The Emerald Heart Retreat 2013

Sunday August 25th – Wednesday August 28th

The annual Emerald Heart Retreat is being held at Mount Omberg in Sweden  this year and the focus is Connecting with the Heart of the Mother.

I would like to share with you a taste of things to come, so that you can  be with us in spirit on Mount Omberg in Sweden.

At this event, there will be revealed details of some important and exciting  new changes. The Universe has been opening new avenues to us and I will be  speaking about the amazing new waves of light that have been given to help us  take The Emerald Heart Light out into the world.

3rd June 2013

The process began on the 3rd of June, when certain Practitioners were  called to be in the Light, and they promptly journeyed from afar to be with me  at the Emerald Heart headquarters.

Within 24 hours of that meeting, a great light was bestowed upon them, which  began a transformation that I am sure none of them expected. Yes, it was tough  at times, but the illumination within them has been dramatic. Tears flowed as  their hearts were opened and expanded. It was glorious to feel the Love of the  Universe pouring through them.

Following this event, many Teachings began to pour forth also for them, and a  great sharing was entered into, as this new Light established itself in their  hearts. 

20th July – The Birth of a New Light

Late in the evening of 20th July, a cool bluish light began to circle me.  It seemed to be something new. Over the next 48 hours, it would pour in with the  effect of being hit by a train. It was equally as magnificent as The Emerald  Heart Light, but different and with a different purpose. This event opens up a  massive new platform for us and it is going to be interesting to see how it  develops.

A Great Gift Will Be Given

In the weeks running up to the retreat, I was waiting for Guidance as to  what I should present, so in the meantime, I prepared a few things, just in case  Guidance didn’t show up. There were a couple of hints, but nothing concrete  until this morning, as I’m getting ready to fly to Sweden.

A few weeks ago, I was shown a new process to allow our Emerald Heart  Students to anchor and ground more deeply into the Earth, in a new way. Well, in  fact, it’s not in a new way, it is in the way that I was originally developed as  The Light was brought through me in the years I was being prepared to receive  The Emerald Heart Light. It took several years for me to go through this process  and the day that I finally connected into the core of the Earth was  unmistakable. You suddenly become so grounded that you can carry anything.

As time has moved on and we can do things more quickly, because the Universe  is moving more quickly, I have been granted a gift to pass on to you.

In the ancient days of the great Masters, the chosen pupil was eventually  seeded something of what the master carried within him, in order that the Light  and teachings would live on after he had departed. This was always in the nature  of a gift being placed in the heart of the pupil. To be more accurate, you could  say that it is a Seed of Light that is placed in the heart, then watered with  the wisdom of the Master. From that point on, the journey of the student  accelerates, as the Light within his heart begins to unfold, as it is constantly  watered by the heart of the master.

I have now been given such a gift to Seed into your Hearts, so that a strand  of this great Light of The Emerald Heart will live on within you and continually  be watered by The Wisdom Stream of Guidance that flows through my heart and into  yours.

All those attending the retreat will have the opportunity to receive this  Divine Blessing, where the Universe will ground you, open you and maybe even  fill you with light.

Will There be Enough Time?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what our Emerald Heart Retreat is  offering you on this journey, and I only hope we have enough time.

Teachers, Rosa, Tim, Lynne and Yvonne also have some surprises up their sleeves and no doubt Guidance knows exactly what it wants to pour through each  of us who are performing the role of teachers over these few days, but, as always, I am sure that it is going to be great fun, and of course, transformational.

For those of you who can’t be with us at this time, you will be in our hearts  and prayers, and we will bring you a report after the event so that you can  share as much as possible of the atmosphere and joy of Being in the Light.

With Love and Blessings.