emeraldheartlight.comEmerald Heart Practitioner Georgina Guest, shares with the BLOG her feelings concerning Gratitude.

Thank you for sharing Georgina.


Hi Dave

Just read your guidance for April and I agree with what you are saying about gratitude.  I have practised a form of this for quite some time – as follows – when I eat “thank you to all animals who have given their lives that I may eat, thank you to my beloved Mother Earth for nurturing and providing and thank you to my beloved Father Sky for dreaming all things into existence”.

Each night, before I go to sleep, I say the following -“Thank you for the safety and security of this house, this neighborhood and this country, thank you for the warmth and comfort of this bed.  Thank you for good and plentiful food, thank you for clean and plentiful water.  Thank you to my beautiful body for eliminating toxins so perfectly and for keeping me so healthy.  Thank you to my Guides, Guardians, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light for guiding, guarding and protecting me always.  Thank you to my beloved Mother Earth for nurturing and providing, thank you to Father Sky for dreaming all things into existence, thank you to Father Sun for warming and nurturing, thank you to my beloved Mother Moon for guiding our tides and our orbit.

I hadn’t thought to be grateful for uncomfortable things – so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

It must be very frustrating for you – to see things from such a high vantage point – to see where people need to go for their betterment and then for them to do nothing, as you see it.

Once when I was at Findhorn, I went up what they called the “Powerpoint” – this was a circular path winding round a hill.  It was quite a steep climb and I could see where people had veered off the path in order to reach the summit quicker.  What was said to me, as I continued to walk around the appointed path, I thought to be quite profound – ” There are many ways to reach the appointed destination, some fast and some slow, but eventually all will reach their destined place and sometimes, the lessons learned in taking the wrong detour are the most valuable of all.”

Thank you