emeraldheartlight.comEmerald Heart Practitioner Susan Allen, shares with the BLOG a magical moment that happened some years ago.


SusanAllenToday, whilst relaxing in my morning bath I carried on reading (for the 3rd time) a delightful little book by David Ashworth called “FAIRY STORIES” – Encounters with Nature Spirits.

One of these stories is about a fairy called Lucinda who is trapped in a jar by two children who forget to free her after taking her home.

Whilst reading this particular story, it triggered an experience I had back in 1991.

At the time I had a very painful left index finger, which I couldn’t bend as it was inflamed. Two therapist friends who were studying Kinesiology at the time asked if they could practice a healing session on me to which I readily agreed.

I lay on the couch while one of my friends held my feet and the other girl friend gently held my head. A tape by Gill Edwards with music by Michael Hammer started to play, and as I lay there listening to the guided meditation something extraordinary happened.

I was completely transported to a place of walking along a winding lane, which led into some woods. It was summer time and as I walked ever deeper into the wood I came across a wooden shack. I was to enter this shack. Inside, in the darkened space, there was a little girl aged around 5 years old. She was cowering in the corner like a frightened animal. I was led to understand this was my inner child, and she needed rescuing. So, gently I approached her and asked her to take my hand, at the same time telling her she would be safe if she came with me. The little girl got up and together we left the shack, still hand in hand and my promise to her that she would never be left alone, abandoned and unloved again. As we continued walking along the wooded path the little girl dissolved into my body.

After the session was over, I couldn’t stop crying as I related to my friends what I had experienced.

This little episode was just one of many healings, which were being unearthed as I continued on my Spiritual Journey.

Today, my heart lies with David Ashworth – Visionary, Spiritual Teacher and Author – whose teachings of The Emerald Heart, and use of the High Vibrational Essences have brought about a transformation of consciousness within me, and continue to do so. The Evolutionary Journey is ever unfolding.

With Love and Blessings,

Susan  Allen