Day 2 at Mount Omberg

The morning started at 7.00am with Yoga with Rosa, then a lovely breakfast in the dining room, overlooking the lake. Again the most amazing and beautiful weather greeted us.

Our first session was held by Yvonne, where we had an open forum to discuss bringing the Community of the Emerald Heart closer and how individuals can help support The Emerald Heart and help to take the Light out into the world. It was a great session with lots of interesting ideas and these are being followed up by Harriet and Yvonne after the retreat.

Anchoring the Light into the Heart of the Mother

The second session was outdoors again. The day before we had been to the Crown of the Mountain where Lynne had performed her Shamanic Journey and today, Rosa was taking us to the Heart of Mount Omberg. We alighted from our vehicles in the valley below and walked through a wonderfully green and verdant woodland, which wound gently upwards to emerge on a rocky and grass covered plateau. As we emerged, there was a cloud of red and blue dragonflies, hundreds of them, flitting about, their wings catching the sunlight in little sparks of light, very much like dancing fairy’s. They were mesmerising.

Rosa had received the original guidance that our purpose was to anchor the Light of the Emerald Heart in to the heart of Mother Earth through the heart of this sacred mountain.

Today was a most special day. Tim summed it up later in the sharing on our last morning, when he said, “Dave’s offerings at each retreat are always quite profound, and this was no exception.”

On the previous Thursday, Dave was given through guidance an attunement process, although he was still unsure as to how and when we would use this, but as in all retreats, the Guidance shows what is to happen and when just before you need to know. The gift of this attunement process is a monumental moment in the development of The Emerald Heart as a spiritual path. This was the first time there had been an attunement that could be offered.

During Dave’s unfolding, some 14 or 15 years ago, the Guides he was then working with,  connected him ever deeper into the earth. This continues over a period of some three years or so, until one day, he connected into the core of the earth, or The Heart of the Earth Mother. That was the defining moment that allowed Dave to receive the gift of The Emerald Heart Light some time later. It was impossible to receive the Light into earth without the receiver being connected into The Heart of the Mother.

Retreat 1Today, Tuesday 27th August 2013, Guidance had prepared us all to receive an Attunement to the Heart of the Earth Mother. Guidance informed us that as the universe unfolded and everything was moving more quickly, it was now possible to connect the hearts of each individual into the heart of the Mother through an attunement, whereby, Dave’s original journey to this place had taken many years. Also, because of Dave’s continued spiritual development, this pathway into The Heart of Mother Earth was now more of a super-highway, rather than a delicate or tenuous connection.

Dave introduced the attunement to us, and gave everyone time to decide if they were ready for such a step before commencing the process. The attunement was truly very powerful, Dave’s voice trembling with emotion as he bathed us in the words that Guidance had given, the Light bursting his heart open with the sacredness of the moment. Many tears flowed as the light was brought down from Heaven into our hearts, filling them to overflowing, before the light was then taken through us and into the earth Mother. The attunement was accompanied by the Essence of Initiation, which had been given only a week or so before, as The Essence of the Period, through Guidance.

We each gave our name as Dave performed the attunement for us, opening our hearts and assisting the Light to pour through us and into the Heart of the Mother. When this was complete, we all connected in such a wonderful way, feeling the sacredness of what we had just been a part of, each of us feeling that we had to connect with everyone else, as we hugged and shared our experiences.

Retreat 3Lunch overlooking the Lake in incredible sunshine.

After lunch, we visited the stone circle, or stone ship formation at Nassja, an ancient sacred site with the most magnificent, huge stones. The site was a little blocked up energetically, and Dave showed us an outlying stone that was a solar energy receiver, bringing solar energy into the circle, that under normal circumstances would radiate solar power into the earth, as well as into the local surroundings. Dave asked us to just be present and mingle with the stones and energies until things began to balance out. He said that normally we might need to do a little cleansing of the site, but this site seemed to respond immediately to the light we carried, and began a kind of self-cleansing process.

There was a beautiful oak tree in the centre of this ship formation and this was where Rosa had her original insight, where she was told to “Bring the people of the Emerald Heart to Sweden, to anchor the Light into Mount Omberg.” Rosa opened this visit with an address and then handed over to Dave.

Dave guided us all to lie down like the spokes of a wheel, with our heads in the centre of the circle. This was a representation of The Wheel of Light and we honoured the birth of the wheel in this symbolic formation. At this point Dave conducted a second attunement of bringing the Light through our hearts again and into the Heart of the Mother, but this time from a horizontal position, whereas, during the earlier attunement, we were kneeling and bringing the Light vertically down through our hearts. It was a very different experience for most of us.

Retreat 2

As we had been opened so divinely in the first attunement, this second attunement seemed to go much deeper through us all. Our hearts were filled with Light and then the light overflowed and poured into the earth. It took us all quite some time to come round once the attunement was complete, even up to half an hour for some. It was indeed a profound experience and as we were honouring the birth of The Wheel of Light in this process, it seemed doubly Divine.

Words cannot possibly describe what we all experienced in the process of these attunements. During the first attunement, Dave said that he felt a movement in his heart that he knew was something new unfolding, but as yet we are uncertain as to what this will be.

Wednesday 28th August

This has been a short retreat of only two full days, and a number of us had tried to find excuses why it was too far to come for just two days, but the pull had been so strong that we could not easily deny it. However, on the one hand it seemed that it was indeed, much too short, but on the other, we went through such amazing processes and transformations that would be impossible to put into words easily, they were just so deep and profound in this amazing Light of The Emerald Heart and even though the time of two days may have been short, the journey was incredible, long, deep, full and voluptuous. We truly felt nurtured by the essence of everything we experienced from the opening circle on Sunday evening, to the closing circle on the Wednesday morning.

Our final session on Wednesday morning was about sharing our experiences. This was carried over from the night before as there was so much to share that we couldn’t fit it all in. All of the Elders spoke and gave thanks to Rosa for organizing this event, and all of us had something to say about the deep and exciting things we had experienced. Some of us had found the whole reason for our lives on this retreat, one person declaring, after the attunement at the stone circle, that she had been waiting all her life for this moment and the feelings and connection that it brought to her. For others, the process is still unfolding to a yet unforeseen conclusion.

Dave said that there had been many wonderful experiences for him and particularly being able to receive the Shamanic Journey from Lynne and the powerful Gong Journey from Rosa, on the first evening, but also how wonderful it was to see and feel the power of the Light working through the teachers.

We finished with a closing circle, in which Dave described the vision that Guidance was showing him, of a sacred glass bowl, filled with the pale blue Light of The Wheel of Light, and at the bottom of the bowl was The Emerald Heart Light in its facetted, jewelled form. As we broke hands, the sacred circle dissolved, the glass bowl shattered and the blue Wheel of Light energies flooded outwards across the earth, carrying the Light of The Emerald Heart into the world.

Thank you to Dave, the Council of Elders, the Teachers, helpers and Friends of The Emerald Heart for the most wonderful two days you could ever imagine. But most of all, thank you to those who could make the journey to Sweden, for it is with you that our hearts are now bonded so closely in what feels like an unbreakable bond of love, held in place by The Heart of The Earth Mother.

I am sure that we now all feel fully connected into the Heart of the Mother and deeply connected into the growing Sacred Community of The Emerald Heart. On one level, Dave explained to us how this felt like a rebirth of the next level of development of The Emerald Heart, with all the recent wonderful gifts that had been given. I am also sure that for many of us, this whole process felt truly like a rebirth into Higher Light.

With deepest love and blessings.