate to contact me on: