Opening Circle.

David opened the event with a short welcome address, handing over to Yvonne Hrdy to open the circle, where we brought in the light and placed our names into this sacred space, offering our consciousness for transformation. Once the sacred circle had been created, Rosa spoke about her initial experiences on Mount Omberg, which had initiated this retreat some months earlier. The theme was Connecting with the Heart of the Mother, Mount Omberg being recognised as a central portal into her heart.

A joint theme for this retreat is Creating Community, a process of coming together in a more focused way and connecting to each other and the light of The Emerald Heart to develop a stronger sense of community.

Showing Reverence to each other in what we bring and he way we bring it into our lives, into this world through our work with the Light.

Tim Dyson then introduced The Talking Stick and we began to share. Immediately, the light opened us and the tears flowed as one of our group told of her experience of feeling that she was coming home. It was a powerful process for her. And that’s how things began.

Monday 26th August.

The morning began with a session from Dave, who spoke for two hours on the History of The Emerald Heart Light. We were addressed as The Light Bringers, as we were all involved in bringing The Emerald Heart Light to Mount Omberg, where we will pour it into the Earth on the second day of our retreat, connecting the Light into the Heart of the Mother.

Dave continued to bring us up to date with the changes that have been manifesting for him personally since late 2012 and the magnificent things that have been unfolding more recently.

The Council of Elders.

At the end of 2012, the first teachers of The Emerald Heart began to develop, and in June, Dave was asked by Guidance to bring them all together for one day. Yvonne came from Munich, Rosa from Sweden, Lynne from New York and Tim from London, to Gather in the Light at Emerald Heart Headquarters in the Shropshire countryside. When the Light called them, they all travelled these great distances for a this one day meeting. However, guidance doesn’t just pull people in for a meeting, but this Gathering began a process and the following day, these four teachers were raised up in Light and given the title The Council of Elders of The Emerald Heart.

Immediately, a great, powerful and ancient light began to flood their systems and a ring of fire developed beneath their feet, as if magnetically pulling them on to it and bonding them as one heart. Transformation was swift and Dave brought through much guidance for them over the following weeks as they went through their various baptisms of fire.

The Birth of The Wheel of Light.

In July, there was another magnificent development. Back in May 2002, eleven years previously, Dave had been given a vision of a cart wheel, which was fully ablaze with fire and light. When asking guidance what this was, the answer came, ‘It is The Wheel of Light. You will develop it.’ One evening in mid July, Dave sat down to bring some further guidance for the Council of Elders, when a pale bluish light began to circle him. It developed over the next two days, coming in with such force, that Dave described it like being run over by a train. For several hours it was impossible to move. From a gentle beginning, the Light built up its intensity to create a huge reservoir of light. This was the birth of The Wheel of Light. A stunning structure that would work in harmony with The Emerald Heart Light, and in fact provide a platform or structure to allow the next phase of development to take place. Dave showed the students the drawing he had produced in 2004 of how The Wheel of Light would function in taking the Light out into the world. Now here, some eleven years later, it had finally come into form and we now wait with anticipation to see how this helps us all, The Light Carriers, to take the Light out into the world.

Dave spoke about how his position has now changed. He was the spearhead that brought The Emerald Heart Light into our world, but now the front line of development would be taken up by The Council of Elders, and Dave was move into a position of guidance and support for them.

On to Mount Omberg.

Next on the agenda was to journey up Mount Omberg to the crown of the mount, where Lynne Shaw conducted a Shamanic Journey. Walking up the mount, in reverence and respect, as we approached the summit our path was crossed by a black adder, a great symbol of transformation, and as it crossed the path, it was as if it was opening the door for us. Lynne began with the rattle and song, opening the Earth Mother for us, whence we would all lie with our belly buttons upon the earth, and allow the shamanic journey to unfold and taking us deeply into the Earth Mother in the opening part of our connection, in preparation for the following day.

The Oak Woodland.

From here we went to a woodland of mixed oak, both old and new, where we took our wonderful packed lunch from the Omberg Hotel. After lunch, we continued our shamanic journey connecting into the consciousness of the trees in a process of cleansing and balancing from the energies that had been released within us at the first part of our journey at the crown of Mount Omberg.

The Monastery at Alvastra.

Next we visited the ruins of the 12th century Alvastra Monastery, where Rosa lead us in opening the womb to Mother Earth, again in preparation for Tuesday’s work. All teachers spoke on this subject, including Tim and Dave on their experiences of womb-like energies in men and how, at some level, we all have memory of being both sexes in different lives.

After the introduction and sharing, we all entered into the sacred space, finding a place that resonated with us and practicing the teaching of connecting the womb into Mother Earth.

The weather was stunning. Dragon flies landed on anyone who sat still for more than a few moments, some people being blessed with as many as seven at one time. It was a fascinating gift for everyone, and without doubt, deep experiences were had by all.

The Sacred Geometry of Sound.

After another wonderful, 5-star dinner at the hotel, Rosa introduced the Sacred Geometry of Sound and played the Gongs for about a half hour. Powerful, resonant, deep and penetrating, the sound permeated every cell in our bodies, some of us physically vibrating to the sound, and many of us taking another half our to come back into full consciousness after this beautiful experience of transformational sound.

Today was all about opening, cleansing and balancing, so that tomorrow, all the Light Carriers can partake in bringing The Emerald Heart Light into the Heart of Mother Earth upon this sacred mountain. Under The Law of Reflection, we will then see what gifts are bestowed upon us in return.

Today had been incredibly powerful and these few lines cannot possibly convey the energies that have been experience, but at least we hope that it gives you a flavour of the wonder of being in such an amazing Light for a whole day, journeying, sharing and loving the process of deep change and transformation.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth


Practitioner Report on day 2 and 3

Day 2 at Mount Omberg

The morning started at 7.00am with Yoga with Rosa, then a lovely breakfast in the dining room, overlooking the lake. Again the most amazing and beautiful weather greeted us.

Our first session was held by Yvonne, where we had an open forum to discuss bringing the Community of the Emerald Heart closer and how individuals can help support The Emerald Heart and help to take the Light out into the world. It was a great session with lots of interesting ideas and these are being followed up by Harriet and Yvonne after the retreat.

Anchoring the Light into the Heart of the Mother.

The second session was outdoors again. The day before we had been to the Crown of the Mountain where Lynne had performed her Shamanic Journey and today, Rosa was taking us to the Heart of Mount Omberg. We alighted from our vehicles in the valley below and walked through a wonderfully green and verdant woodland, which wound gently upwards to emerge on a rocky and grass covered plateau. As we emerged, there was a cloud of red and blue dragonflies, hundreds of them, flitting about, their wings catching the sunlight in little sparks of light, very much like dancing fairy’s. They were mesmerising.

Rosa had received the original guidance that our purpose was to anchor the Light of the Emerald Heart in to the heart of Mother Earth through the heart of this sacred mountain.

Today was a most special day. Tim summed it up later in the sharing on our last morning, when he said, “Dave’s offerings at each retreat are always quite profound, and this was no exception.”

On the previous Thursday, Dave was given through guidance an attunement process, although he was still unsure as to how and when we would use this, but as in all retreats, the Guidance shows what is to happen and when just before you need to know. The gift of this attunement process is a monumental moment in the development of The Emerald Heart as a spiritual path. This was the first time there had been an attunement that could be offered.

During Dave’s unfolding, some 14 or 15 years ago, the Guides he was then working with,  connected him ever deeper into the earth. This continues over a period of some three years or so, until one day, he connected into the core of the earth, or The Heart of the Earth Mother. That was the defining moment that allowed Dave to receive the gift of The Emerald Heart Light some time later. It was impossible to receive the Light into earth without the receiver being connected into The Heart of the Mother.

Retreat 1Today, Tuesday 27th August 2013, Guidance had prepared us all to receive an Attunement to the Heart of the Earth Mother. Guidance informed us that as the universe unfolded and everything was moving more quickly, it was now possible to connect the hearts of each individual into the heart of the Mother through an attunement, whereby, Dave’s original journey to this place had taken many years. Also, because of Dave’s continued spiritual development, this pathway into The Heart of Mother Earth was now more of a super-highway, rather than a delicate or tenuous connection.

Dave introduced the attunement to us, and gave everyone time to decide if they were ready for such a step before commencing the process. The attunement was truly very powerful, Dave’s voice trembling with emotion as he bathed us in the words that Guidance had given, the Light bursting his heart open with the sacredness of the moment. Many tears flowed as the light was brought down from Heaven into our hearts, filling them to overflowing, before the light was then taken through us and into the earth Mother. The attunement was accompanied by the Essence of Initiation, which had been given only a week or so before, as The Essence of the Period, through Guidance.

We each gave our name as Dave performed the attunement for us, opening our hearts and assisting the Light to pour through us and into the Heart of the Mother. When this was complete, we all connected in such a wonderful way, feeling the sacredness of what we had just been a part of, each of us feeling that we had to connect with everyone else, as we hugged and shared our experiences.

Retreat 3Lunch overlooking the Lake in incredible sunshine.

After lunch, we visited the stone circle, or stone ship formation at Nassja, an ancient sacred site with the most magnificent, huge stones. The site was a little blocked up energetically, and Dave showed us an outlying stone that was a solar energy receiver, bringing solar energy into the circle, that under normal circumstances would radiate solar power into the earth, as well as into the local surroundings. Dave asked us to just be present and mingle with the stones and energies until things began to balance out. He said that normally we might need to do a little cleansing of the site, but this site seemed to respond immediately to the light we carried, and began a kind of self-cleansing process.

There was a beautiful oak tree in the centre of this ship formation and this was where Rosa had her original insight, where she was told to “Bring the people of the Emerald Heart to Sweden, to anchor the Light into Mount Omberg.” Rosa opened this visit with an address and then handed over to Dave.

Dave guided us all to lie down like the spokes of a wheel, with our heads in the centre of the circle. This was a representation of The Wheel of Light and we honoured the birth of the wheel in this symbolic formation. At this point Dave conducted a second attunement of bringing the Light through our hearts again and into the Heart of the Mother, but this time from a horizontal position, whereas, during the earlier attunement, we were kneeling and bringing the Light vertically down through our hearts. It was a very different experience for most of us.

Retreat 2

As we had been opened so divinely in the first attunement, this second attunement seemed to go much deeper through us all. Our hearts were filled with Light and then the light overflowed and poured into the earth. It took us all quite some time to come round once the attunement was complete, even up to half an hour for some. It was indeed a profound experience and as we were honouring the birth of The Wheel of Light in this process, it seemed doubly Divine.

Words cannot possibly describe what we all experienced in the process of these attunements. During the first attunement, Dave said that he felt a movement in his heart that he knew was something new unfolding, but as yet we are uncertain as to what this will be.

Wednesday 28th August

This has been a short retreat of only two full days, and a number of us had tried to find excuses why it was too far to come for just two days, but the pull had been so strong that we could not easily deny it. However, on the one hand it seemed that it was indeed, much too short, but on the other, we went through such amazing processes and transformations that would be impossible to put into words easily, they were just so deep and profound in this amazing Light of The Emerald Heart and even though the time of two days may have been short, the journey was incredible, long, deep, full and voluptuous. We truly felt nurtured by the essence of everything we experienced from the opening circle on Sunday evening, to the closing circle on the Wednesday morning.

Our final session on Wednesday morning was about sharing our experiences. This was carried over from the night before as there was so much to share that we couldn’t fit it all in. All of the Elders spoke and gave thanks to Rosa for organizing this event, and all of us had something to say about the deep and exciting things we had experienced. Some of us had found the whole reason for our lives on this retreat, one person declaring, after the attunement at the stone circle, that she had been waiting all her life for this moment and the feelings and connection that it brought to her. For others, the process is still unfolding to a yet unforeseen conclusion.

Dave said that there had been many wonderful experiences for him and particularly being able to receive the Shamanic Journey from Lynne and the powerful Gong Journey from Rosa, on the first evening, but also how wonderful it was to see and feel the power of the Light working through the teachers.

We finished with a closing circle, in which Dave described the vision that Guidance was showing him, of a sacred glass bowl, filled with the pale blue Light of The Wheel of Light, and at the bottom of the bowl was The Emerald Heart Light in its facetted, jewelled form. As we broke hands, the sacred circle dissolved, the glass bowl shattered and the blue Wheel of Light energies flooded outwards across the earth, carrying the Light of The Emerald Heart into the world.

Thank you to Dave, the Council of Elders, the Teachers, helpers and Friends of The Emerald Heart for the most wonderful two days you could ever imagine. But most of all, thank you to those who could make the journey to Sweden, for it is with you that our hearts are now bonded so closely in what feels like an unbreakable bond of love, held in place by The Heart of The Earth Mother.

I am sure that we now all feel fully connected into the Heart of the Mother and deeply connected into the growing Sacred Community of The Emerald Heart. On one level, Dave explained to us how this felt like a rebirth of the next level of development of The Emerald Heart, with all the recent wonderful gifts that had been given. I am also sure that for many of us, this whole process felt truly like a rebirth into Higher Light.

With deepest love and blessings.  

Omberg Group


Feedback from Retreat Participants

This really was an incredible retreat in Mount Omberg.  It was so wonderful to gather together with the Emerald Heart Community.  The Light Bearers of the Emerald Heart. The practitioners, hosts, friends, members of the Council of Elders and of course lovely Dave Ashworth who brought the light of the Emerald Heart into the world. 

Though we were together for a short time, it really felt as if time expanded as we were never rushed and were able to take our time experiencing these incredible energies.  The Guidance that came through was really amazing as each of the sessions for the Retreat built on the previous ones and we were all touched in magical ways. In the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the sun, we opened our hearts to the heart of Mother Earth. To our Divine Mother. It was a very profound and deep experience. On the second day we were gifted the first ever Emerald Heart attunement by David Ashworth and this was in two parts. They built upon each other and the place that they took me too was so profound and deep I am still reverberating from it. After the second attunement I felt that I was being taken deep into the earth. Then I was shown images of all aspects of the Divine Mother.  Such incredible scenes from the natural world it took my breath away. On so many levels I feel that I have changed.  That I am of this world yet not part of it, though connected to every aspect of it.  I had no idea that this retreat would bring such shifts within me.  It is still unfolding.  Those experiences of connectivity to all things came again yesterday. Only a few days after the retreat ended. This is something I had not imagined I would experience in this lifetime and yet this is the incredible gift that was given to me.  Thank you Dave for the amazing work you do.  For Rosa for following your Guidance to hold this amazing retreat in Mount Omberg.  Thank you to the other teachers for the wisdom you brought forth and to all the other members of the Emerald Heart Community who came with such willingness to experience the Divine Mother. Through this willingness and connection we were able to experience such incredible levels of Light that we now carry into the world.  We are indeed blessed.

Lynne Shaw, Teacher of the Emerald Heart


The setting for the Retreat was in a beautiful location near to Mt Omberg. On my previous visit to Sweden I had found the landscape rather flat but in this area it is made up of  hills and Mt Omberg itself which I would describe as a rather attractive small mountain. The Retreat itself had essentially two main themes, the anchoring of the Emerald Heart Light into the heart of Mt Omberg and the coming together and development of the Emerald Heart Community. In order for us to anchor the light into the heart of Mt Omberg we needed to have a connection from our own hearts into the heart or core of the earth. Dave had been given, through Guidance, an initiation or attunement to share with us in order that we can all begin to develop his capacity to connect straight into the core of the earth. We were given this attunement twice, firstly kneeling or sitting on the heart of Mt Omberg and later on lying in a circle like the spokes of a wheel in a stone circle. On both occasions everyone had very powerful experiences with the second experience being particularly strong as by now we were all more open and the attunement could go deeper into us and carry on towards the heart of the Earth Mother.

I am aware that this could read like a nice story and that there is much talk in spiritual circles of earth connections and grounding etc but when you really do feel something from your heart centre going deep into the earth it is an intensely beautiful and even emotionally overwhelming experience that goes beyond anything that words can easily convey. To even get us into anything like the space to receive these attunements and to get the most from them we needed to do various preparation work. This consisted of a shamanic journey led by Lynne on the crown of the mountain that took my consciousness out of my body and deep into the earth, so deep in fact, that I found it difficult to come back. That night, Rosa led us through a gong session that was incredible and felt like being at sea, sometimes in a calm sea, sometimes in a stormy sea but all the while leading to our energy systems becoming more and more just dancing, moving atoms, that left one feeling so energised and alive.

The second aspect of the Retreat was around those in the Emerald Heart Community taking more responsibility for their community and its development and growth. Dave gave a very moving teaching on the first morning on the need for us all, in whatever ways we can, to begin to move beyond being merely beneficiaries of the light into becoming Carriers of the Light in the world. That he could no longer carry the weight of it alone, that some of us had stepped up into Teacher roles to help carry the light forwards into the world but that everyone can do this in various ways by contributing with their skills and abilities to the growth of our community. At a later Teaching session Yvonne looked at what this could mean on a practical level, such as help with technology, editing, stepping into more active roles such as Gathering Hosts into practitioners etc.

This aspect of Rebirth, of the Emerald Heart Light, being born again into a world that may now be awakening, where more are ready and willing to receive it, feels exciting and dynamic. All those present felt the sense of being part of something important that is growing and developing at a fast rate, and that we need to keep this momentum going and not lose focus.

All those present left feeling uplifted and excited about when the next Retreat will be held, and how things will unfold for them personally as a result of what they had received and been through on this Retreat, and also in what ways the community itself will grow as a result of the Retreat.

With Love

Tim Dyson, Teacher of the Emerald Heart


” Jag blir aldrig densamme mer – den person jag var före Retreaten”

Det här är vad en av deltagarna sa till mig efter Retreaten och jag förstår vad personen menar.

Själv har jag haft samma känsla efter samtliga Emerald Heart Retreater jag deltagit i. De har förändrat mig, och den jag trott mig vara. De har gett mig ett nytt perspektiv på mig själv och denna Retreat på Omberg var inget undantag.

Skillnaden för mig den här gången var att jag blivit guidad att arrangera den, och till en början med skräckblandad förtjusning, men ju längre tiden gick blev jag medveten om hur buren jag blev och när vi väl var på plats stod det klart hur väl uttänkt allt var. Tidsschemat hölls inte, vår tidiga planering omkullkastades och i slutändan föll allt på plats på ett enastående sätt och kunde inte blivit bättre, som när Lynne under sin Shamanska resa på Hjässan ville gå djupare men blev guidad att stoppa, medan jag funderade över hur jag skulle kunna inleda min session vid Alvasta ruinen som jag kände var en djupare förberedelse i att nå kontakt med Moder Jord. Det ena gav det andra och vi blev guidade att leda deltagarna i var sin del av en komplett process utan att ens ha pratat med varandra om vad den andre tänkte göra under resan över Omberg.

Denna upplevelse har fördjupat min personliga tillit till Ljuset och allt det står för.

Initieringen och upplevelsen att ha en permanent förbindelse med Moder Jord fördjupas dag för dag, inte alls som ridigare upplevelser av tillfällig förbindelse under meditation och intoning till Moder jod. Nu finns den där hela tiden, som en puls, en våg, ett andetag mellan oss.

Ett andetag som bär mig, omfamnar mig och tar hand om mig och det börjar så sakteliga gå upp för mig att jag alltid kommer att få det jag någonsin behöver.

Jag kommer inte heller att bli densamme mer – den jag var före Retreaten.

Ett stort varmt Tack till alla som gjorde detta möjligt!

English Version

” I will never be the same again – the person I was before the Retreat”

This is what one of the Participants said after the Retreat and I can fully understand what this person means.

I have had the same feeling after all Emerald Heart Retreats I have joined. It has been life changing and all I have believed myself to be has been changed. I have been given new perspectives and this Retreat at Mount Omberg was no exception.

The difference was that this time I was guided to host the Retreat, to begin with in joy mingled with terror, but as time moved on I could see how carried by the Light I was and at the Retreat it was so clear how well thought-out the Guidance came through. We did not follow the time schedule and we had to let go of some of the planning but in the end it all fell into place in an amazing way, like when Lynne was guiding us on the shamanic Journey at “the Crown” and wanted to go deeper but was stopped by Guidance while I at the same time did not know how to start my session at the Monastery ruin which I from the beginning felt would be a deep going preparation in connecting to Mother Earth. One gave the other and we were both guided in leading one part of a complete process without even knowing what the other part was planning to do on our journey on Mount Omberg.

This experience has deepened my personal trust in this amazing Light and all it stands for.

The initiation and experience of having a permanent connection to Mother Earth is being deepened day by day, not at all like earlier experiences from temporary connections during meditation or tuning into Mother Earth. From the day of the Initiation the connection is there all the time, like a pulse, a wave, a breath between us.

A breath that carries me, embraces me, nurtures me and I am just slowly beginning to realize that I will always be given all I ever will be needing.

I won´t be the same either – the person I was before the Retreat.

A big heartfelt Thank You to all that made this possible!

Rosa Hultman, Teacher of the Emerald Heart and organiser of the Omberg event.


Since last Sunday I´m back in Spain again, but it wasn´t up to today that I read all the reports of David and feedbacks of my fellows from the Retreat.

For me it is only a bit more than half a year ago since I got into contact with the Emerald Heart Light  through the Light Transmission on December 21st., to which I had been invited to share by my daughter Daniela, who now is Hosting her own Emerald Heart Gatherings in Germany.

Reading all the interesting feedback, I felt the necessity to share my own experiences,  which had been quiet a lot, some of them even of such intensity that I´m still struggling with my daily life at home. (I was born in Germany 66 years ago, and I´m married since 42 years to a Spaniard and living in Spain).

Once I received the invitation to the Retreat I felt some sort of obligation to assist, and the poem of Rosa about the ancient Ruins of Alvastra attracted  me even more in a very special manner.

Already in the plane before landing seeing all these wonderful landscape  of huge and little lakes, with dark green woodlands and lightly green fields around, I became like feeling really at home, and a great calm invaded my body having that inner knowing that everything would come out perfectly: finding my way to meet the people of the retreat in Stockholm, the trip to Mount Omberg, the retreat itself, and last but not least, the weather, which really played an important role to the wellbeing of everybody and  the perfect development of the Retreat..

On Monday morning when we arrived to the Crown of Mount Omberg, after Lynne invited us to a Shamanic Journey, the first experience I had laying down with my belly button on the earth was as if somebody would knock strongly onto my lower body in a quiet steady manner. It was a pleasant feeling, and I thought somebody is trying to open my second Chakra, which remains quiet closed as I had been told by my practitioner Alexandra Meyn. I had also the feeling to try to pull down my head as deep as possible into Mother Earth. For me it was a wonderful experience to be in contact with Mother Earth.

After having lunch, Dave invited us to get into contact with the energies of the trees. It was a wonderful place with old and young very tall oak trees.  I immediately felt attracted by one very tall old oak tree, which  must have had in former time some very strong cuts of branches which gave him the look of being  seriously hurt. This impression was reinforced by a lot of old dry naked branches which showed to the sky, making it impossible for him to give any shadow for the visitors. But there he stood, with its strong big old trunk , its wounds and more dry branches than leaves, like wanting to demonstrate that he is still alive.

I walked around him touching his wrinkled  “skin” full of ancient wisdom, and sat underneath with my back towards his trunk touching with my left hand the earth and my right hand upon one of his big strong roots. After some minutes of relax I felt some vibration into my arms, and then feeling the pulse of my heart within my whole body. I liked this feeling and the sun shining warm on my head. Suddenly I felt a smooth movement of some energy, which was going around me and the trunk, it was as if I would be placed between the trunk and a ring of energies which were going surrounding us in an increasing speed. It was a lovely feeling like being held tight up in a soft cotton ring which was moving around in a quiet strong but pleasant speed. I could have remained there for years, so wonderful relaxing and peacefully was this experience, and I felt very sorry when I had to separate myself from my friend the oak tree.

In the afternoon on the place of the ancient ruins of the monastery of Alvastra, I had one of the most astonishing revelations of my life. I laid down onto this wonderful deep soft grass which surrounds all the old monastery, looking into the blue sky and felt nearly immediately closed to Mother Earth. I felt so happy being here with all this wonderful nature surrounding me, the smells of the trees and grass, which I had been missing for so many, many years, all the people of the  Retreat, which seemed to my being already very old friends, Dave, the teachers and all the surroundings left me the  feeling like arriving at home, really I was coming home again. And within this happy feelings of being at home I suddenly heard a voice saying:

“ You can´t give up your job. You still have to take care of other people”.

I was completely confused: what does that mean: You can´t give up your job? I´m nearly on my retirement, I´m not working any more, as so do my husband too. We are in the happy possession to be the owner of our time, playing golf, walking, going on bicycle, shopping, travelling wherever we want to etc. The second part of the sentence made more sense to me, because I came to the Retreat with two important questions which I wanted to be answered for me: Who I am really, and for what purpose I am here in this world.???

Did I really get an answer to my second question? Do I have to look after other people? Is this my mission for the future? I had no idea at all how to manage this, and so I shared my experience with Dave and my companions saying that this is the craziest thing I have ever experienced.

The second day, on Tuesday morning, I went to join Rosa watching the sun rise. This was another amazing experience I ever had: I saw the white yellow brilliant light of the sun rising, but suddenly this light was changing its colour into a wonderful red, blue and violet colour, and it was moving towards me and back again, a steady movement going forwards and backwards, I was fascinated by this movement and its magic colours, I only could sit there watching for hours and hours, this fantastic lights and movements. And then I suddenly was aware of the energies coming out of this brilliant light. Energies in form of moving rings, in my poor English I can´t explain exactly how it was, I only knew that these were energies. And as Rosa, one of the Elders, and an Emerald Heart Teacher, stood beside me, she confirmed my visions. So at least this time I had somebody who was able to confirm what I had seen and observed. This made me very, very happy, and I felt proud upon myself, I had been able to see energies. Yes they do exist!! They do exist in reality. It´s not a dream or a fantasy. I shared my experience with all later in the meeting of sharing with the wooden talking stick.

I had been told by Rosa that the sun rises early in the mornings are always very good for getting into touch with the Light and the energies which are emerging from the earth to the Universe. I thought that I have to do this when I will get home.

Later on, when we had our first attunement right on the heart of the Mount Omberg, I felt the drops of the essence of Initiation, which Dave dropped on my head, still hours later like a light pressure. And sitting there on the top of the hill watching this peaceful landscape I suddenly saw in my vision not the black wooden trees , but a huge smooth fertile valley and old ancient stone houses like the ones of the Middle Ages. Don´t know what this means. But the feeling of being only one soul, all of us together having made the real contact to Mother Earth, was overwhelming me and we all hugged each other, felt sad and happy at the same time.

In the afternoon during the second attunement we were able to enjoy, I even had a stronger feeling of being connected with Mother Earth, but also with everyone forming this magic circle of the Wheel of Light., and I didn´t want to leave this very magic place of the ancient and sacred Stone Ship Formation of Nassja, in the middle of which stood this fantastic huge big old oak tree with her branches covering nearly the whole place protecting everybody under her shadows. I felt really very sad leaving this place, which had given to me, such a peaceful and calm feeling of being at least at home.

But the most exciting experience of light I ever had I got on the last day early in the morning when I wanted to join again Rosa watching the sun rise. I woke up too late at about twenty minutes to six am, and at ten to six I met Rosa on the road already on her way back to the hotel. She told me that for her it was another wonderful experience, and that I still had to go and watch the sun even if it has already came up, so I did. But before I arrived to the place where we sat yesterday, there came a moment where the sun was shining brightly through the trunks of two tall trees, and this made me suddenly stop and just watch this brilliant light coming through these two trees like a stream, a golden stream of light. I stood there on the side of the road starring at the light, like a hypnotized person. And as I was looking at this light it suddenly changed the form taking the form of a long spear but in the middle it was increased in form of a round bubble or ball becoming again smaller at the lower end. Well this form of light appeared in front of me taking first the very well known colour of the Emerald Heart Light, this light green-blue emerald colour, I don´t know for how much time I was watching this wonderful light, which was also moving backwards and forwards, and then suddenly changes its colour into a strange red colour like red wine, than into a pleasant blue- violet colour, and than a brilliant white colour. And then it changes into nearly black or very dark green colour. Always moving or standing still in front of me. I can´t remember well which of these colours made some several strange movements going down and up in front of my body, from my head to my feet, as if this light was doing some sort of checking me up, but when this light came up to my knees, I couldn´t see it any more and got afraid that I would loose it, and looked down to see where it had gone. But it came up immediately and I felt very happy to see it again. But then something changed inside the bubble or centre of the light, there appeared a small stone with a lot of edges like a diamond, its colour was light blue it was shinning and moving at the same time inside of this centre, and the whole light also was moving at the same time.

It was such a fantastic scene that I just stood there watching and watching. And as I stood there, suddenly, I was surrounded by such a brilliant huge light that it seemed to me that I was in another place. A place full of light and peace, and then I suddenly remember the words of Dave in his book: bathed in light. Yes, I was bathed in that light fully bathed and didn´t want to leave forever. I now can´t remember how this light transmission came to an end, but I suddenly was aware that I was standing beside the road, and it was already ten to seven, so I had to hurry in order to participate in this special Qigong session with Tim, which had been announced the night before.

In the closing circle of the Retreat, we had just before everybody was leaving again for home, I felt to have to take the  talking stick  again to share, and tell everybody about my light experiences. After Peter and Irene has spoken, I took the stick and I said that I would not any longer want to work in the background as Peter, and as I did all my life long. And that I now know that my questions had been answered, I felt very satisfied and peaceful about it, and from now on I would know that I had to show the Light to everybody who would come to me looking for help. But I also had to say that I had absolutely NO idea at all how I could do so, or how this would work out for me!!! I just said that I´m not afraid any longer, and that I have a huge trust in the Light, it will develop the things which will be right for me in the measures that I can understand. That´s all.  ”JUST LET IT BE,” words of David.

I don´t know if this description of my Light experiences could be of any use for some of my companions of the retreat. If someone of you had some similar Light experience, I really would appreciate to share this, so that I could have some sort of confirmations that what I have seen and experienced was indeed very real.

With all my love and blessings to everybody of this retreat

Anke Weymann