emeraldheartlight.comElder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart Lynne Shaw, gives her impressions of the Mount Omberg Retreat. Lynne took us all on an amazing Shamanic journey to meet the Divine Mother on the first day. It was a truly wonderful experience.


This really was an incredible retreat in Mount Omberg.  It was so wonderful to gather together with the Emerald Heart Community.  The Light Bearers of the Emerald Heart. The practitioners, hosts, friends, members of the Council of Elders and of course lovely Dave Ashworth who brought the light of the Emerald Heart into the world. 

Though we were together for a short time, it really felt as if time expanded as we were never rushed and were able to take our time experiencing these incredible energies.  The Guidance that came through was really amazing as each of the sessions for the Retreat built on the previous ones and we were all touched in magical ways. In the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the sun, we opened our hearts to the heart of Mother Earth. To our Divine Mother. It was a very profound and deep experience. On the second day we were gifted the first ever Emerald Heart attunement by David Ashworth and this was in two parts. They built upon each other and the place that they took me too was so profound and deep I am still reverberating from it. After the second attunement I felt that I was being taken deep into the earth. Then I was shown images of all aspects of the Divine Mother.  Such incredible scenes from the natural world took my breath away. 

On so many levels I feel that I have changed.  That I am of this world yet not part of it, though connected to every aspect of it.  I had no idea that this retreat would bring such shifts within me.  It is still unfolding.  Those experiences of connectivity to all things came again yesterday. Only a few days after the retreat ended. This is something I had not imagined I would experience in this lifetime and yet this is the incredible gift that was given to me.  Thank you Dave for the amazing work you do.  For Rosa for following your Guidance to hold this amazing retreat in Mount Omberg.  Thank you to the other teachers for the wisdom you brought forth and to all the other members of the Emerald Heart Community who came with such willingness to experience the Divine Mother. Through this willingness and connection we were able to experience such incredible levels of Light that we now carry into the world. 

We are indeed blessed.

Lynne Shaw