Mount Omberg, Sweden

Friday 25th August 2013
This was a unique and special Emerald Heart Retreat, as it was for Hosts and Practitioners only. Everyone had arrived by 5.00pm at the Mount Omberg Tourist Hotel and we all sat down to a magnificent 3 course dinner, which was a fine dining experience. Just the thing to set us up for the opening circle later.

Opening Circle
David opened the event with a short welcome address, handing over to Yvonne Hrdy to open the circle, where we brought in the light and placed our names into this sacred space, offering our consciousness for transformation. Once the sacred circle had been created, Rosa spoke about her initial experiences on Mount Omberg, which had initiated this retreat some months earlier. The theme was Connecting with the Heart of the Mother, Mount Omberg being recognised as a central portal into her heart.

A joint theme for this retreat is Creating Community, a process of coming together in a more focused way and connecting to each other and the light of The Emerald Heart to develop a stronger sense of community.

Showing Reverence to each other in what we bring and he way we bring it into our lives, into this world through our work with the Light.

Tim Dyson then introduced The Talking Stick and we began to share. Immediately, the light opened us and the tears flowed as one of our group told of her experience of feeling that she was coming home. It was a powerful process for her. And that’s how things began.

Monday 26th August
The morning began with a session from Dave, who spoke for two hours on the History of The Emerald Heart Light. We were addressed as The Light Bringers, as we were all involved in bringing The Emerald Heart Light to Mount Omberg, where we will pour it into the Earth on the second day of our retreat, connecting the Light into the Heart of the Mother.

Dave continued to bring us up to date with the changes that have been manifesting for him personally since late 2012 and the magnificent things that have been unfolding more recently.

The Council of Elders
At the end of 2012, the first teachers of The Emerald Heart began to develop, and in June, Dave was asked by Guidance to bring them all together for one day. Yvonne came from Munich, Rosa from Sweden, Lynne from New York and Tim from London, to Gather in the Light at Emerald Heart Headquarters in the Shropshire countryside. When the Light called them, they all travelled these great distances for a this one day meeting. However, guidance doesn’t just pull people in for a meeting, but this Gathering began a process and the following day, these four teachers were raised up in Light and given the title The Council of Elders of The Emerald Heart.

Immediately, a great, powerful and ancient light began to flood their systems and a ring of fire developed beneath their feet, as if magnetically pulling them on to it and bonding them as one heart. Transformation was swift and Dave brought through much guidance for them over the following weeks as they went through their various baptisms of fire.

The Birth of The Wheel of Light
In July, there was another magnificent development. Back in May 2002, eleven years previously, Dave had been given a vision of a cart wheel, which was fully ablaze with fire and light. When asking guidance what this was, the answer came, ‘It is The Wheel of Light. You will develop it.’ One evening in mid July, Dave sat down to bring some further guidance for the Council of Elders, when a pale bluish light began to circle him. It developed over the next two days, coming in with such force, that Dave described it like being run over by a train. For several hours it was impossible to move. From a gentle beginning, the Light built up its intensity to create a huge reservoir of light. This was the birth of The Wheel of Light. A stunning structure that would work in harmony with The Emerald Heart Light, and in fact provide a platform or structure to allow the next phase of development to take place. Dave showed the students the drawing he had produced in 2004 of how The Wheel of Light would function in taking the Light out into the world. Now here, some eleven years later, it had finally come into form and we now wait with anticipation to see how this helps us all, The Light Carriers, to take the Light out into the world.

Dave spoke about how his position has now changed. He was the spearhead that brought The Emerald Heart Light into our world, but now the front line of development would be taken up by The Council of Elders, and Dave was move into a position of guidance and support for them.

On to Mount Omberg
Next on the agenda was to journey up Mount Omberg to the crown of the mount, where Lynne Shaw conducted a Shamanic Journey. Walking up the mount, in reverence and respect, as we approached the summit our path was crossed by a black adder, a great symbol of transformation, and as it crossed the path, it was as if it was opening the door for us.
Lynne began with the rattle and song, opening the Earth Mother for us, whence we would all lie with our belly buttons upon the earth, and allow the shamanic journey to unfold and taking us deeply into the Earth Mother in the opening part of our connection, in preparation for the following day.

The Oak Woodland
From here we went to a woodland of mixed oak, both old and new, where we took our wonderful packed lunch from the Omberg Hotel. After lunch, we continued our shamanic journey connecting into the consciousness of the trees in a process of cleansing and balancing from the energies that had been released within us at the first part of our journey at the crown of Mount Omberg.

The Monastery at Alvastra
Next we visited the ruins of the 12th century Alvastra Monastery, where Rosa lead us in opening the womb to Mother Earth, again in preparation for Tuesday’s work. All teachers spoke on this subject, including Tim and Dave on their experiences of womb-like energies in men and how, at some level, we all have memory of being both sexes in different lives.

After the introduction and sharing, we all entered into the sacred space, finding a place that resonated with us and practicing the teaching of connecting the womb into Mother Earth.

The weather was stunning. Dragon flies landed on anyone who sat still for more than a few moments, some people being blessed with as many as seven at one time. It was a fascinating gift for everyone, and without doubt, deep experiences were had by all.

The Sacred Geometry of Sound
After another wonderful, 5-star dinner at the hotel, Rosa introduced the Sacred Geometry of Sound and played the Gongs for about a half hour. Powerful, resonant, deep and penetrating, the sound permeated every cell in our bodies, some of us physically vibrating to the sound, and many of us taking another half our to come back into full consciousness after this beautiful experience of transformational sound.

Today was all about opening, cleansing and balancing, so that tomorrow, all the Light Carriers can partake in bringing The Emerald Heart Light into the Heart of Mother Earth upon this sacred mountain. Under The Law of Reflection, we will then see what gifts are bestowed upon us in return.

Today had been incredibly powerful and these few lines cannot possibly convey the energies that have been experience, but at least we hope that it gives you a flavour of the wonder of being in such an amazing Light for a whole day, journeying, sharing and loving the process of deep change and transformation.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth